Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


ah ok cool they going to be unmutated or mutated as well?


They’re pure humans without mutations. Makes their eventual reunion much more interesting.


yeah that would personly i would have kept them human as well since like you said makes thing more interesting


They’re gonna get some tight tentacle hugs from their daughter! So cute!


you ever think a story reason for how she got mutated?


Of course. I have a general script of the event but there are still some blank spaces and logical holes. Once I fix those and have enough time I’ll tell this story somehow.


Lydia was reading when she heard some noise. At least she think she heard it. Or maybe she’s slowly going crazy from all of this.


That’s not the animation I was intended to make. Just a random sketch that turned into a sketch animation and into a full clean animated gif in the result.


Geeze. These animations get better and better. I find the hair standing up reflexively to be a hilarious touch.


Should she be outside in daylight like that? I mean, she is still albino, right? Or does the fur effectively protect her from all of the sun-related problems?


It’s cloudy outside and she’s mostly under the roof. At least that was my idea when I made it. I’m not sure about fur protection tho. I think it should provide some but I doubt it can offer complete protection.


Biologically one of the evolutionary advantages of fur is actually protection from sunburn and the like, in addition to insulation. Of course this wouldn’t help her visual light sensitivity (Lydia with clip on sunglasses when?) I don’t know about mutant albino fur though. That’s out of my degree’s purview.


Poor Lydia. She so deserves a hug.


This thread in under ten words.


She can’t figure out a better form of clothing for her tentacle legs yet. So she has to do a lot of mending.


Kevlar plated tentacle stockings perhaps?


Line the ends of the stockings with leather. It’ll keep them intact longer as they rub along the ground, yet can be easily sourced form salvaged shoes and clothing when repairs are inevitably needed. Certainly easier to source than kevlar or the like, the relative rarity of which would make it a poor choice for what’s essentially a very large shoe sole.


Synthetics wear extremely well and grip isn’t as much a concern for her as a person with feet, so rubber isn’t really necessary. Some textured nylon sheets wrapped around the parts that touch the floor will give decent grip and wear well, then chainmail and/or segmented kevlar plates running down the rest should make for decent armor.


i should have blamed r34 for infecting me with monster girl fetishes but nonetheless…

9/10 good art detail, really describing me during relax time, and tentacles…


But finding someone brave enough “realistically” speaking might be a problem in the world of Cata. I mean if one would see a red eyed, furry creature with tentacles instead of legs the first reaction would be to run or shoot not to make friends. And in many other circumstances it would be probably the correct reaction. So yeah, I imagine being an albino furry teenage girl with tentacles after apocalypse is rather lonely.


Reading all the suggestions on the construction of her tentaclewear made me think of a group of survivors (or her parents) discussing it while Lydia is standing next to them and listening surprised with the number of good ideas. I like it.

My thoughts exactly. But she isn’t the only mutant so she may find some friends eventually. Also, her parents are out there somewhere.