Let's play CDDA or how to build a Zombie ZOO :)


I will use that function, thanks.


Hi Arche_Zwei,
I understand your point and you’re probably not the only who shares the opinion. I will refrain from posting each episode. I will probably still post episodes that feature some direct progress towards the goal of this series, such as finishing building the first zombie cage or capturing the first zombie etc.

You as everyone else is warmly welcome to stop by the channel and watch the series. Thanks!


Hi Mantar,
That’s useful info. Thanks!

I am sure many people don’t know that they can mute the thread. I didn’t :blush:


Glad you appreciate the feedback. That alone shows you mean well.
This is a good forum where humans cant talk nice and honest.

So when I shared this thought, I was mostly annoyed at scrolling down so much without finding any Infos. Infos on whats happening that is, without having tl watch the episodes. I just aint got the time for that. But thats my thing. But everyones time is in short supply when it comes to reading about your C:DDA LP


Finally, the construction of the first cage is finished!

It took two seasons. We had to level up construction to level 8 (required to build reinforced windows), mechanics to level 3 (we did not find any books, but mech. is required to strip steel frame off the car). We also collected huge amount of metal scrap, chunks and lumps which are required to build reinforced windows as well as for metal doors. This is the episode where the first cage construction was achieved

All we have to do now is capture our first zombie and put it on display. It will be fun :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, we hit the wall, which makes it impossible to continue developing our project (zombie zoo). Namely, the zombies seem to teleport randomly when the player enters the area. Which means it is very likely that the zombies inside small cages teleport somewhere outside the cage.

Questions are: Is this expected behavior or game error? Is it a known issue? Does anyone have an idea how to work around this issue?

I am using one of the latest experimental versions - build #7399. I am pretty sure this is not just this version. At the beginning of this series, we found some survivor zombies outside their shelter. Inside fully closed shelter we found some dead wasps and smashed furniture, but no zombies… I assume these survivor zombies were inside shelter on one occurrence and they teleported outside on the second, which explains how can there be a completely closed room with dead bodies and smashed furniture but no zeds.

The issue is clearly seen in the latest episode https://youtu.be/JZrXkbvqHMw

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!