I am a BioPrepper who Fled the Riots (gameplay video)


Will we escape the bookstore, and if so, how much longer can we survive this mess?

If anyone is interested you can come check the video out at

The first of many to come.


If it’s not too much trouble: What did you use to record the video and your voice?
I could never figure out what to use…

Also, I’m watching the video as I type this. You just let Dominic die, man!


I’m using Audacity for the voice and Radeon Re-live for the video. Then I put them in a editing program(like Movie Maker or Vegas Pro) and added them together.
One could capture the audio and voice together, with the same program, but I’ve had the game be too loud or whatever and find it better to do them separately. That way you can adjust the volume of each, and also reduce the white noise or whatever with audacity too.

I did watch a quick guides on how to match the voice and video together, to help me out with that part.

Dominic had to go for the greater good. He did agree to keep me safe after all… :smiling_imp:

Feel free to ask away!


I want to pretend to be offended and make a joke about spoiler warnings, but I also don’t want to come across as obnoxious, so I’ll just keep it to myself for now.

This guy is near-sighted and far-sighted at the same time, and also hard of hearing? How did he survive the world before the apocalypse, let alone now that flesh munching monstrosities are roaming it?

Does he need two pairs of glasses?


You luckily start with bifocals if you choose both, so as long as I don’t break or lose those he, hopefully, should be OK.


Well, that shows what I know then, doesn’t it?

A few questions, if you’ll entertain them. I haven’t picked the game up since before the update that gave towns names, so there are some things I haven’t seen before.

Are butcher shops part of the vanilla game, or are they in a mod, and which one if they are?

And, at about 36:16, you were dropping items into your car and you selected entire categories. Is that a new feature, or is it just something I was blissfully unaware of? Also, how do you do it and does it work in Advanced Inventory Management?


The butcher shop used to be part of a mod, but I believe it is just in the main game now. I can’t remember which ones, but I saw some buildings getting mainlined into the game from previous patch notes. I don’t think I activated any of the building mods this time(had some problems with too many over map specials on my last save).

You hit (Tab) to go to category selection mode, I don’t think it’s a new feature. It doesn’t quite work the same in the advanced inventory, though there is a category mode in the Adv Inv. It just doesn’t let you move the whole category, rather it just selects the top most item from each category when scrolling through. I usually just hit (M)ove to move stacks, or (0) to move the entire thing. I added (0) as an additional hotkey to grab/move all, which is (,) by default. It makes it so I don’t have to take my hand off the number pad to move whole piles like that quickly. (because the comma is so far from 0 haha)

You might already know this, but if you hit (?) on each of the different menus and game screens, it will show the hotkeys for the menu on the screen at the time, also allowing you to change them. So the hotkey I added as “Zero” had to be changed on the AdvInv menu hotkey screen for move all AND also in the regular hotkey menu from the main settings for grab all. Hope that all makes sense.


Cool. I vaguely recall reading something about using “?” to view hotkeys, but I never really saw fit to use it, since I never really happened upon something that I found to be enough of a chore to warrant assigning a hotkey. Maybe that’s just due to comparatively limited experience, though.


Yeah even if not changing anything I found it helpful to browse through the different hotkey menus. You might not learn anything new, but I like to browse over all of the settings I can of most PC games.


It was so early on I didn’t think it’d matter.


Episode 2


YAY! :smiley:
Any idea what mutation path you’re planning to go down, or is this a “Human” run?
Note that I considering cybernetics to still be human. Getting a cochlear implant does not make you less human, regardless of what people say. >.>


Not sure yet about which mutations, but we most likely will dabble at some point. I do love my CBMs, so hopefully we’ll get our hands on as many as possible!


Also, are you playing Stable? I noticed that in the current version, you can’t choose Bionic Prepper for Fled the Riots, and I’ve never seen the “You pull a Handbrake” message before.


No I’m using the most up to date version through the launcher by RemRoy.
edit: build 7074 and 7089 for episode 1 and 2 respectively.

Do you hit ‘s’ when stopping your vehicle? That’s how I get the “pull your handbrake” message.


Episode 3



Did you ever figure out why you couldn’t chose the bioprepper or not get the “pull you handbrake” message @psyxypher? I was sure I was up to date since I saw a thread about how chopping trees had been moved from construction menu to using it as an action, and was able to do that in that video, but you got me curious about it.


No, haven’t really tried. I usually decelerate to 0 and select “Stop Driving” in the vehicle menu to stop driving.


Oh yeah, I should mention: I show up as Master Zyrel on YouTube. It’s an error I’ve yet to correct, because I don’t know how to make my user name one word.


Sweet, I thought that might be you, but wasn’t 100% sure. I plan to get a new microphone very soon! I am hoping it can help my audio sound a tad better, since ATM I’m just using this clip on mic.

You had asked about what I was using to record at the beginning of this thread, and I thought of something earlier that might help if you don’t have Shadowplay or Relive (they are the recording programs that come with Nvidia or AMD GPU drivers). A lot of people use this free and open source program called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

I actually used to use OBS, before AMD drivers changed over to Crimson. AMD used to bundle relive with the plays.tv app, and it was hit or miss whether it would work at any given time… which is why I used OBS previously. The AMD software has been adding features over the last couple years since I first started using it, as well as separated from plays.tv integration, and has been working just fine for me recently and it is nice not having to use multiple programs to record.

I also figured out that the Radeon Relive app that I’ve been using now has an option to record video and voice separately, so I don’t have to use Audacity to record my voice and can just use the one program.

Audacity does have the noise reduction filter(and a bunch of other effects/filters) though, for if you have any buzzing or white noise you need to reduce, but I found a way to convert the audio file from Relive to one that works in Audactiy in case I do need to use that filter. I’m hoping with a new mic I won’t have to use that filter so much, though, and actually didn’t use the noise reduction filter in one of my recent videos and it sounds fine.

There are other programs too, but the ones I mentioned above are just the ones I am the most familiar with. I didn’t mean for this reply to be almost as long as a book, lol.