Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]


ah ok cool they going to be unmutated or mutated as well?


They’re pure humans without mutations. Makes their eventual reunion much more interesting.


yeah that would personly i would have kept them human as well since like you said makes thing more interesting


They’re gonna get some tight tentacle hugs from their daughter! So cute!


you ever think a story reason for how she got mutated?


Of course. I have a general script of the event but there are still some blank spaces and logical holes. Once I fix those and have enough time I’ll tell this story somehow.


Lydia was reading when she heard some noise. At least she think she heard it. Or maybe she’s slowly going crazy from all of this.


That’s not the animation I was intended to make. Just a random sketch that turned into a sketch animation and into a full clean animated gif in the result.


Geeze. These animations get better and better. I find the hair standing up reflexively to be a hilarious touch.