Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


There was several deathmobiles. Regular RV with parial steel plating. 13.000kg military armor heavy frame 5x10 RV with laser cannon made up from dissassembled tank (second run with bionics… this one is ‘non-canon’ as whole bionic adventure). And finally a security van modded into some sort of RV. Last one I like the most. It’s smaller than RV. Uses diesel. And teen mechanic probably could modify it with her dad’s instuments.


Security van? That’s a good chassis to start with, I reckon.
I started with a flatbed truck, but it’s essentially unrecognizable by this point. I’m at the point where I’m seriously considering mounting a 120mm autoloading cannon to the darn thing. The laser cannon run sounds… Crazy. And hilarious.

Maybe it was a fever dream, the bionic run? Either way, that’s awesome.


My main disappointment with the laser cannon and turbo laser cannon is the cannot destroy lab doors. They are however great for forcibly removing road blocks.


only just now checking back in again. Nice stuff as usual everyone :smiley: pic makes no sense since there is no time period during which she would be fluffy tentacle monster and happily being pictured with family in a green and blue ‘park’ looking area. But it looks to amazing to care about details that ruin the existence of its own awesomeness XD


Um, as the artist said immediately below that image, she isn’t mutated in that pic, she’s just naturally an albino. She isn’t visibly furred either.


Huh. I just realized that she’s missing the finger even in the “before the world went to hell” pic.

I mean, I could see a lot of ways someone could lose a finger after the cataclysm, but now I’m really curious to know how she lost that digit when she was still a (relatively) ordinary teenager.


Machining accident? Or artist oversight.


Woodshop accident. I know I sanded off all the fingernails on one hand when something I was using the beltsander on flew out of my hand.


There was an accident in the garage. Lydia and her father were fixing new engine to an RV. Gary was moving the crane manually while Lydia was in the pit helping. Chain holding the engine broke and engine fell down. I’m not quite sure what she was doing there but the engine practically destroyed her middle finger. A lot of blood and cries followed. It was the most scary moment of her fathers entire life (at that time at least). He didng panicked and get Lydia to a hospital. Since there was no finger to sew back they just fixed the stump. After that for several months their garage was empty. Everything there reminded him of his big fuck up. He even considered leaving his work at the gas station. Lydia brought him back to life when she started talking about their project again. She showed him she don’t blame him for accident and really want to continue helping him.

Well. This is the basic story of how she lost her finger. It is supposed to show her relations with her father somehow and I’m still working on fine details of this story. What details should I add to an accident without making them both incompetent amateurs. Or how their propitiation (is that the correct word?) went without making them both idiots.

Any opinions or suggestions?


Well, what I’m thinking is that Gary must have owned the garage, or was blood kin to the person who did (say, brother,) because I don’t see any employer allowing an employee to let their daughter do anything so technical - or so risky.

Liability is a thing, after all, and letting Lydia do work like that would be exposing the garage to massive liability in the event of something really, really bloody and awful - like an engine block falling and crushing her finger - happening.

And if somehow it did happen, I don’t see Gary having the option to leave his job or not; he’d be sacked almost immediately, unless he either owned the joint or was, again, kinfolk to the person who did. “Bring your daughter to work day” may be a thing, but in the event that said person works in a risky environment (say, an auto garage,) said daughter, if permitted at all to come, would likely be sat in a chair or something and told to watch but not touch anything.

I mean, it’s a good reason for her finger to have been mashed, and “pulped by an RV engine” could certainly destroy a finger beyond medical salvation with the technology we have or are likely to have in the near-future, but…

Though actually, with CDDA being a near-future, it occurs to me that she might have had the opportunity to accquire a prosthetic - a bionic finger - nothing mechanically advantageous, just a replacement.


I should’ve clear that out at the beginning.
Oths family have their own garage where father and daughter are working on some personal projects. Only reason Gary allow his daughter to work there is because she nagged him for really long time and there was not a single accident in his garage for years. Basically this is inspired by some of the people I know IRL.


Aaaah. Yeah, that works perfectly if he owned the garage. And if she was an automotive/technical prodigy even before the cataclysm, I could absolutely see her being entrusted with more and more technical work.


Um, as the artist said immediately below that image, she isn’t mutated in that pic, she’s just naturally an albino. She isn’t visibly furred either.

pink fluffy fits her so well it was her color even before she was fluffy. No complaints just MOOORE.


How did you learned to draw so gooood. IWANT IWANT!!!


‘Super cute tentaleg girl’ by Liche

PS. New art with Lydia coming soon. Probably in a couple of days.


I always look forward to more of your art EpisilonShadow.


As will I. I am also liking Liche’s art, thanks for linking to her.


Okay, that drawing is hot. That stare and those glasses really sell it. And she’s fluffy.


That’s amazing! I wish I could draw that good ;-;


You are not alone mate.