I am a BioPrepper who Fled the Riots (gameplay video)


Yeah psyxypher, I actually talk about both of those things in #13, albeit briefly. The alternator thing and the needing more solar panel thing. :slight_smile:

I was going to grab the ones off the solar car, but I just had other priorities at the time and didn’t feel like dealing with the cockroaches. I will get around to it eventually. I usually disassemble the regular panels and make upgraded ones. IIRC, 2 regular gives you enough materials for 1 upgraded.

edit: @Psy…I was just editing #14 and realize I talk about the alternator briefly in that one, hah… I recorded 13 and 14 back to back and apparently I keep conflating the two. whoops





I think I’ve got the audio sounding the best out of any I’ve uploaded so far!