I only have one arm now


Hi, I’m new to the forums but not new to the game (or so I thought). I was cruising on my cop car, exploring the endless world until I found a wreckage. I dug through the wreckage and found I nice amount of bionics, armor and 84mm for the M3 recoiless rifle. I was not being smart and didn’t read the descriptions of the bionics.

I paid the price.
The next day, I found out that I was low on food in my base, so I decided to go hunting with only my compound bow. The message, “you can’t wield this with only one arm” popped up each time I tried to wield it. I thought there was a serious bug in the system, but I checked my bionics and found out that the Fusion Blaster Arm CBM replaced my left arm. When I tried to remove it, I was stopped by a message telling me that I would be left with a useless stump (Can you find the pun?). Well, crap. Is there another way to get my arm back?


It will take several days, and much pain, but if you find a stem cell machine thing in a hospital it will regrow limbs.

P.S. Congrats on first post. I expect more posts to come.


Thank you for the suggestion, I went to my nearest hospital and found the Mr Stem Cell computer console. However, it did not give me my arm back because I do not have any broken bones. It injected my eye and I got loads of pain. I wonder if I can modify the save file to remove my Fusion Blaster Arm CBM and give me my left arm back.


Mr stem cell only does broken limbs? I thought it did missing limbs. Splints already take care of broken limbs… what does Mr stem cell do differently? faster?


Maybe the stem cell treatment didn’t work because of the fact that I can’t remove the Fusion Blaster Arm. Here’s the wiki page:


yea. Wiki still needs alot of update. Its currently only up to date for stable…and maybe not even that. You should be able to uninstall the bionic, I didn’t realize you hadn’t done that already/ didn’t plan to before attempting Mr stem cell treatment.


What I did was… go to the folder containing my world save data and looked for the file that ended with .sav and edited it with Notepad++. I opened it up, looking for the bionic with the id:bio_blaster, deleted it’s lines of code, and voila! My left arm looks like nothing ever happened to it.


before that come in, I was thinking “only one arm” mean real life…


That would make my life suck a lot, I do many things that requires the use of both arms.


agree,suddenly I curious these only one arm guy…game preferences may different from normal people.


hmm… hadn’t thought of that. We do have CDDA’s first blind gamer giving feedback though, so I am curious what games one armed people tend to drift to…


Mobile games, I thought that was obvious.


Hey, someone necroed this thread and I thought I’d give some feedback because you were talking about people with limitations playing games.

My brother has severe mental and physical limitations. He suffered significant brain damage as a child (he fell out of a window) and has a slew of mental issues. He also has one arm/hand that is virtually unusable, locked in place (his hand rests around chest height).

So I actually can shed some light. His mental limitations mean that he has trouble understanding cause and effect, so most games are beyond his understanding. Sure, he gets ‘if I shoot things they die’, but I don’t think he’d understand ‘If I harvest cattails I can turn them into flour, then I can turn that flour into bread, which I can eat forever’.

A game like Cataclysm would be a bit beyond him. However, he would be physically capable of playing a game like this, no problem. Time freezes when you’re not acting, allowing for plenty of time to find controls/think about what you’re doing. The controls are also easily accessible from the keyboard, not requiring multiple presses at once and not requiring keyboard/mouse coordination.

Mostly he’s drawn to racing games because he likes cars and because he can pin controllers against his thigh (pressing the trigger to accelerate) and use his hand to control the car’s direction. He also likes shooters, but it’s difficult for him to play most games because of control layouts. He plays things like Jazz Jackrabbit, where he can play with an actual joystick and 1 or 2 buttons.


I could maybe see him enjoying things like superhot then…


honestly, I would love to see a system implemented where you could lose body parts. A cool scenario I keep thinking about is you’re a fresh spawn. you right arm got bite. being that you clearly won’t be able to find disinfectant fast enough, you amputate your arm. Now you must survive with one arm . Then say a NPC comes with a machete. you say the wrong thing, and BAM, chops of your left arm. do you think you can survive with just a mouth and two legs? ofc, this could also effect your legs. so now if you lost a leg, you would need a crutch, or a bionic leg to get back to normal speed


That reminded me of a time on Rimworld were a Dark Young (Which comes from a mod) was too near my base and I didn’t notice. Thus, it ripped off the leg of one of my pawns. sigh Being a ‘simple’ predator, rather than some sort of raider, you don’t get warned until the pawn starts getting injured. But at least he didn’t die, since that would have been devastating to my colony.


about fusion blaster arm bionics - in the Unreal 2 there is a weapon what made from alien bionics weapon and shoots with micro-blackholes.
maybe need to get some addendum for make THIS bionics usable like usual weapon - i mean pistol handle, butt, bipods - everything that is necessary for transformation of easel weapon in manual weapon.


gasp I have a great idea! I don’t know how I’d do this, since I haven’t yet delved into working on bionics, but this gave me some new ideas for bionics! With my add-ons, you can be even more bionic and even more better! Many of the bionics will be craftable out of baconite, but some of them you’ll need to look in really sketchy places to get! Or, you know, a bank. That too. You can get bionic arms and legs that improves your performance in many ways, and with no negatives! Some of the stuff can only be gotten from Corrupt/Controlled/Mindless Cyborgs. Or Bacon-Borgs maybe. You can also get various mental/head implants, which can do everything from higher dexterity to increase to pain tolerance to having a metal skull.
–I don’t know if that all is possible, but I’ll totally attempt it at some point!


I would recommend either playing games on PC and using a programmable gaming mouse so he can control everything with one hand or getting a custom gaming console controller. I’m sure you can find one somewhere with additional buttons built in to the steering wheel for racing games. Almost anything is possible with enough ingenuity.