Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


@ShadowDragon8685 Are you fond of tentacles or something? I’m not strictly against them or anything, it’s just that I don’t find them to particularly attractive. For some reason, them being fuzzy somewhat lessens the strangeness for me. Maybe it’s just because I like fuzzy things. But either way, the dress is nice, but now I wonder what she would look like in it before she grown extra appendages.
-I assume either she put in an insane amount of hair-gel or she’s twirling, right?
-BTW, I know what Lydia’s arch-nemesis would be: A racist cannibal who likes calamari.
-Brings to thought, what would it be like for Lydia if before the apocalypse she was fond of eating calamari? She has changed a ‘small’ amount into a squid/octopus, so would deter her from wanting to eat her beloved food again? It wouldn’t technically be cannibalism or anything like that (Humans are mammals and we eat other mammals such as pigs.) but would that idea come to her mind?


Actually, Lydia’s main source of weapons is a local pawn shop. There was a lot of medieval weapons for some reason.
@redxlaser15 Lydia is twirling. Her nemesis is racist megalomaniac founder of survivalist community, so you got one part right. She’s allergic to seafood.


Allergic to seafood, huh? That would matter more if the Atlantic Ocean were a thing in CDDA.

Actually, is there even any shellfish-based food to be found? I don’t recall coming across any.
And is she allergic to all seafood, or just allergic-to-shellfish-and-dislikes-normal-fish-intensely?

Also, oddly stocked Ye Olde Pawne Shoppe, eh? Huh.


This one is still under development but I’m thinking about severe allergy to shellfish and mild to everything else from the sea. My wife suggested that and I liked the idea. Now I just need to read some articles on how allergies work.

You know… for some reason ALL of the pawn shops for me filled with medieval stuff. Weapons, armor. And all of better quality than in a museum.


There’s Clam chowder.


@EpsilonShadow I am almost done with my attempt at drawing Lydia, but I’m not certain if I want to wait till I can show all three pictures, or just show them as I finish them. It doesn’t look as good as I want, but I’ll never get as good as I want to be. It’s just part of being an artist, I can always do better, I just need practice, time and patience.
She looks a little goofy, but that’s fine, I kinda expected her to with the clothing I intended to put on her. But I don’t understand why it was so hard to just get her hat right, even now it isn’t like I want.
I wasn’t certain how many tentacles she had, so I just drew a random amount, and technically you wouldn’t really be able to see some of them the best anyway.


I’m not too fond of fish myself, some kinda aren’t too bad, but the classic pig or cow is much better as far as I have tasted. That said, I haven’t tried many kinds, some day when I have lots more money, I shall taste many more kinds of foods! My taste buds are curious.


Found an X-ray of Lydia while browsing the SCP wiki…


Apparently Lydia can also use datura seeds to deal with her asthma attacks, although those have their own issues like having a bad trip and hallucinating a bunch of monsters that aren’t there.


I’m still buried under work. But I can keep this thread alive by sketches from Lydia’s story. If you are interested, of course. Some of you might have noticed that I draw Lydia with a spear lately and not with a sword. So here is an explanation. Monster is still roaming somewhere, with a sword sticking out of its back. Lydia is happy she survived the encounter but she misses her little plush bunny.

PS. Do you people want me to continue keeping this thread alive with random materials I’m making for Lydia’s story? Keep in mind that Lydia’s personal Cataclysm is not with zombies but with quite alive mutated monsters.


I’d love for you to continue the thread. I have my own setting filled with mutants, and it warms my heart to see the works of others. It also gets the creative juices flowing (which I need, because I’m making it into a Tabletop RPG). I even put some of my Cataclysm characters into it (read: the two characters who’ve lived a long life).


-I’d also enjoy this thread to continue myself, and eventually I’ll get a hold of a camera to upload a couple pictures I’ve drawn relative to this.
-Man, I’ve wanted to get into Tabletop RPG for sooooo long! But the few people I’ve met who do it are already too busy/full or say I’m too old for their group. The GM is all like: “Oh, you’ll take advantage of them due to your age.” But I’m not that old, I’m still really young but he insists I’m too old for the group. :sob:


I get excited every time I see the thread is updated, and get slightly sad if its not actually Lydia art.


Have you tried roll20?


Cool. you start anything with roll 20 I’ll give it a go.


No zombies? Awh. Zomboni are fun!

But yeah, anything would be good. Also, that guy looks MEAN! Also, strangely durable, to survive having a broadsword stuck right through his chest.

Chances are that means that shooting him with a rifle wouldn’t do much. Time to get out the old katana and see how he likes having bits lopped right off.

Think Lydia would be more inclined to approach/be approached by a normie if they recovered her sword and trying to return it to owner? (Would she have stenciled “Property of Lydia Oths” or something on it?)


@psyxypher Oh! Fellow RPG player. Hope your sessions and worldbuilding are going well.

@redxlaser15 Roll20 may be an option. Never used it myself tho. My group is playing via Discord.

@Litppunk That’s why I’ve added “upd:date” part in the name of the thread. The date my last art was uploaded. Hope you’ll be interested in materials about other characters, places, and creatures for the story.

@ShadowDragon8685 Zombies are really fun, but I like mutants and twisted monsters even more. The main idea of such creatures is random properties they have because of infection they suffer. Whenever such creature gets mortally wounded, extraterrestrial life inside them trying to save their host by causing random mutations. Usually, it just horrifically deforming and growing extra limbs before finally dying. In this case, Lydia encountered the monster that already changed so much that its chest was no longer vulnerable.

PS. Sword does not have “Property of Lydia Oths” on it. But bunny does.


I think there’s likely to be a pretty high correlation between people with the grognardian endurance to learn to play DDA and TTRPG players. :slight_smile:

And wow, the chest is no longer vulnerable? Where does he like… Keep his organs? You know, for circulation, respiration, etceteration?


Mutated arteries pump blood themselves, oxygen is absorbed via exposed fleshy tentacles. The rare instance of really successful mutations. And nutrition via same tentacles somehow…


Its the blob, anything and everything that might endanger its host in such a way the blob will have to exist outside of said host must be eliminated.