Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


At one point Lydia found broken army vehicle with a couple of corpses. Rifles was way too heavy and recoil nearly broke her arm. But one of soldiers had some funny looking plastic pistol and some ammo for it. This looks promising, she thought. Maybe this little plastic “toy” will save her life rather than end it abruptly.

Edit: By error I thought plastic launcher could use military 40mm grenades. The “toy” must be made of metal.


Hurray! Trigger discipline!

But isn’t that 40mm flare gun? Or has some maniac built a 40mm grenade pistol?
She should probably look for the documentation before she starts monkeying with it. I mean, it’s really important to know if what you’re about to fire at a zombie sets it on fire or makes everything around it SHRAPNEL before you pull the trigger.


Are some grenade launchers made of plastic?


That’s based on airsoft grenade launcher. At some of the sources it was noted as compatible with 40mm grenade ammunition. Plus I’ve read (probably wrong) that 40mm grenade recoil is much softer than from rifles. So I thought why don’t some soldier have one after things gone down for Lydia to pick it up.


Using a 40mm grenade in a plastic airsoft launcher seems like a really bad idea.

Also, the airsoft launchers seem to be powered by compressed gas, while real 40mm grenades are propelled by, well, an explosive. So even if the chamber diameter is the same, using them together is a really bad idea.

On the order of loading and firing a 12-ga shotgun shell from a 12-ga flare pistol. You’d probably have to make a modification to the launcher simply to get it to happen, and you really, really shouldn’t.

Lydia seems smart enough to get the idea that attempting to fire a real 40x46mm grenade from a toy is a dumb idea, though.

Following that, I suspect she’d machine something akin to a homebrewed M79 Grenade Launcher to use with the recovered grenades. Note that the M79 can and was chopped down to pistol size.


Three questions. What will happen if someone fires 40mm grenade from plastic launcher? What’ll M79 lose if it’s chopped? Maybe I should edit the description to metal and not plastic pistol to make more sense?


1] An inappropriate launcher will most likely explode in the shooter’s hand. The grenade will go god-knows-where and it may or may not be armed when it lands.
2] An M79 which is chopped down will lose range, accuracy, and firing stability. If you only chop down the barrel, it will lose range and accuracy though not as much accuracy, but will gain some firing stability. If you only chop down the stock, it will not lose range, but it will lose more accuracy and firing stability. (I would strongly suggest welding on a foregrip if you plan to do that.
3] Yes, making it a metal launcher would make it make much more sense.


Edited out the “plastic” word. Let’s pretend it have never happened :grin:

If I understand it correctly accuracy of such a short launcher will be next to none and range will be less than 100m. Anyway I think as a weapon of last resort or to set a smoke screen this might suffice.


Well, range depends on angle of fire, too. And what you’re shooting into.

A launcher pistol could have utility, it’s just not open-field combat. Want to shoot around that corner (not implemented in CDDA) and deliver a load of hurt to everyone over there? Grenade pistol. Want to huck a bomb through a window too far to comfortably deliver one by hand? Pistol. Etc.

I mean, that pistol is basically the size of the grenade launcher attachment for rifles, so it would have similar performance and utility.


Cool. That was an idea. A bunch of different grenades for special occasions.
Now the main problem for me is to find out if she will be able to use it at all. Maybe recoil will dislocate her fingers.


Originally I thought the launcher was just a flare gun.


The heavier the weapon, the easier the recoil is to control, actually. So she might well prefer a non-chopped M74.
That said, the recoil on the 40x46mm grenade is not going to be particularly bad; it’s a low-velocity launcher firing a heavy round, but which is fairly slow.

Anyway, even though Lydia looks pretty scrawny, she should be more than capable of controlling a carbine chambered in the likes of 5.56 NATO or similar. I wouldn’t want to give her an FN FAL or something in .308 Wincheter or .30-06 (unless it was a mounted weapon,) but a 14-year-old is more than capable of handling a carbine or a rifle chambered for a relatively light round.


