Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Oct17]

  1. Wut is discord?
  2. What Is Roll20?
  3. How does that work?
  4. Do you think anyone from the forums would join a Roll20 based off this game. (If that is possible to do)


Discord is a good free voice and text messenger. Roll20 is an online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs. Some are using Roll20 only since there is a chat. Some are using Roll20 with Discord for voice interaction.


-Ah, okay. I’ll probably check that out soon. BTW, if you can you should probably split this into a different thread since it is way off topic from Lydia for a lot of this…
-At least move some of the stuff if you can anyway.
-Side mention, this has inspired me to possibly add a bunch of my own art of my thread of Keith the Immortal Noob. If I can actually, you know, get a hold of a camera for a reasonable amount of time…


Huh. Hadn’t thought about it, but yeah, I might could run something one of these days.


That looks a lot like official DDA lore, well it is now anyway :wink:

FYI, there is an unofficial DDA Discord: https://discord.gg/DPxUcX7


In that same store Lydia had found an Isle of clothing dedicated to gentle women, and since she was already succumbing to curiosity she ended up looking like this later in the day:

And another thing, I fell obliged to mention that even in the apocalypse, you are never alone…

Lydia may have tentacles, but she is still a woman, someone is going to do it at some point or another…


I’m stuck on rules, currently. I actually got into CDDA as a way to relieve the stress. >.> It’s not going well at all. I currently have over 120 specific mutations, but I’m having trouble coming up with ones that would happen to characters mutated multiple times. In CDDA terms, you could call them Threshold Mutations.

Worldbuilding’s going alright, at least.


I’m not certain I understand what you mean by that, personally. If you are willing to elaborate, than my naturally creative mind my be able to assist you. Are you building some sort of tabletop RPG type thing?


@redxlaser15 Interesting idea. Buuuut you should’ve put a skirt on her. At least this watcher below is having a good view.
@psyxypher Try grouping up the mutations. Look at how they come together and you may get some ideas for the more complex mutations.


If she’s up on tentacle tip, she might well be exceeding the height of her skirt by a good margin. Aren’t her tentacles looooooong? Like, “could stretch up to the top of a firehouse vehicle bay” long?


–Barbarian Lydia will probably have a kilt on. I had started drawing Lydia as a gentlewoman fighting with her cane-sword, but water murdered the picture and I don’t really feel like doing it again. Maybe at some point, but not right now.


Every story needs an antagonist. In Lydia’s story after she’ll find a way to deal with hostile surroundings and start organizing her “mundane” life, the new threat will arise. A really big survivor community that slowly uniting all other communities under their flag. The problem here is that they are racists. There are always accidents with people they don’t like in the communities they assimilated, and mutants are dragged away and violently killed. At the same time, this community is trying to hold facade of goodwill and salvation. Most people believe them since there are not many witnesses to their atrocities.

Their leader. He does not have a name yet. Before the Plague, he founded a big survivalist training camp for dubious people. He spent a lot of his time honing his survival skills and at the age of 50, these skills finally became useful. He thinks he’s a chosen one and it’s his fate to build the new nation on the ruins of the old one.

His left hand and a commander of his troops. Nobody knows where he came from. He always looks detached and tired. He’s also a good tanner and makes his own clothes. But he’s suspiciously quiet about the source of his leather.


I think her total length from top of her head to tips of her tentacles is about 2 meters. But she can’t stand on tentacle tips since she’s not strong enough.


Fantastic work as always!

That face, he is making on the lower left is priceless :laughing:

what is he doing on the lower right?, to me it looks like he is trying to put a riot helmet on without taking his cigarette out of his mouth. :smile:

really great stuff!


It was meant to be a dodge but your variant fits his personality too :grin:


Is the term really “Racist” though? I don’t think Mutants are a “race” so to speak.
Or are they actual racists, and I’m just jumping to conclusions?


They actually are racists. But for now, they have much higher priority - mutants. They are still silently killing survivors they don’t like tho. Plus they are keeping the facade of humanitarianism and offer other survivors protection and trade while hiding their darker side from them. If in the group they have encountered there are people they don’t like, there will be “accidents” and “disappearances” while everyone else is receiving food and medical help they needed.


Ah, actual racists. That clears up some confusion.
So, what Lab Accident gave Lydia her new tentacle legs? Did she get brutally bisected or something?


It’s much stupider than that. Lydia was covered in mutagen while she was raiding a lab. The details are in development.


–If you have read my character story (Keith, the Immortal Noob) then you might deduct the fact that this racist survivor group would also go against him. However unlike Lydia, he gulped down a bunch of mutagen on purpose, well actually, it was half on purpose. He intended to mess around with the mutagen a little bit more before he drank it, but it’s fine. He is now ever so slightly turning into a cybertree as psyxypher put it.
–At this point he is less of a ‘noob’ put he still lacks quite a lot in the power that he needs.
–I imagine Keith might get along with Lydia quite well, seeing as she is not a plain human. While he is not directly racist toward humans, he has had a very bad streak with them, and now wants revenge for how he was so badly treated in his past, before he ‘evolved.’ Literally moments after he chugged the mutagen he was met by three NPCs who all demanded this area was theirs. So he brutally killed them with his nail knuckles.
–That said, she would have to worry about the fact that he might attempt to persuade her into also being a plant, since despite him not being past the threshold he somewhat acts like it, insistent the being one with nature is far better than weak humanity.
–The funny thing is that his nail knuckles are almost broken, and he intends to use his wood axe as a weapon after it does.
–Luckily while Keith’s past has been filled with ‘mild’ additions, at least he isn’t bad in any other ways. For the most part he is actually a nice guy, despite how much pain he has endured.
–How old is Lydia again? I know she is a teen so Keith would have no intention of ‘dating’ her or anything, since I have thought him to be about 25 years old, but I’m still curious. But in a way, Keith could possibly act as a sort of ‘uncle’ to Lydia, and in the unfortunate event that Lydia’s parents had not survived, perhaps act as her father for the days to come. And besides, Keith has always wanted to have a daughter some say, although he now doubts it would come with any sort of ‘ease’ due to the fact that it is, well, the end of the world. And people strangely dislike him a lot of the time too, despite his kindness. Maybe it’s his crooked nose, in his opinion it isn’t a problem, but from what he understands it effectively gives him the ‘ugly trait.’
–Now that I think of it, I should probably write down some of his backstory in his specific location too, since I haven’t done a whole lot of it where it belongs…