Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


Look’s like Lydia will probably find friends if enough people like you are alive after the Cataclysm =D


Side thing to mention, I hate how I keep accidentally typing one letter wrong on tentacle so the the top suggestion for what it thinks I’m really typing is testicle. So ya, that’s annoying.
In a strange sort of way, I want some sort of massive change like this to happen. Not the whole apocalypse part, but the bionics and mutation stuff I think is kinda cool. However, people are racist enough, and mutations very possibly could be hereditary. As such, I’m sure there would be plenty of people like Lydia, however they were born with tentacles, fur and such.
I imagine bionics would be both very expensive and very controversial. In present times, we have what you might call ‘primitive bionics,’ which is those metal implants and stuff that makes going on an airplane extra annoying.
Technically, mutations are a thing, but just not like video games, books, movies, etc. usually describe it as. It’s super rare, but one thing that actually can happen is a malformed extra arm growing on someone at birth. And I have a cousin that has massively messed up arms, and as such she can hardly use them. You could kinda imagine her moving around similar to a human T-Rex on their knees.
It’s been theorized that with our current technological development, that AI will most likely be invented within the century!
Cataclysm DDA could truly happen, it’s kinda scary, but it could. There probably won’t be enough accomplished within the living time-frame of the current generation, but in terms of the scale of all time on Earth, it’s a close possibility. So very close. I hope Lydia has a nice life.


The possibility of global apocalypse has been a thing for a long, long time, and expressed in various ways. H.G. Wells wrote about it, Sara Teasdale wrote a poem about it, and both of those were well before nuclear weapons or the modern idea of science fiction existed (though Mary Shelley had at this point already written Frankenstein). By the same reckoning of whether Cataclysm could happen, as could scenarios like Fallout, the Walking Dead, and so on occur, though none of these ideas are truly tethered in any kind of reality.

While there are exceptions (There Will Come Soft Rains, The Road), the concept of post-apocalypse is usually a genre for the hopefully cynical, where mankind usually creates their own folly, destroys everything, but through their own perseverance, comes out alive and still kicking.

Is Cataclysm hopeful? Or defeatist? In the end, that’s up to you. I tend to play with NPCs off and take things as very much a ‘last person standing’ sort of narrative, though my character Wendy always just sees traces of survivors she’s missed, though her focus is more living day to day and maintaining any kind of sanity (which is hard to do when everything you know is gone and you’re alone). Epsilon plays Lydia in a narrative where others exist, so Lydia lives in a lonely, but hopeful world where people can still accept her as she is, even if she is no longer what one would call ‘technically’ human. But when everyone is infected potentially by the goo, what /is/ human anymore? Cataclysm is about doing what you have to do to survive, and thrive. Whether it means becoming less than human through bionics, or mutations, the goal, first and foremost, is to stay alive.

And on that front, I’d say Lydia’s doing quite well.


Sure, but there’s a lot of difference in recoil from an M203 attached to a rifle or a carbine (Was it an M16, or an M4?) which is shouldered, and one which has been chopped into what is essentially - or literally - a handgun.

You won’t feel a damn thing if you fire a .357 Magnum carbine, but a .357 magnum revolver you will feel.

Adding a pistol stock would make all the difference in the world, as would using a carbine launcher of some sort. And remember, Lydia the Fluffy is a 14-year-old girl with a very slim figure. She does not have the mass or arm strength you had when you fired it in the military, even if she’s wearing her combat load. So she’s gonna hurt if she tries to fire a 40mm grenade out of a handgun.

So I say that her best bet, especially since she’s of a crafting bent, would be to make something like an M79 launcher. Or maybe a two-barreled version, which (if she got canister rounds as well,) would make it into the baddest MFing breakie shotgun ever. I mean, short of a punt gun.

(Punt guns in CDDA when?)


Honestly, I think most people would find Lydia cute, and a bit naieve and feel protectively towards her.

I mean… Who doesn’t just want to wrap her up and hug her when they see her looking at that starter pistol lookin’ thingy and holding that 40mm grenade like “What’s this? How do I combine these to make zombies fall down go thud?”

I mean, I especially want to hug her, and be like "Trigger discipline! Finally, someone who groks trigger discipline! You are doin’ it right!"

I mean, I could only imagine some scenario in which one of my CDDA characters is roaming through a town, kitted up to the nines, a tactical operator operating tactically, winds up sighting in on Lydria, then realizing, rapidly, “that thing may have tentacle legs, but it’s wearing body armor and armed; this is not a monster, this is a survivor,” and immediately safeing her rifle, holding her brace hand up palm-out with the other hand tilting the rifle down to the ground, and calling out “Do you speak English?”

