Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


XD Has a nightmare about driving from the backseat, startles awake and sits up, only then realizing she actually is.


–I didn’t expect for her to sleep (at least in part) naked. She certainly doesn’t seem to have a top on from this point of view, and simply has a strategically placed bear/arm. Presumably, if you don’t sleep with a top on you don’t sleep with a bottom.
–Is that an oxygen tank or something below her?


for her asthma, and simmilar status effects that might affect her.


Oh no, I found some really bad news for Lydia. This is straight up plot spoilers, if you don’t want to see it, then don’t look at it. I found this in the (vanilla) json \/

Plot spoilers!

Are you really sure?

“id”: “mon_hallu_mom”,
“type”: “MONSTER”,
“name”: “your mother”,
“description”: “Mom?”,
“default_faction”: “factionless”,
“species”: [ “HALLUCINATION” ],
“size”: “MEDIUM”,
“hp”: 5,
“speed”: 100,
“material”: [ “flesh” ],
“symbol”: “@”,
“color”: “white”,
“aggression”: 100,
“morale”: 100,
“melee_skill”: 3,
“melee_cut”: 0,
“special_attacks”: [ [ “DISAPPEAR”, 20 ] ],
“death_function”: [ “DISAPPEAR” ],
“flags”: [ “SEES”, “HEARS”, “NO_BREATHE”, “SMELLS”, “GUILT” ]

Do you know what this means? Lydia doesn’t have much use looking for her mother anymore, unless she simply wants to put her out of her misery. I suppose this really isn’t too surprising, but it’s still sad.

Yup, sad, ain’t it? Well, okay, maybe it’s fake, but from Lydia’s point of view, it probably wouldn’t be.


This reminded me. At first, I thought Lydia’s parents would die at the beginning of her story but I changed my mind. I like the badass family trope more than an orphan one.


hmm badass family (actual family) might be under utilized. See it more often in Fast and furious style, adopted familly/ group of badasses broguht to gether by their own badassery. But F&F that just … ugh. beat me over the head with those ‘family morals’ it a few more times why don’t you Don’t think I caught onto the crater in my head yet.

Yeah red. theres a few ways that can pop up, as a player its hard not to catch on that somethings up. It makes it harder to imagine what it would be like for the character.


Winter Lydia. Her biggest enemy is slippery ice. You can’t move very fast if even wind makes you slide…


I think because the mutation category was cephalopod I always assumed the tentacles would have suction cups.


Suction cups are a separate mutation called “Tentacle Bracing”. Even if she had those they would be useless because of the stocking between them and surface. And cloth slips on ice very well.


And they’re fluffy! Fluff is super slippery on ice, or something.


–I’m fairly certain something can be ‘fluffy,’ but also somewhat rough, or coarse. It also depends on how you define the word. Do you mean it feels fluffy, or looks fluffy? For all you know, her fluff could be so hard it is painful to touch.


o_o I was joking. Normally I’d apologize for it, but nah.


Don’t overthink it or anything else. She’s just fluffy. As in soft fluffy. If there were any complexity with this I’d say so long time ago.


I need more monster concepts. So monster moose (or antlered horror)!


insert apyr meme here


Monster concepts, eh? Here ya go!
-Hydra-like creatures (ten headed zombie land shark sounds crazy)
-Fleshy gore mutants (visible malformed innards; extra eyes and mouths; jagged bones poking out; so many tentacles it’s Lovecraftian)
-Flying pig zombie (Which will at some point in time and space by in ROA)
-Everyone’s worst nightmare: BILLS! TAXES! TERRIBLE CONTRACTS!
-Lydia’s first (and only) attempt at romance
-Floating man-eating (and woman-eating) chicken nuggets
-Lizard men
-Layla the Vampire Slayer gets too drunk and goes after Lydia! (What? No, I’m totally not advertising the strangness that is Roll4It! But seriously, if you watch any of it beware some really, err, interesting, happenings at times.)
-Undead corpses! No, not zombies, these are completely different! Sure they look the same, smell the same, act the same, taste the same, move the same, sound the same, taste the same. But these guys don’t have any of The Blob in them!
-Carnivorous plant people! What they consider ‘vegan’ is actually choosing to not eat humans. Lately, there has been a crazy all-time high of 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the race are vegans!
-Cthulhu and other eldritch, Lovecraftian creatures!
-Suicide bomber zombies! (Which will also be in ROA) These guys were going to blow themselves up in a church, but one way or another they died without the explosives going off. However, they are still active and very touchy feely.
-Some sort of mutant cultists worshiping eldritch deities to gain horrendous abilities and features with the intent of ‘purging’ the world by strange otherworldly means.

-Any stuff I have said may-or-may-not be put in ROA at some point. Probably a fair amount of it if I get around to it and/or remember.
-Also, I hope nobody minds me (somehow) semi-on purpose advertising some other stuff here. I just got reminded of other things and so I thought I might as well mention them (Did I say that right?). They are all relevant in terms of suggestions of various opponent concepts however! (saying ‘monster’ would be racist for many of my suggestions).


Cleats for her tentacle-warmers? With enough contact area, she should be pretty fast, but still in little to no danger of going through ice over water.


Monster concepts, eh?

Mutant, raptor-peacock.
Cephalopodian horse (think “octopus beak” + “horse rib cage”)
Chihuahua. Not, you know, mutant or anything, just a super-aggro chihuahua who has an unfortunate habit of sneaking up on Lydia, going Small Dog Napoleon on her, then running away after its yapping has attracted everything else hostile in the area.
Ambulatory tree.
Vine-whip plant.
Star-nosed mole the size of a pit bull.
Bobcat with crocodilian armor.
Crocodile. Doesn’t need any kind of mutations, really, except maybe being hardened to New England’s weather.
Predatory emu the size of an Allosaurus, expressing therapodian traits.
Some kind of gargantuan sea monster, like a combination of squid, Ichthyosaurs, and blue whale. Give it flippers with croc-feet so you don’t even want to get near the coast, because this sumbitch will crawl a few blocks inland to getcha!
Dire Bear. Think Grizzly the size of a mammoth with spikes.
Aurochs cow, and about as aggressive as a wild boar. Regressed from ordinary dairy cow, so it still looks like a holstein.


You misunderstood me :grinning:

I have more than enough ideas. I just need to draw them.

Your ideas are cool tho. I’m taking chihuahua idea. Thanks.


I’ve always liked the idea of an armored grizzly bear with a minigun. Maybe a minion of Lydia’s big nemesis?