I am a BioPrepper who Fled the Riots (gameplay video)


On your latest video.

Definitely a Chicken Walker. Chicken Walkers have weaker frag grenades as opposed to a Tank Drone’s 120mm shell.


That would make more sense, if it was a frag, since it bounced off me and then exploded.

Episode 4


Just a quick question, what’s a BioPrepper and what riots do you speak of?


The ‘Bionic Prepper’ is a profession and ‘Fled the Riots’ is a scenario, both are things that you can select when creating a character.

Bioprepper: "You knew the end was coming. You augmented yourself with some basic bionics and got additional survival training. Now the end has come, and it is time to see if your efforts have paid off."
Fled the riots: "You were assigned to the last of the real riots; one of the last to flee when the rioters stopped breathing but kept moving."
According to the official cannon thread, 3 months before the zombie outbreak became too big to contain, people started rioting. I am not sure if the official cannon is 100% accurate or not, you’d have to ask someone else about that.

I like that the Bionic Prepper starts with an integrated tool set, so I don’t have to gather and carry around a bunch of tools.
I like fled the riots because it gives you a couple extra points. The downside is that you start surrounded by dead that want to eat you, but that’s inevitable at some point anyway, right? You also start in a bookstore by default with fled the riots, rather than the Evac shelter.
You do have a few other starting location options when choosing fled the riots, like with some of the other scenarios, if you hit the backslash key on the final character creation screen, where you can review your choices and choose a name.


#5 is up


I’m enjoying these so far NuG.


Thanks Walegrin, I’m really glad to hear that!


My new keyboard came today (Steel Series mx500) and my new mouse (Zowie EC1-A) yesterday. I also put 4 Noctua NF-S12 PWM fans in my case yesterday to replace the 4 stock ones that had originally come with the case I used when I built my PC. I had been using a big ol’ box fan to keep my PC cool for the last 6 months or so lol.

It feels so nice to be using a mechanical keyboard again!


Episode 6


Episode 7 "Shockingly Dreadful"


Episode 8 is out!


Episode #9


Episode #10




#12 With my new Microphone!


Just started watching the latest. The volume seems a bit low, but that may something on my end.


Volume is low here too.

Not sure if my comment on YT went through (I’m Master Zyrel, by the way. I’d change my name if I knew how to get a one word YouTube name), but I’d suggest sawing off the barrel of one of the Remingtons you found.


Sorry about the low volume in the previous one, Psy and Wale, it should be much better in this new episode (started using a new microphone on Ep #12, and I didn’t amplify the volume enough). It sounded alright when I was editing, but came out even lower once I uploaded it to YouTube, unfortunately.
I did see your comment yesterday, and also replied to it, as well as using said advice in this next episode I just uploaded!
I believe you can change your name if you go to your YouTube Settings and then click on Account Settings then click on “View or Change Your Personal Info”. Then click on “Your Personal Info” and then on your name. I believe you are allowed 3 name changes in a year, but not sure about the one word name part. I can’t change the name on my Brand Account, but I can on my personal YouTube Account, so it might depend on what type of account you have.

Ep #13


No need to apologize NuG. And yes, volume is much better on the new episode.


Dunno if you know this or not, NuG, but driving charges your batteries if you’re using a fuel engine and have an alternator. Not the most reliable source of power, but useful in a pinch.

Also you need more Solar Panels. Always need more Solar Panels.