Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


He’s not fluffy but he is from her story.

As for toothy smile I like the idea. It would’ve made him even creepier.


i don’t know why but i think he just shoot your GoPro with a shotgun there :smile:

smooth animation… love to see animated sketch like this.


i just imagining her found a refugee camp and she ask the guard to let her in, but the guards refuse her because of her mutant physical look…

heartbreaking as i feel, but then in the end if i were one of the survivor of the cataclysm, i would let her sleep, eat and rest in my camp for free…


The way he goes from harmless looking old guy to vile phsyco is great,


its been awhile since i made my story but i have a request…
i was planning to make story (fictional story set in cataclysm universe) and somehow your character Lydia is suitable on the storyline…so…
“can i put your character in my story?” of course im gonna put your name as the absolute owner of the character.


Sure. Her own personal cataclysm is somewhat different but I don’t see why not. Lydia from the parallel universe :grin:


thanks, :smile: :+1: planning on location set and plot now…


Random sketch of Lydia’s reaction to someone giving a cake to her.



i can imagine someone cooked mac n cheese + pork n beans for her…

just realize her left middle finger is missing… and red eyes.


I wish to submit my opinion of how humanity would act in the end of the world an toward Lydia:

Not everyone is the same; there are many different personalities and types of people. As a fact, humans are instinctively social and curious. Yet, we can be ever so aggressive and while many of us want to know more, the unknown also scares us.

-Some people are hot headed, but can be frightened off with ease, while other hot headed people prefer shoot first and ask questions later.
-Bad experience and fear can turn the nicest people hostile to nearly anything.
-It’s possible to overcome fear and think about both sides with a clear headed mind.
-When something truly bad happens, lots of people like work together to help one another; Team work makes the dream work.
-Some people notice the ‘I’ in team (it’s in the A-hole) and tend to be selfish all the time.
-There are people who would lay down their lives without a second thought to total strangers, sometimes even to people they despise just because they feel like ti is their personal duty.

What I’m saying here, is that there is lots to consider about humanity. It’s not just black and white, or just two sides of a coin. There’s more to think about than a 1d100.
In my opinion, there will be AT LEAST four types of people in the End, and of course, these are all rough labels of what each might be.

  1. Bandits and the like. - Lots of the time, shoot first, ask questions later, or not at all. They tend to be selfish and if they have allies, it wouldn’t be surprising if they literally or figuratively stabbed them in the back to ensure their own survival. Otherwise, they might simply be thieves, stealing from others when they aren’t looking. Or maybe they just act like bullies.
  2. Loners - Usually prefer to avoid people, not trust them, simply not talk much to them, or something else of the sort. Whether they want to be alone because of fear, because they think they have a better survival chance, or something else, chances are you aren’t going to get much out of them. It might be possible to consider someone as a loner even if they still technically have someone around, sort of like mixing it with a grouper.
  3. Groupers - Mostly only really trust people they know personally. Everyone else could be considered a threat or someone to avoid. They might be willing to talk to someone else, but good luck getting into their circle.
  4. Community Builders - Humanity is scattered, but still alive. It will be hard, but together, a new civilization could be rebuilt. They might be large nomad-like groups or built a fortified base somewhere at least mostly safe. Not all of them will be particularly nice though. In any case, you’ll have to work as well, but sometimes, the price can be lethally high to stay there. Some people are kind and generous, but others just can’t help but love power.


i agree with this one… this is how i play the game when i decided to put on mutated npc mod and meet a girl with horn on her head.

i mean c’mon, at times like Cataclysm one shall help each other for survival, not for social or anything.


oof, im getting run out of ideas for my story, but still thanks to @EpsilonShadow for permitting me to use Lydia in my story.

i have planned to end the story in a way that she is the only one surviving the cataclysm and her parents are still alive…


You’re welcome. Your vision of Lydia is sure different from my own. It’s interesting to see how other people see my character. Helps me understand what other aspects should I show for a better representation of who she really is.


yeah, to be honest, my vision of Lydia is based on that of a survivor looking for a way to escape the Cataclysm-zone (i vision the Cataclysm as an outbreak that affect almost the entire region and that there is still zone where Cataclysm doesn’t hit, called Safe-zone) and with the fact that her parents is out there somewhere gave me an idea to create story about her parents is actually still alive and already evacuated into safe-zone. and now she is struggling to get to safe-zone in her own way.


given a chance to see lydia reacting with environment/ still mentally human, most would probably at least take a ‘live and let live aproach’

the problem is in ‘surprise encounters’ or situations where 1 or more parties feel cornered or unable to escape (other is faster/ greater ranged weapon)


At breaks from my job and drawing of the next proper picture of Lydia, I’ve been working on her parents’ concepts. Slowly and painfully I’m working on their faces and backstories. For now, I have their faces to show.

Both of them had hard lives and they tried their best to make a life of their daughter at least somewhat better. They were saving money for her education and hoped that she will be able to get away from their small town and live a life they were unable to. At one point all their plans went to hell. When the cataclysm struck they were out of town. They found a camp of evacuees from their area. Lydia wasn’t among them and the soldiers told they were the last who got away from the quarantine zone. So Gary and Lucy get whatever supplies they could and left the camp. They hope to find their daughter and get her to safety.


wrinkles, hairstyle, expression…

my minds keep telling me this looks like an RPG resource art…

now this is giving me idea of how lydia will meet her parents in the end.