Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Jul11]


Well, DDA is set in 'Murica, where we have the right to bare arms and the right to arm bears, whatever the hell we wanna do!


“Sharks, laser sharks, overbearing assistants!” - Lego Robopirate


ShadowDragon8685, the chihuahua idea is so awesome I can’t resist doodling it. Maybe I’ll make a bigger role for this dog in the story.


That picture gives me a thought. She doesn’t carry a gun. So what does she carry in those magazine pouches at her waist? Candy bars? Fistfuls of granola perhaps?


Tools and other useful things.

PS. Candy bars are considered useful…


I don’t know what you use them for, but I think they are great mood uppers! Especially if you’re a builder! However, I recommend you don’t bite the metal in desperation for food. It seems unadvisable. I tasted metal once, but that was because of biting my tongue once. So that’s different. I don’t understand vampyrs; blood tastes freakin’ nasty!


What are you talking about? What metal?


–Why, the tools of course! I imagine Lydia gets a lot of fun from building and invention things, thus, they are great mood uppers!
–What? Did you think I was talking about candy bars? I am also curious as to what candy bars are used for, other than eating, of course.


I finally got around to making that mutant cultist from so long ago! Hopefully Lydia won’t need to worry about this guy (if it is a ‘guy’) trying to sacrifice her to eldritch horrors!


Curious concept. This mad fella probably rolled in a pool of mutagen to become this.


Of course he did. He wishes to become like his eldritch god Cthulhu! Chances are, he’d slit his own throat if he was told to. Because cultist