Since I’ve never fired a 40mm launcher, I can’t guess the recoil, but I doubt it’d be extreme, with how the round is designed with its hi-low pressure system. With someone like Lydia’s size, though, and the fact she wields a large freakin’ sword, I don’t see her having problems with moderate-caliber firearms, despite how slender she is. I feel like her trouble with guns would be more due to lack of experience than any kind of strength issue. After all, someone firing a rifle or shotgun and not knowing to hold the stock tight against their shoulder will easily end their range visit with bruises, whether they’re strong enough to handle the specific recoil or not.


Strength isn’t usually the issue with a shooter, unless you’re talking about a major disparity between the weight of the firearm and their upper-body strength. I would see Lydia having difficulty shouldering and firing a full-sized long-arm, not because of recoil but simply because it’s heavy, and she doesn’t look like she’s blessed with an abundance of upper-body strength.

The real issue is going to be the mass she has to resist recoil forces with, and training helps with that. Remember, shoulder the long arm; do not bicep the long arm, do not collarbone the long arm!
I made both of those mistakes recently. They hurt, more than a little, but less than a lot. Luckily I was wearing quite a bit of clothing∗ as it was very cold out.

I think Lydia needs someone to teach her to firearm. That, or she needs to find a copy of the gun books. :slight_smile:

∗ Note to self: need to suggest that the amount of padding on shoulders could help with recoil - they do make shooter’s jackets that are specifically padded for just that, too.


Side note about 40x46mm, it has a moderately advanced propellant cartridge to manage the recoil of firing the very oversized projectile, but it’s only reduced to the point where it won’t injure the shooter when fired properly, by all accounts they still kick like several mules.

Perhaps after some judicious testing she would figure out it needs a stock after all, and attach one?


Oooooh, good point. I’m imagining trying that and it would hurt.

I mean, from the accounts I’ve seen, chopping off the stock and chopping down the barrel was a thing done to M79 launchers during the Vietnam War. Not nessessarily a good idea, mind you, but it was done, and apparently successfully:

On the other hand, the guys who were issued M79s were probably pretty big, beefy guys, and an M79, even chopped down, was still a heavy piece of wood and steel, not some fancy lightweight composite thing - remember, when controlling recoil, lightness is not your friend.

So yeah. I would expect that Lydia the Fluffy Teenaged Tentacle Mutant would attach a pistol stock to that thing. Maybe a folding one. Does CDDA have a Folding Pistol Stock? If not, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to add one.


The downside of cutting down the M79 like that as well is you lose the use of the ladder sights, which limit any grenade use to eyeballing it and hoping for the best. Which this may not necessarily be a /bad/ thing in a group of zombies with an explosive round, one has to also keep in mind most of the HE rounds have an arming distance built in to protect the shooter and their fellow soldiers from blowing themselves up.

Then again, if she got herself some canister rounds for it, she’d essentially have herself a large-calibre, single-round shotgun…


Actually I like the idea of adding folding stock to this pistol. Maybe even scavenged one.

I can see it now. Lydia is carefully moving around the town. See big mob of monsters in the middle of main street. No cover. No way to pass around them without their attention. Gets her grenade launcher. Fix stock on it. Load flare round. Aim high over the mob. Lower herself and round tentacles for steadier stand. Blam! Still nearly flattened to the ground by the recoil. Monsters are looking at the flare while Lydia pass behind them safely. Once she’s on the other side of the road she rub her shoulder trying to get rid of the pain.

Well. That’s just rough idea of visual scene. Sorry for my English.


Might also install a vertical foregrip. It’ll allow for you to use your support hand to help mitigate some of the recoil forces.


Your English is perfectly adequate. But instead of launching a flare over them then sneaking past, maybe launching the flare over them to distract them, then an HE round into the middle of them to shred the mob?

Though a flare would have considerably less recoil than a grenade. Flares are very lightweight and easy to fire - flare pistols are a thing.

And as @Ketrian points out, a vertical foregrip would help with controlling the recoil. A laser sight would not add any utility except for direct-fire canister rounds - but since those things are basically gigantic shotgun shells, they’d really be nice to use swiftly when you need them.