Definitely not preemptively opening fire, nor drawing her katana. (For some reason, I always find at least one katana very quickly… Unless the character starts out with the katanajutso martial art.)


Yes, she does indeed look oddly huggable. Personally, I think it’s the fur that makes it so. Reminds me when I hug my littlest sister in her fuzzy snuggie pajamas :slight_smile:


Sadly real life shows that only the most ruthless people survive. For such people, someone weak is not a person to deal with as an equal rather someone who have supplies that are easy to take. When the society collapses people turn animals and do whatever it takes to stay alive one more day. Even at the expense of others. Usually, the most trusted people in such situations are one’s relatives. At least that’s what survivor of the siege of Sarajevo writes about in his memoirs.

And it’s reflected quite good with hostile NPCs (except for their stupidity). In my narrative, most survivors Lydia have met before mutations were jackasses. In the game every fucking NPC Lydia has met was hostile. One of them even shot her. The only reason he didn’t kill her was random moose…

Generally speaking by the time Lydia mutate she’ll be paranoid and jumpy. If she notices someone close she’ll run without hesitation.


Wow, really? I’ve only met non-hostile NPCs. Some of them were aggro enough to turn hostile when I tried reasoning, but nobody shot on sight.

But then, I also tend to take the pretty trait. (Lydia seems like she should have that.)


She have and NPCs usually demanded to drop weapon (which always was an umbrella she was using to hide from sun).


Many mutations have what are called “Ugliness” and “Visibility” Ratings. Ugliness is self explanatory, and Visibility is how Visible the Mutation is.

These can seriously effect NPC reactions, naturally. Can’t really blame them: If you saw someone who looked like a Deathclaw straight out of Fallout (read: Chimera mutation tree), would you want to lower your guard around them? I know I wouldn’t. Not until I was sure I could trust them.


Umbrellas probably should not really count as weapons for that, I would think.

Either way… NPCs are shit. I’d so much rather recruit Lydia than a dozen random jerkasses.


You misunderstand, I meant an NPC that was one of those that when you chat with them there is only about a 1% chance for them to NOT go hostile *rolls eyes. NPCs can be so dumb sometimes. I hardly ever care about speaking skill, because it just doesn’t matter enough.


I’d contest this. It’s only true in specific scenarios. For most of human history, those humans that work together in concert have utterly dominated those that don’t. Utterly ruthless people tend to experience strong short term gain, but don’t tend to live long.

A multi-apocalypse like CDDAs could qualify as one of those situations, but it depends on the circumstances. There is definitely still a benefit to be found working together.

Also, you guys massively undervalue NPCs in game terms. They might be stupid, but they’re obedient and predictable, and can be very effective with good management. Also training with random NPCs you’ve befriended is far and away the fastest way to gain a huge amount of experience in multiple skills. Characters with 10 melee skill or 10 dodging are not uncommon. Lydia’s mutations would make befriending NPCs a lot harder though.


I don’t strictly undervalue NPCs, I use them a lot of the time. It’s simply that half of the time I experience them they are annoying fools. When they aren’t too much of that, then they are wonderful tools for my advancement! Early on I’ll sometimes sacrifice some of them for my own safety of course, NPCs are very useful indeed. I remember that one NPC that was really pesky, who had a VERY loud gun. Man he super useful in messing up the horde nearby, and by the time he was dead, I could easily finish off the rest! So. Much. Loot.


Yeah, a certain percentage of them are utterly unreasonable, but Speech skill does help with most, and NPCs tend to have at least a basic amount of it to teach you if you manage to break through with one of them.

One of my fondest memories in CDDA is the time I managed to accumulate a team of six NPCs with awlpikes, the training to use them, and full plate armor (plus turnout boots for acid resistance). I could wade into hordes without lifting a finger. Even hulks would just send one of them flying for minor damage, then get promptly cut down before taking another swing. I just had to single out the shockers, and my team of medieval mercenaries would handle the rest.


Finally, it’s finished.


That’s a hell of a dent in her frying pan. Did she hit a zombie over the head with it?


Yep. First days of survival was hard and she defended with what she had around.


This stuff is beyond professional. If you aren’t making books (those awesome star wars cutaway books come to mind) or something else utilizing your amazing talents, you should be.


Beautiful. THIS is what a post apocalyptic vehicle should look like. Excellent post, safe for the pun.