Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


This might be a dumb idea but what about mounting underbarrel grenade launcher on a spear to use it like a mortar?



Well, me being neither a war nor a physics expert (Although a master at Kerbal engineering), This design look safe enough.


No reason that wouldn’t work, but without it actually being braced properly and sighted in, your accuracy would be somewhere between laughable and “somewhere over there.”


VoD of a 40mm grenade is 79 m/s. Schedule 80 PVC could survive the explosive detonation of at least 1 shell.maybe 2.


Something I’ve been wondering; how much damage do those 40mm grenades do? The game says most of them do 5, but that seems really low. The one time I used them, I didn’t seem them explode, just shred a bunch of blobs…

Speaking of which, does Lydia have any other mutations than her fur and tentacles?


The 5 is just the impact damage from a direct hit. They do explode, though in my experience they aren’t super powerful and can pretty much only do scratch damage against heavily armoured enemies like hulks. Great for taking on hordes though, as they have a decent blast radius and you can get a lot of them from APCs.

Worth noting that the 40mm Flechette canisters are craftable, and those WILL give a hulk something to think about.


She got Fast Metabolism, Claws, Lightly Furred and Tentacle Legs mutations.
It’s all here: Traits and Gear


I’m not sure if I should post it here or not since it’s not something from the game. Rather a character from Lydia’s narrative story. He don’t have a name yet or a specific background. All I got for now is he was a test subject in the lab, he is “insanely smart”, “badly deformed” and have “electric skin”, and he is living in a farm survivor community serving as their tech-expert.



Oh, wow. That poor bastard.


Starbound consumed my soul, I haven’t CDDA’d in ages;

But I still want my Lydia the Fluffy Tentacle Monster fix. What’s going on in her personal Cataclysm? How goes the Securitruck of Moderate Imperilment?


Right now I’m working on her van and writing a scenario for a short cartoon. When I have free time that is… Maybe in a week or so I’ll upload a new picture.


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Dude, that three eyed guy is hideous, I feel really bad for him. Also, I wish you would have more clearly warned us that the ‘character study’ involved some nudity…


That girl might look attractive without the tentacle and pink(ness). I guess the fur is a little odd too, but that might be able to be overlooked. Same with the claws. I wonder how dating would work in the Apocalypse? I mean, it’s gotta happen at least somewhat. There are other survivors out there after all, and humans are naturally social beings. Plus, love is an innate instinct to us, it’s a little different for animals and all that of course, but the point still stands.


Also, how did you get mutated so fast? And why did you make her pink in the first place? I assume you just make up that you mutated that way too, despite it not really begin a game thing. Just wanna point out, being bright pink definitely doesn’t help with hiding much. that said, people tend to wear cloths.


Think how awkward is dating for a 14yo teen. Now think how awkward it is when she is a mutant and most other survivors are much older and not mutants.

Actually, it’s just my way to draw an albino. Check “Traits and Gear” to see how she look on a raid for loot. Only a part of her face is visible.

Game: I found two mutagen serum flasks on a dead scientist. Thought it was fun to try them all at once.
Narrative story: An accident on a lab raid.


Well I’m slightly upset I didn’t get that, since tainted tornado is currently deactivated. I want to turn into a lumber working who is a tree…
And if it doesn’t give me the right stuff, that’s what save scumming is for. Because rogue-likes are hard and I care dang it!


I don’t imagine any post-apocalyptic intimacies would be correctly termed to be any sort of “dating” as we know it today. Probably not any less awkward, just an entirely different and most likely more medieval set of descriptors apply.

Though, I kind of feel obliged to point out that anybody who hates on Lydia because she’s a fluffy pink tentacle mutant is an idiot, because she’s clearly a mechanical savant wunderkind who is probably not hostile, and would at the very least make a useful ally if not a good and fluffy friend.


I got to shoot a M203 grenade launcher once. That’s the underbarrel attachment for the M16. No noticeable recoil. As long as a rifle is held in line with your center of mass, you can absorb a TON of recoil without noticing a thing. It’s the same principle behind using a punching bag - as long as you use good form, even a fragile kid can whack a punching bag far larger and far more massive than (s)he is.

On top of that, 40mm shells are specifically designed to have low recoil. They use the “High-Low Pressure System.” I don’t completely understand what that is, but it’s a fancy way of minimizing recoil on heavy projectiles.

Recoil in most movies and videogames is incredibly unrealistic, and very exaggerated. CDDA is relatively realistic - recoil doesn’t send you flying, but on semi-auto/auto weapons, it does throw your aim off.


Well, if you are at all referencing me, then I don’t really hate her or anything. The tentacle thing is kinda weird, but I don’t mind to much. Had I been in the cataclysm universe IRL and saw her, i wouldn’t be one of those people who just instantly think her to be hostile. If anything, I’d be jealous of not having ‘super powers’ that come from mutations. I wouldn’t want the tentacles, but there are plenty of other cool options.
I’ve always felt people should work together in an apocalyptic world, since it by far increases the chance of survivability. A girl like Lydia could be very useful in a band of survivors, if nothing else for her intelligence. As long as they don’t create problems, I would (practically) never mind mutants joining me.
IRL I’m a very non-racist person. While in video games I often like to play the bad guy, I always have two rules. Just two. 1: Do not be racist (granted they might die anyway because I’m evil) and 2: Never hurt babies and small children.
If anything, I’d kick out the regular humans if they act all racist and the like toward Lydia and the other friendly mutants, since I can’t tolerate that.