Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


This thread is so awesome that I got inspired to play cataclysm again.

Since your character doesn’t have night vision trait, I decided against it also for the first time in forever.
The gameplay is so different. I felt like a complete noob for the last two days, even though I’ve been playing on and off for 2 years.

Anyway, hope your character doesn’t die any time soon. Best of luck with that.


I’m finally getting some spare time to draw stuff for myself. Sadly my progress on the new Lydia animation is slow so I don’t know when I finish it… But I can make sketches! If anyone is still interested of course.


Pepper spray. Very underrated. Also even without a ton of detail that’s a pretty kickass belt buckle.


Haven’t been on the forums since the switch to discourse. Was a pleasant surprise to find Lidia alive and kicking. I’ve always thought your art was amazing.


Thanks! Lydia’s story is still my primary personal project. When I get over a pile of stuff I promised to make earlier I’ll continue making proper content with her.


Speaking of, I have to ask how you keep interest in a single character for so long. Even with my standout characters I haven’t played them for nearly as long as you seem to have played Lydia.


Actually I haven’t played her for over half a year now. I barely play anything lately thanks to my job… But I really like the character concept Cataclysm DDA inspired me to make. When I started playing I already was trying to make a mutant girl character but was unable to finalize the concept in my head. Then I got to mutagen serum and when I saw the results it clicked and the concept I was thinking about finally was finalized. After that was almost half a year of me playing the game with a lot of interesting situations I incorporated into Lydia’s narrative story. For example a dog attack I’m making animation of right now. Couple of times I started the game from beginning editing new save file to add her mutations (first was when I moved from stable to experimentals, second one was when she became the unstoppable cyborg monster with 20 ton moving fortress). So to finalize I’m still interested in this character because I created a story based on what happened in game and now making content about it.


Awesome. Thanks for indulging my curiosity.


How did Lydia get mutated in the first place?


In the game, I found several dead scientists with two flasks of mutagen serum. I used them and got lightly furred, long fingernails, tentacle legs, light sensitive and fast metabolism mutations.

For her narrative story, I’m thinking about something different. For now, the idea is the incident at the lab not far from her hometown. I’m slowly working on the details now.


I been working on a character, A biker by the name of Anvil Tuscon. Now, should He lean towards a mutant path, or more to a bionic path, or nether. If he is going to the mutantions, maybe he can be more like a beast


Anvil Tucson in an improbably cool name.

As for your actual question: Why not both?




roleplay reasons and such.


Then go bionics. A biker would kill for an integrated toolset and internal climate control. Plus armoring your own skin against the inevitable road rash.


If it’s roleplay you’re after then I suggest to set yourself a limit how many bionics or mutations you need. It’s too easy to play if there is too many mutations or bionics. Also personally I’d go for a mutant. I’m always going for mutants. :eyes:


I was thinking of Getting into bionic’s and mutantions when he gets into a lab, like, he finds this Concrete building, and ether A: He Uses explosives, B: He uses a Card if he finds one, or C: Bulldozer


hmm for role play could she find her parents (corpse/zombie since you said they died)


I changed my mind about her parents being dead some time ago. But they were away and unable to get back to their daughter when the quarantine zone was declared. So for now her main goal is to find her parents. And their main goal is to find their daughter. After the effort I put to design them I don’t want to just kill them. It feels like a waste of good drama.


That is more reasonable than the parents just being dead