Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


Ooooofh! That’s not gonna buff out.

Time to break out Ye Olde Vehicular Welding Rig.


7.8/10 Not enough Deathmobile. I suggest adding spikes. Or shredders.

The picture is pretty good, at least. Also, Crazy Jack’s “Rolling Thunder” was made from a Security Van.


I have an idea about survivor settlement in the apartment tower. Survivors tore down the ladders from the ground floor and built gondola lifts to neighboring buildings. Solar panels on top and a giant flag with “help” stitched on it. Someday I’ll make a cross-section of it.

About Deathmobile rating. She’s just started. In time there will be a ram, spikes and many more killy things =D


That wasn’t an actual rating (a meme, actually). Thought do show me what it looks like afterwards.


Nice van, I admit my Mechanic Bandit character would definitely steal it when she wouldn’t be looking.


Nuuuu! This thread is slowly dying away! But, but, I like it a lot! Even though i don’t really have much else to say for it currently, it’s probably one of the threads I like a bit more.


Sorry. I’m overwhelmed by work and requests. But don’t worry, Lydia’s personal cataclysm is my main personal project. But at this point, it’s getting further away from the actual game. Right now I’m working on her own cataclysm caused not by extradimensional creatures but rather extraterrestrial life (I’m a big fan of Carpenter’s “The Thing”). On top of that, I’m working on antagonists and secondary characters for the story. Don’t have anything solid yet so there is nothing to show.


Well, I can provide a brief respite from nothingness.

This is not Lydia the Fluffy Tentacle Mutant.

This is Faraday the Novakid Chef. But I recruited her, and my first thought was “Damn, she looks familiar.” So I showed a screenie of her to another friend (also familiar with this thread,) and said “Does she look familiar to you?”

My friend’s response was "Yes! That looks like Lydia the Fluffy!"
Somewhere out there is a cyan glowing doppleganger of Lydia with a hankerin’ to serve pancakes and plasma pistol bolts, riding around the galaxy in a spesship full of adorable, heavily-armed ice raptors.


@ShadowDragon8685 Heh, that’s awesome. I play starbound too, the base game is good but the right mods can make WAY better. I assume you use mods since I don’t think you can ‘hire’ a chef or have raptor pets in vanilla.
-I will agree, she does look vaguely like Lydia. And now I’m starting to want to play starbound again. Maybe actually play the way I meant to the last 5 character: Not as the player, but as the character. RPGish style.


Hmm, I think I might do my own drawing of Lydia. I’ll use the images already done of her as a reference, but mine will obviously be a ‘little’ different. At some point in time and space I will post a picture I took off my sketchbook of her. Or maybe a larger piece of paper, since each page of my sketchbook is super small. Not certain. I tried a ‘draw your character’ kinda thing, but only one person seemed to be interested. If he saw the finished product he didn’t comment on it either, makes me a little sad it was so empty :cry:
BTW, was Lydia always albino?


Don’t let this incident upset you. First and foremost your hobby must be interesting to you. If you want to take it as a profession, that’s where things are getting complex…

Lydia was always a near-sighted albino with asthma.


The ice raptors aren’t pets, the ice raptors are the majority of the crew; in that screenie, the least-heavily-armored one is my character Oxide. Ghost and Whisper, who wear brightly-colored armor and fire a sniper rifle the size of god, respectively, are two of my heavy beaters. :slight_smile:


@EpsilonShadow It didn’t upset me too much, it was simply a little disappointing that so few seemed interested. Besides, it’s only really a hobby rather than anything else. I never intend to make money off my art, escpecially since my dream job that I’ve had since before 5th grade is to become an awesome video game programmer and designer! I have lots of ideas which I will not share since there is a large enough chance someone will steal my ideas before I finish learning how to do stuff. I am indeed learning, it’s simply a slow process since there are so many little details that matter.


Lydia was always a tomboy. But the main reason she never wore a dress was her dislike of how people looked at her in it. Now at a rare moment of sufficiency, she suddenly felt an urge to try to look girly. She checked if the block was empty, barricaded at a clothing shop, set up alarm traps, piled up dresses, and…

“When nobody is watching”


Hmm, the picture does not seem to work for me. Could you try and re-upload it or something? It might just be my connection or something of course. It’s especially likely due to my current location.



Heh, that amuses me. Wonder why it didn’t work the first time, rather strange. She doesn’t look to bad in it, you know, for someone with tentacles. I wonder if said tentacles make it harder to put certain items of clothing on, probably. Ignoring the things that are literally impossible.


Oh! I got a brilliant idea for how to make Lydia look. (at least in my opinion.) It might look a little goofy, but I really like it. Sadly I’ll need to take a photo of it from a phone, but at least you’ll still be able to see it!


Wow. The Fluffmaster looks pretty good in that dress. Ignore the person saying “you know, for someone with tentacles,” with or without 'em, she looks damn good in that dress.

Though, where’s she getting all the medieval hardware? Does she have a vehicle forge and crucible in the van? Or just unholy good luck raiding SCAdian’s homes and finding hand-forged authentic, sharpened equipment for getting ye medieval on someone’s ass?


Museums and mansions tend to be good sources.