Let's play CDDA or how to build a Zombie ZOO :)


I love this game! It was a natural decision to include a CDDA LP on my YT channel.

We are following the adventures of Gale, a male convict who escaped the prison in the chaos of cataclysm. He finds himself in the evac shelter with an ambition to build a zombie zoo.

Zombie zoo will have many cages (3x4 buildings). Each cage will have one zombie specimen inside, which can be viewed from the front side through the reinforced glass window. Each cage will have two metal doors on each side. Once built Gale will have to kite and close each zombie specimen safely in the cage.

Building a zombie zoo is a long term vision, but can Gale stay alive long enough to make it happen. The first thing that Gale needs to do is secure food, water and shelter…

►Check out the playlist

►The first episode (where Gale got jumped by TWO survivor zombies in the shelter)


Hopefully some of these “Cages” will be made out of Reinforced Glass and not just a chainlink fence, as I’m almost certain Zombie-Brutes and Hulks will just break out


Front wall will be reinforced glass. The other walls will probably be wooden. This should be enough to hold in “normal” zeds. I don’t even dare to think to capture a Hulk… Hmm that’s an interesting question: What would keep the Hulk inside? Can they break through reinforced glass?


+1 for your intro haha.


I was a pleasure making it. The first audience was forgiving let’s hope I’ll survive longer than my character haha.


Just spent an in-game week with a zombie brute surrounded by Reinforced glass and it’s yet to break free.
The Zombie Hulk on the other-hand… broke it instantly.


This means Hulks and not tamable :smile: Our little zoo will have to take this into account. Thanks!

When they evolve, do they all eventually turn into high level creatures?

I guess no zombie masters in cages as well…


Hi TheMightyHercules,

What if I build a second metal wall once the zombie is in the cage and finish it before it evolves. Can Hulks demolish metal walls?


►Episode 2 (where Gale makes his first trip to the town)


►Episode 3 (where Gale makes preparations for the first night)


Not sure what you meant by that but Hulks can (and will) breakthrough simple metal walls…
If you don’t particularly care about seeing the Hulk itself, you could just surround it with a simple (Or reinforced if you want to make sure it’s gonna stay put) concrete wall, as it’s yet to break its containment; and it’s been several (5) in-game days.


Thanks! I did some research myself just now. It appears that metal doors and reinforced concrete walls are ‘hulk proof’. This just tells me that capturing a Hulk should be one of my last objectives. We’ll start with easier zeds that can be contained in simple walls and metal doors. :wink:


►Episode 4 (where Gale finds an awesome shelter and gear)


►Episode 5 (where Gale makes a move into the new shelter and lights the first joint)


►Episode 6 (where Gale finds an aluminum keg and a bunch of zeds near his shelter)


►Episode 7 (where Gale learns basic tailoring and makes himself a duffel bag)


►Episode 8 (where Gale bites more than he can chew)


►Episode 9 (where Gale drops his first shocker zombie with a style)


@buzzdowan I have to apologise, I had been irritated because the discussion of your videos stopped forba long lidt of episodes. But I noticed that posting lists of your videos is perfectly fine and appropriate.
I leave the below comment as is, for transparency and to see what netiquette is about.

Seems like a lot of self Promotion to be honest. If you made a series, and the last few Episodes must not be described (for spoilers) a Playlist and a SINGLE link to that would be suggested.

Based on the assumption that whoever enjoys the first 1-3 videos will watch the rest.

And it is highly unlikely one would start watching in the middle, an Episode 7 with no description.

Then again its for the C:DDA community to decide which stand on this is appreciated.


Where’s the problem? If he wants to update his thread to let people here know there’s another part to his video, I don’t see the harm.
If it bugs you, why not switch the thread from normal to muted? Then you won’t see it any more.