Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


Thinking some more, a full chainmail tunic might work. For normal walking a skirt of some kind could cover enough of her tentacles to keep her safe, and any hits would be spread across her entire tentacle… cluster? Set of tentacles. Layer some kevlar on there and she’s basically a walking tank from the waist down.

Might even be able to mount some riot shields on her tentacles that she could use as moving cover when threatened. Or perhaps weighted sheets of chainmail that she could lift and use as a shield, dangling from a tentacle or two. Of course that assumes some fairly serious tentacle strength. The segmented kevlar plates is probably her best bet if she can get enough kevlar, but she seems more the light and fast type. Could be neat to see her in some dedicated battle armor though. You know, for emergencies…

Ooooh, maybe modified RM13 armor?


I don’t think it’s a good idea to use heavy armor for someone as frail as Lydia. It’ll significantly slow her down. The idea of something like RM13 is really cool tho but it’ll take a lot of work to modify something so advanced.


Heavy armor might just be able to negate the fragility, but if she’s not strong enough to wear it then she’s not strong enough to wear it… Still, I do want to see her with night vision goggles doing her best Snake impression.

She might get away with just removing the entire leg portion of the RM13. It would still protect her upper body at least. Maybe she could knit some kevlar stockings for her tentacles?


I dunno - judging from this thread, she’s more than sufficiently non-threatening in upper-body appearance that only xenophobic assholes (and outright monsters,) aren’t going to at least double or triple-check themselves before shooting. She’s a kid - visibly a kid. Nobody (who isn’t a monster or literal monster) in New England is gonna default to “shoot the fluffy pale pink little girl”.

… I mean, yeah, there absolutely are monsters like that out there, but they shouldn’t be the overwhelming majority of people. Of course, if she’s wearing her full Solid Snaking gear, it might not be immediately obvious she’s a kid.

Even so, I reckon that I or any of the survivors I’ve played wouldn’t shoot first. Probably hold up a hand (with one hand on their rifle, of course,) and try to see if she’s definitely unfriendly before hostilities.

And hey, making friends with someone kitted out to tactically operate could be real useful for Lydia in the event of assholery/zombies/monsters.

As far as armor, well… You know what’s really good at carrying armor? Vehicles. She’s already operating an armored van, isn’t she?


You could argue that, but given that this isn’t the cata apocalypse but rather a mutant apocalypse. Presumably Lydia isn’t the only child to have mutated, and most of the mutants are basically animals. There’s probably plenty of survivors that have seen someone torn apart by what used to be a little girl.


Try to think about it from a different angle. It isn’t the reactions of others that keep her lonely but her own fear. She’s afraid that a normal survivor may just shoot her when she try to approach. So she prefers to avoid other people whenever she encounters them.


Awh… She really, really needs a hug then, eh?


There are things in Cataclysm that may look somewhat like a girl and be extremely dangerous at the same time. I stand by my opinion, in such circumstances most survivors would be “realistically” adopting “shoot first, ask questions later” stance for better or worse. Or even more likely, “avoid and/or run”. You can judge it through our morality and use expressions as “xenophobic assholes” from your high horse all you want but expecting people to maintain those standards under extreme circumstances is in my opinion unrealistic. And those who would try to do just that, would more likely to be the ones to die first. What you call “xenophobia” I call natural biological instinct to distrust the unknown and alien which serves a very important function - one might say the most important one there is from some perspective. Survival. There would be plenty of things unknown to any survivor with all the strange things coming from the portals, all new and mutated life forms, etc… Most wouldn’t be able to take chances to determine whether this particular entity is indeed just a teenager girl, except with tentacles and red eyes. Because it might be a dangerous monster just as likely if not more.
We are talking about a dying world where the last remnants of humans are struggling to stay alive a little bit longer. You look at the situation through rose-tinted glasses and apply the morality of a normal world to a situation that is as alien to normal world we know as you can get. Have you ever read the novel or saw the film “The Road”? That’s how it probably would look like. Distrust, constant fear, outright paranoia ruling everyday’s behaviours of survivors. It would apply even more prominently in relations to entities that don’t even look (fully) human any more. I strongly suggest reading/watching it for anyone who like post-apocalyptic themes. And I would assume most people here do for obvious reasons.


