Let's look at our profile summaries and see how ridiculous they are


I just looked at my profile summary and here are my stats:
-I’ve made 133 topics and visited the site 158 different days. That’s considerably close to a one for one ratio! Which is just insane! Or at least I feel like it is.
-I’ve made 619 posts
-I’ve read 4.6 thousand posts
-viewed 352 different topics
-my read time in total is 2 days. Technically it would probably be over that, since I don’t think it counts hours once you reached this point
-67 hearts given and 57 revieced.

And I used to question why and how I because a regular and got trust level 3. Literally only 7 other people on the entire forums have that last time I checked.

Now I want to see what kind of stats you all have! Is it utterly insane, like mine? Obviously Kevin is going to have stupidly high stats, but does anyone else have close competition to me? I imagine some people would, but I don’t feel like looking at random people’s stats all the time.


My knee-jerk reaction to this post, like many posts, was to write something nasty. I didn’t do that, but I thought I’d let everyone know what a mean person I can usually be.

So instead I’ll just say that I’ve got like a 25% ratio of hearts to posts, which is the only stat I pay much attention to. Thanks for all the <3’s, folks.

And I’m pretty sure ‘regular’ is just because you’ve made a jillion topics. My stats are very much the same as yours, I just really don’t create threads unless I find something I think might be a significant issue.

Litppunk posting stats

Only 8 hearts given, and 58 recieved… not sure if I should give more hearts, or people should cherish the hearts I do give more because they are so rare… Guess I’ll go with the one that requires less change and assumes im already correct untill I find reason to do otherwise. Might should make more bookmarks too…

What are the perks of trusted? Because that feels suspiciously like making more topics = more privalages, which in turn makes me feel a shameful amount of desire to shitpost shittopic. Luckily for you fellow forum dwellars I have a bare minimum level I am willing to stoop to, and I have already created such egotistical and inane topics as:
[Topic] - Reminiscing - Hey you remember stuff? I remember stuff
[Topic] - Answer me that. Ask random shit get real answers...probably cuz trust internet
wow, I’m surprised how many of my topics were unpleasant… and this isn’t the place to link things like that.


I’m not really sure which is worse.


-I have no clue what you are talking about when you say: “Which one is worse.”
-I’m purely curious, it’s simply how I phrased it. It’s not a competition.
-There is more than that to getting the Regular badge, but I don’t remember it all. I’ll have to re-look it up.
EDIT: It actually gives some new abilities that you can do if you have it: recategorize, rename, followed links, wiki, and ‘more likes.’ I don’t quite understand the more likes part. I think it has to do with a daily limit or something. I can’t manage to find how you get the badge, but I do know I’ve found how you do before.
EDIT 2: I never actually checked this before, but I really can rename other threads! As in threads that aren’t mine! Frankly, I’ll probably never use any of the new things I can do with trust level 3, but it’s still cool! I’m kinda tempted to search around for a thread that I feel like I have a better name for just as an excuse to actually try it out :smiley:
EDIT 3: Sorry if any of that sounds like bragging, I’m not trying to.


XD that was a long time I was still “in edit”

anyways, thats an impressive amount of thread creation redx especially since I’ve been here since '14, but I also tend to keep most of my posts in already existing threads, where possible. I am mildly against opening new threads where not really necesary, but I guess this is strong incentivision to do so in the future.

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  • hearts 6 received =(