Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


He probably is still handsome to some people, however those people also tend to have similar mutation features. While I’d never think he is myself, other people have their own oppinions. It may be the end of the world, but there are probably still plenty of (quote un-quote) weirdos around. Of course, partially this is because I’m not gay and I’m already married to the (I say this because I’m biased) most attractive woman ever.


This thread has been disturbingly silent…


Sorry. Buried under work. Buuut I almost finished new picture of Lydia. All that is left now is shading. I’ll get on it sometime next week when I have some free time.


And finally it’s finished.


What is she looking for?


She’s looking for a safe way to the next town. Maybe.


What every survivor looks for:
Any signs of good loot, potential danger, places to raid, things to kill, and a ride. The looking doesn’t have to be specific.


A forest is the best place to look for good loot, sure enough.


-The fact she can do that with her tentacles is awesome. (Not testicles, stupid auto-correct. :angry: That would be a messed up mutation option)
-I don’t really care what she is looking for, it’s cool :grin:
-What do you mean a forest is the best place to look for good loot? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
-Irrelevant comment: I like emojis :grinning:


Think thats sarcasm. I think shes at the edge of the forest looking into the fields/town/loot heavy area beyond. Or, just scouting the area ahead. Whatever works.

Whoa did she get a robotic arm? or does it just look that way from being stretched with her weight against it? Looks like it might be good trim.


She has neoprene sleeves and armored gauntlets, so I think it just looks robotic.


thought so but it was drawn without any of the rips that are present everywhere else on her sleeves;


Fair point. Maybe she just got lucky and didn’t get scratched there?


Robotic arm, subdermal armor, laser eye and plasma cannon. I kinda like the sound of it…
Too bad it’s not fit for this story.

I might be wrong but I don’t think she holds too much weight with her arm. Her main support is her tentacles holding on the tree.


counterbalanced by the arm gripping the spear, not a lot of ‘weight’ but a lot of stretch. I find myself doing stuff that puts me in similar positions fairly often. The strength of her tentacles, and their snake-like musculature give her so much variability though. She could probably shift the majority of the ‘stress’ back and forth between her arm and tentacles without any much visible indication quite easily. She could be doing the physical equivalent of anything from doing her version of an inclined sit-up with the fulcrum at the legs instead of the hip (a fun way to feel like you look like your levitating btw) to only using her legs to hold her ‘up’ while her arm holds her ‘in’

Perhaps her arms are more catriligious (cartilige-ious? Oh cartilaginous is a word.

Wow Such Tangent

Sounds more like it should refer to a religion of cartilage than something made of cartilage) Maybe she could run into the cult of cartilage later. They would surely value her as a potential member…or (creepy voice) perhaps more…permanently be a part of the scenery?

<.< wow, ok I think this might be a sign I need to get some RP going, Im clearly in some kind of withdraw or something, sorry bout that.

in nature from her mutations, more stretchy limber. She might be borderline ready for her arms to become full fledged tentacles. And this is the warning, (or an omen? whats the good version of a warning?)


Yeah. I was thinking about additional minor mutations throughout her body. I certainly like the idea of much more flexible (maybe even pliable) body than of a normal human. Maybe someday it’ll save her life.

Also I was thinking about making some animated sketches of her movement. Like climbing down from the ledge, taking a running jump (kinda), or hitting the wall…

PS. Creepy mutant cults are cool too >.>b


I’d like to see Lydia’s more mutated designs. That way, when I get Genefreaks ready for a test run, I can send you more than one character sheet for her. >u>


I want to see her hide from a mutated zombie by wrapping her tentacles around herself and dangling from a clothes rack so it just looks like a bunch of clothes.


I had an idea about Lydia’s nightmare when first she sees her future as a badass post-apocalyptic warrior maiden and suddenly it shifts into horrific mutated abomination as her mutations continued. Maybe picture maybe animation. Don’t know yet.

darktoes, I like your idea. I’ll think about it =D


She could unfold down off it and then slither slither away…