While I agree with you on some points I doubt that “The Road” is a good example of human behavior in a cataclysmic event. It is trying too hard to be as dark and gritty as possible so it’s losing its plausibility. So I’d say the truth is somewhere in between.


The Road is actually my favorite novel. I think it’s a good example of very extreme human reactions. The apocalypse in The Road is strongly indicative of a complete biosphere death. At that point humanity is already extinct, along with most organisms more complicated than bacteria, so the extreme behavior present in it basically exists because no matter what you do, everyone is doomed anyway.


I’m with EpsilonShadow, I doubt people would actually behave that way. A lot of people seem to expect us to, though. Every time there’s a power outage, you get news reporters acting surprised when people come together and help each other out instead of rioting and murdering in the streets.
Even in major disasters, you hear breathless stories of e.g. “snipers shooting at firefighters and rescue workers after Hurricane Katrina” passed on by credulous reporters, only for it to turn out to be an urban legend once somebody bothers to check.
Human beings are a lot more friendly and cooperative than they generally get credit for in media.

(But it does make for good stories, though.)


We are ultimately social animals. Sociopaths are the rare exception, but we do seem to like to imagine that most other people are sociopaths barely held in check by the rules of society.

One thing I like about cataclysm is the idea that a good chunk of the people you meet might be willing to join up with you pretty readily, once you get past that initial fear of being shot.


Interesting that you used the word “sociopath”. Doubly so in fact.
First I never hinted at any particularly sociopathic behaviour. That could be the case if someone discovered that our heroine is a mutated but otherwise just a teenage girl and THEN decided to shoot her. I didn’t claim anything like that. I only claimed that distrust would make contact difficult if not outright impossible (and possibly also dangerous for her).
Second it’s interesting because it’s “socio-” as in society or social. Sociopathic basically means someone behaving against the norms of a given society. It’s contextual, you can’t be sociopathic if there is no social norms to refer to - by definition. And, well, there is no society in Cataclysm DDA (nor in “The Road”). It has collapsed. Completely. And there is no hope of restoring in the long run because humanity is doomed. What exists is individuals or small groups of individuals who can try to prolong their existence but their fate is sealed. Earth is being consumed by forces so alien to our biological make-up that it’s only a matter of time humans are completely and irrevocably finished. At least that’s the case as far as I understand Cataclysm so called “lore”.
Thus there are no social norms and no forces to enforce them if needed. Which means that the word “sociopath” become meaningless. Obviously there would be people trying to hang to the rules of the society that was. There could be small groups trying to get together for the time they have left. But their rules would only apply to the members of such groups. And obviously we can debate about the broader issue of “human nature” and whatanot but the point is - there is no society and no hope to create one in the long run which would in my opinion lead to all kind of extreme behaviour becoming common.

In other words, I think the opposite of what you believe is true. I think that “we like to imagine” that the rules of behaviour is something given and guaranteed. We do not realize the role of society has in our life and how strongly it influences our behaviour. And also how fragile all this would be if the society was to completely collapse.
I guess it’s a matter of different perspectives, different experiences, different intellectual upbringings, or simpler different books we have read and people we have talked to in our lives. I only hope that we will never have to test our convictions in practice and have to experience how humans behave without society to guide their behaviour. Even more so in case I’m right.:wink:


i can imagine meeting her at some abandoned house with bordered windows…

“ayy girl, need some good weapons and stuff? i got hobo stove and some popcorn, but if you need guns, i got some Fat Man launcher here”

dang, i wish she is an NPC in the game.


You know, it would actually be a pretty interesting idea to get player-submitted NPCs some day. Get a stable of 10-20 custom NPCs with custom backstories, skills, and appearances, all scripted in, maybe even with portrait art and such.


aye, you are on same idea as me, if there is a way to submit player-made NPC into the game, i vote Lydia to be number 1 player-made NPC (i wish)

can’t have enough content and NPC in this game :smile:


Let me finish making procedurally generated NPCs have the most basic personalities first. Then I’ll consider the idea of adding unique NPCs to worlds, which would include this sort of thing.


you got my support, if its ready to be tested. im in…


Made a break at work. Doodled the evil guy being evil. He don’t really like mutants…


That’s not a fluffy tentacled mutant. :thinking:

Nice job though… One piece of (hopefully) constructive criticism: He should keep the toothy smile while aiming.