Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


–I’m gonna draw the ‘best’ kind of mutant ‘really soon.’ It’s totally not a reference to a video game, it’s totally 100% based off this game, not Starbound. Nope, not that. I’m totally not being sarcastic or anything.
–Side thing, how do you ‘slash’ over words? I know how to blur, quote (more or less), link, and lots of other stuff, just not the slash.


You can slash out words by surrounding them with < s> < /s> without the spaces.

like this


You have sorta formed one.


The only part I don’t see is the creepy part.


-Along with the Floran plant mutant, I’ll probably do some sort of cult mutant myself. But I need to finish working on Greg first. You should fear him. He may look cute, but he is very dangerous.
-About the hanging-like-clothing thing, in-game that would be much less useful due to smell. Then again, it might depend on what type of zombie for whether it can track by smell or not. Maybe.


Sounds like a lot of work, but cant wait for it!


Speak for yourself. I for one am totally going to stalker levels of tracking Epsilon on his public and freely shared Lydia Art. Yep, definitely not been neglecting CDDA forums and DeviantArt, creepy covered :wink:


Other survivors to team up with to increase chance of own survival?

Can be called scouting or Recon then. :performing_arts:


As for now, I do not consider that looking for public info is stalking. It is public after all. And such interest is kinda flattering. As long as it’s not breaking any laws.

Arche_Zwei, the picture is called Scouting so you’re right :wink:

A little update. I wanted to make something small last week but I broke my leg. A week in a hospital and now I’m like 0.2% cyborg walking on crutches. I have to say that penalties for the broken legs in the game are mild compared to the real world. :grin:

I’ll try to doodle something this week.


Just be glad it’s not Shadowrun rules, or that’d have cost you at least 0.3 Essence.

Hope you get better soon, Epsilon…

  • My younger sister has broke her leg once after she bounced a ‘little’ too high off a trampoline. It took significantly longer for it to heal because at the time she was a little kid and decided it was a ‘great’ idea to run all over the place despite a cast hindering her movement quite a bit. It seems like that might hurt too, but whatever. She also punched out part of a window of a house we were once renting, and had to go to the hospital after she was massively bleeding all over the place. I’m sensitive to gore and blood, so in terms of seeing that, it was worse off for me.
  • It’s not surprising I’m so sensitive to such because when I was 6 or 7 years old I saw my dad as he was almost BLEEDING TO DEATH. Now as to why the doctors allowed a little kid to just walk in like that I’ll never know. My dad survived, but during that time he lost about 60% of his blood. I’m an adult now and that scar still runs deep.
  • The only reason I had to go to the hospital when a metal can attacked me was because it was in the middle of the night and nowhere else was open. I still have that little scar on my middle finger :grin:. Be happy you can still write properly at least; it’s incredibly hard to do things like typing and writing when you have a splint stopping you finger from moving. And while showering I always had to keep my right hand out of the water to avoid getting soap and stuff in the wound. (I still have a mild phobia of metal cans…)
  • Oh ya, my dad recently became part cyborg also. His nervous system is kinda messed up and when he was walking around the house he slipped on a baby blanket and broke his leg so badly the doctor phrased it as ‘dust.’ While the leg somehow has healed for the most part (which is miraculous), he still needs metal plates in there. He also got an infection in there recently too, and in his arm previously. BTW, the infection he had in his arm is the one that killed his mother (my grandmother), so that sucks.
  • You are not alone in the pain of this world… I hope you feel better! :+1:


I’m making a living as an animator and yet I don’t have enough practice or understanding of animation. So I was thinking for a while about making short sketch animations for practice. This one turned out mediocre but it’s a good start… I guess.


Is she using her spear, a grappling hook or something else entirely?


She’s using her spear. One of several reasons there are two hooks under the blade.


looks like her stretchy arm

Oh I see it.


– If only I had athletic skills like that! Aas, while I am good at using my fingers and brain, I lack in the muscle and physical skills category. If my life was a video game, I’d be a glass cannon wizard. A basic sketch doesn’t need to be super amazing or anything, and even a crappy sketch can help when going for the final product.


Another picture of non-mutated Lydia by my wife (her Deviantart and Twitter).


-That’s one big teddy bear! How the heck would she bring that around with her?
-This picture actually looks kinda cute, I image it would be less so without the teddy bear though. Still looks nice!


I’d totally fight a moose to protect her.


Awh… Damn, she needs a snuggle.

Also, gigantic XL teddy bear to spend a few minutes snuggling and get a bit of a morale boost from, when?

Same Lydia, with or without tentacles. She’s just as fluffy, whether or not that’s literally true.