Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Jul11]


Ehh. 15 mins break from work. Sketches “Making dinner” and “I need it more than you”. Light and darkness of the Cataclysm =D


This is some fantastic art.

Also, is it possible that Lydia has a long-lost sister? Because this is a character of mine that got drawn by John Candlebury back in October of 2016. The similarities are obvious, though Yahaira’s mutations are a little more extreme.

Character Info


Active Bionics

Passive Bionics

Pic by John Candlebury:

She also never died, surviving for nearly four years before I had to switch due to save combatability issues. Leg tentacles + ninjutsu + olfactory mask bionic makes for a character which is almost undetectable to most zombies at night.

Edit: Turns out spoiler tags on this forum just blur pictures rather than hiding them. How useless.


Yahaira looks cool but isn’t she a foreigner? Anyway they could become the “tentacle sisters” when they’ll meet after the Cataclysm =D


Really great art! Really loving the art style and the animation!
I really hope we would see more art in the forums. I might try to make some of my own survivor with what little drawing skill I have.


You sure should! This game need more fan art. =)


Family photo. Got an idea about who her parents are. Gary Oths mechanic at a gas station. He is sort of an inventor with couple of patents used by small local factory. He is talented yet tend to get obsessed with his ideas and spend a lot of time and money on them. Usually without notable results as new obsession force him to abandon the old one. Lydia love him and spend a lot of time helping with his projects. Usually they spend entire weekends in the garage building something together. Lucy Oths waitress at roadside diner. She is the responsible one and think she have to make everything she could to make life of her family better. Usually she end up working overtime to earn more money. Sometimes she get frustrated by her husband’s spendings but she still loves him. After work she often sits at the chait in the garage and watch how her husband and daughter work on something, falling asleep smiling after long working hours.

You can guess they are dead now and it was quite a shock for young Lydia.


So she was a pink haired mutant before things went to hell?


No. She was just an albino. Without furred body.


Oh, that makes sense. Cool!


The game have acid blood mutation… it need acid spit too!
After reading about acid blood mutation my brain gave me this picture. It was way too vivid to pass by…


Not having required Secondary Powers? That is what we generally call a “Shitty power” in my business.

Also, Acid Blood is fun. It’s not as useful as you’d think, but it allows you to extract infinite concentrated acid from your own body via Blood Draw Kits.

EDIT: I also had an albino mutant once. It was in a Homebrew Tabletop RPG. His name was Tobi, and he was a lab rat with Umbrakinesis. His parents are dead too. :< If psionics ever get added to the game, I’m gonna play him.


I did not know that about the acid blood mutation.


Another sketch. I don’t think these humans like Lydia very much. Trick with skirt don’t work on them.


How long have you had her? Or do you save-scum/resurrect her? ;D


Couple of times in the very first run on stable version. Then I’ve made a new character and edited needed mutations to start over. Got bored because of insane bonuses from bionics (she was able to withstand a fight with hulk… not something 14yo girl can do). Started over again with no intetion to use any bionics. Save-scummed once when I ran over a chicken walker with a tank. Explosion killed her. Besides that she’s alive for around 90 days now, around 300 days with bionics in previous run and around 400 days in stable version.


Oh no! My only fear and weakness; being too overpowered!


Overpowered characters get boring quickly. It’s fun when for a long time half of special zombies are still real threat and you can’t loot some store because of couple of them near it.


Yeah totally agreed. My comment may have appeared more sarcastic than intended. I always get bored and abandon cata for a year after I stop surviving and start… well there’s no thriving, so I guess just existing.

I really like your art btw! It’s awesome and I’d like to swim in stuff like that.


I’m glad you like it. There is going to be more art with her and her surroundings at least for a while. Too bad it probably will be less C:DDA with time and more something else. Somehow my brain tend to develop her story far away from fan art origin…


That’s really awesome. Anybody who turns an RV into a doomtrukk is awesome.

Or did she go hardmode and modify another vehicle into a Doomtrukk, expanding bit by bit?