Let's play CDDA or how to build a Zombie ZOO :)


I will use that function, thanks.


Hi Arche_Zwei,
I understand your point and you’re probably not the only who shares the opinion. I will refrain from posting each episode. I will probably still post episodes that feature some direct progress towards the goal of this series, such as finishing building the first zombie cage or capturing the first zombie etc.

You as everyone else is warmly welcome to stop by the channel and watch the series. Thanks!


Hi Mantar,
That’s useful info. Thanks!

I am sure many people don’t know that they can mute the thread. I didn’t :blush:


Glad you appreciate the feedback. That alone shows you mean well.
This is a good forum where humans cant talk nice and honest.

So when I shared this thought, I was mostly annoyed at scrolling down so much without finding any Infos. Infos on whats happening that is, without having tl watch the episodes. I just aint got the time for that. But thats my thing. But everyones time is in short supply when it comes to reading about your C:DDA LP


Finally, the construction of the first cage is finished!

It took two seasons. We had to level up construction to level 8 (required to build reinforced windows), mechanics to level 3 (we did not find any books, but mech. is required to strip steel frame off the car). We also collected huge amount of metal scrap, chunks and lumps which are required to build reinforced windows as well as for metal doors. This is the episode where the first cage construction was achieved

All we have to do now is capture our first zombie and put it on display. It will be fun :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, we hit the wall, which makes it impossible to continue developing our project (zombie zoo). Namely, the zombies seem to teleport randomly when the player enters the area. Which means it is very likely that the zombies inside small cages teleport somewhere outside the cage.

Questions are: Is this expected behavior or game error? Is it a known issue? Does anyone have an idea how to work around this issue?

I am using one of the latest experimental versions - build #7399. I am pretty sure this is not just this version. At the beginning of this series, we found some survivor zombies outside their shelter. Inside fully closed shelter we found some dead wasps and smashed furniture, but no zombies… I assume these survivor zombies were inside shelter on one occurrence and they teleported outside on the second, which explains how can there be a completely closed room with dead bodies and smashed furniture but no zeds.

The issue is clearly seen in the latest episode https://youtu.be/JZrXkbvqHMw

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!


A quick update on the zombie teleporting issue.

As you might know, we had an interesting problem in Zombie ZOO recently. Zombies were teleporting out of cages on the ground level over night. I believe this is due to wandering spawns.

One of the viewers proposed a solution to try building the cages underground and it worked!

We started with one cage underground and we captured a zombie solder who did not escape for three days. I’d say that this confirms the idea as a working one… hopefully…

In the recent episode we stared expanding the ZOO by mining out a cage into the solid rock. While we were working on it with a jackhammer, this noise apparently aggroed the zombie solder so that it smashed the wooden walls of its cage. With a bit of struggle we handled the situation and decided to transfer the zombie solder into a rock cage. We also captured a small dog as a temporary zoo keeper :slight_smile:


Zombie ZOO expands. We added a shocker zombie to the collection. Not only it is an awesome zoo attraction it also provides infinite amount of clean green energy (light) for the zoo.

Check it out in this episode.


Glowing shocker zombie light source, huh? That’s fantastic. :+1:


Glad you found a workaround, the teleporting behaviour is definitely a bug, though unfortunately there’s no simple fix.
I’ll open an issue so this doesn’t get lost.


Spooky at first and fun when you get used to staring shocker brute in the eyes as you’re eating, reading, crafting, etc.


Glad that you took interest in this matter. Out of curiosity, does this happen because the zombies were not designed to spawn back on exact spot where they despawned or is it something else?


I’m guessing here, but I think what’s happening is they’re getting turned into a horde, moving a bit, then getting dropped back out of the horde. Its tracking their position precisely, but once they’re in the horde it doesn’t track obstacles anymore, so they’re free to phase through walls.


make them slaves

as slaves you can tie them down


I learn something new every day with this game. First I thought that you were just being sarcastic, because I never herd this being an option. Then I researched a bit and found that you can actually turn a zombie corpse into a slave. Apparently you do this with an action on cutting weapon… Very interesting, Thanks mate!


Without giving up too much information let’s just say that this is the episode where Gale’s story ends

He was hoping to capture at least 10 zombies and build 10 cages. Well, he captured 3 zombies but provided vital information for anyone who would attempt such achievement in the future.

Thanks for watching guys!


You were doing really well until the two shocker brutes showed up. Should have dropped the steel spear and pulled out a gun or something. It’s always a good idea to have a plan for what to do when everything turns bad.

RIP Gale, the cataclysm’s first zombie zoo keeper.


I got careless and Gale paid with his life. I am sorry …

What really killed him is the fact that I forgot to put his survivor mask on when leaving the shelter. He was first attacked by smoker, which he killed, but was left with no stamina as a result of inhaling heavy smoke. Shockers just dealt the final blow at the end.


True, but trying to run from shocker brutes when you’re slowed by pain and have no stamina, and then trying to melee with a steel spear instead of opening up with firearms were not smart choices. Still, live and learn, I guess. Die and learn? Yeah, that sounds right.


After looting a survivor base I found out the zombies were immobilized due to bear traps. Could just use those. Not sure how it’d work against bigger ones though.