Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Jul11]


The story about missing finger is next on the list.


Oh thank god, that’s the first thing I noticed and the possibilities have been driving me crazy! This is fantastic stuff!


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Every time I look again I’m more impressed. Again, nice job :smiley:


PBA is the love :>


I just noticed she is somehow wearing kevlar pants over the stockings. which makes no sense.


Why? Isn’t stockings placed closer to the skin than pants?


Why? Isn’t stockings placed closer to the skin than pants?[/quote]

Yes they are, stockings are like very fancy long socks, so why would it be wird that you would wear those underneath pants?


How do tentacles wear pants in any fashion that makes sense?


That’s because there is no tentacle pants in the game. Think of it as an abstraction =D


She has 6 tentacles total, so just shove three in one of the pants leg and three in the other, like so:


Now I’m thinking about adding tentacle pants in game data and editing gear list.


“Hello, completely normal human! I am also a completely normal human!”



Gold tier post

Been a while since I giggled like this.


Latter at the DMV

Name: Hu man? Ok. Is that short for anything? No? ok
please stand in front of the camera…

thumbprints please. Hmm don’t seem to be working…

Ok we’ll put that down as N/A. Hand damage? yeah that happens.

Congrats on your new license.


Ehh. New forum feels awkward. I’ll try to get used to it.

Now about interesting stuff. Story about missing finger is still on production. For now check out another little practice. This time it’s walking animations. I’ve just had to make this or the image of this wiggle walk was never to leave me alone.

And a little bonus. Fan art from my wife. She was poking some random idea generator and got “the one character your friend won’t shut up about as a magic girl”. It was time when I played CDDA almost daily. Looks like I was far more annoying than I thought =D


Heh, I remember when Crazy Jack got into Mutagen. The wacko would drink himself silly on Tainted Tornado. Then he got the real stuff…sure it hurt a lot, but Jack was already the kind of guy who would use a soldering iron to cauterize his wounds.

…Poor guy’s practically nerve dead now…


If only the magical girl armada was ready… the cataclysm may have never happened…

That animation is great! if she walked a bit slower with the skirt nobody would notice the horror that lies underneath! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, the walking animations are incredible. That stuff is way harder than it looks. Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks so much for making and sharing this. It’s some wonderful, characterful, detailed art and I hope you make more in future :).


This is amazing! This is getting me fired up to start playing again!