Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


What we need is an older Lydia snuggled up under a blanket in front of a fire with some friends, so we know that no matter what, she’ll be okay.


I just want to say that this is one of the most heretically adorable things around the forums.


Dahwwww. So adorable. Must give cyber hug.


@Fuscosco @Litppunk @darktoes @ShadowDragon8685
I agree with all of you. She deserves snuggles :hugs:


I was thinking about the reason why have Lydia missed the evacuation when I got an idea about a new character. When her parents left the town they asked their neighbor, a nice old lady, to watch over their house and Lydia. When the first quarantine zone was announced and the evacuation began old lady suddenly took her gun and refused to go. She also convinced Lydia to stay and wait for her parents to return. Then a couple of days after the evacuation ended old lady dies in her sleep leaving Lydia alone.


Aw man, that’s depressing… Poor Tentafluff…


–That’s amazing, what an awesome fake granny! The dying part sucks, but at least it was (theoretically) a peaceful death. But seriously, I love that theme.
–Also, her speech skill must be really high, since Lydia is really smart. As such, realistically she’d probably be smart enough to evacuate.


Sometimes people think they know better than everybody else. Sometimes they are delusional. Plus in reality, high speech skill doesn’t always mean high intelligence.


It’s amazing how easy it is to convince people of something if you’re confident about it.


Wut? I’m totally confused. I only understood about 25% of that comment. And no, I’m not being sarcastic or anything like that.


he means that granny didnt know what was best, but had a high speech skill and bluffed to keep her girl home w/her.


I’ll try to elaborate. You said granny’s speech skill is high so she should be smart enough to evacuate. She really is a convincing person but it doesn’t make her smart. She’s sure that the evacuation is just a panic and everything will resolve eventually as it always has. When Lydia asked when are they going to join the evacuation old lady recalled many events from her life and convinced Lydia that the evacuation is just panic, that people will find the solution really soon, and everything will get back to normal. She also said that if they join the evacuation there will be chaos and they’ll probably get lost for a long time and it’ll be months or even years before they’ll find her parents and if they stay here it’ll be easier for them to find her here.


I think he was originally implying that Lydia was smart enough to evacuate, hence Granny needed high speech to convince her to stay.


The way you said she “recalled many events from her life…” and in the image the way she is so casual about shooting mutants, makes me think she has done this kind of thing before, like when she was young she was an investigator and had an “Shadows over Innsmouth” experience

Old lady: “If you think these mutants are bad, you should have seen when The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young showed up back in Sicily, now that was a scary goat let me tell you.”

Anyway, this is awesome stuff!, I hope you keep developing the story further.


To darktoes.
Makes sense. In this case, Lydia was too afraid to join the evacuation alone. She thought it’ll be safer with a confident and armed neighbor than to join the evacuation. Lydia may be smart but she’s just a teen so occasional stupid decisions are prone to happen.

To DemAvalon.
Interesting idea but I was thinking about something more mundane. Military past or maybe she’s a natural disaster survivor.


–Yes, you are correct. That is indeed what I was referring too. That’s not to say that Granny is stupid, of course, but stubbornness and pleasant memories can make it really hard for some people to leave. And she’s old. Not to sound rude to my elders or anything, but with age can come some nasty mental degradation. She might have been fine at that time, but it isn’t always easy to tell. Like I said, she could just be stubborn.


Or just a grumpy old codger that doesn’t want to leave home. The classic “I was born here, I was raised here, and by tarnation Ima die here!” stance


Another animation practice. One of the antagonists. Most of the time when this guy can be seen he’s doing this.
Of all things happening his most concern is the fact that tobacco supply is going to end soon.


There she is sleeping peacefully. Maybe this time she’ll be lucky and will not wake up to scratching of claws against the hull.


I can just picture a fluffy pink tentacle slapping the alarm clock across the cabin.