Karol Faust - (Mostly) Drawn Story - Feb 13th


–So, I decided I wanted to make a story based off of Keith’s cousin Karol. Sadly, I did a stupid and deleting his world instead of a different persons, so ya, he’s gone. BUT now I shall tell you the story of Karol! This will mostly consist of black and white sketches which explain large parts of the story. They might be (somewhat) hastily drawn, so don’t expect them to be amazing all the time. But hopefully this story will be entertain all who see it.
–I found an app that (should) allow me to properly scan picture to put them in here, so I don’t have to use the camera all the time, so yay!
–I (probably) soon upload a couple pictures I drew of Karol, and luckily Pinterest is amazing and gave me lots of drawing references.

P.S The date at the top is to tell you when the newest story update is, so that you won’t get confused between anyone who comments.


RIP Keith.

Does Karol’s life suck just as bad as Keith’s?