Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


My characters typically deal with monsters by punching them continuously until they are no longer moving. Some of the significantly more difficult monsters do make them act like Lydia in this way however. Zombie hulks are painful. Luckily they are not immune to very pointy sticks, grenades, molotov cocktails, and landmines.
Basically what happened, is I turned a corner and found that guy. Since I obviously couldn’t run away I whacked him once or twice. Then, he punched me over an unused landmine field. He proceeded to wade through it while I threw various explosives and later javelins at him. Hehe, it was glorious.
While this is obviously a quicker draw of yours, it’s still pretty good! What is that monster in the background however? Looks like some weird monster doge


He’s still doesn’t have a name but now at least I know how he looks below his chin. This is his looks at the beginning of the story right after the Mutagenic Plague.


It pretty much is a weird monster dog. One of the “successful” mutants that became even more dangerous after the infection.


Noice drawing once more. I really need to spend more time practicing on my own, but I am far too easily distracted. The snek I am drawing is starting with ink to look fairly good though. I may share it once it is down if you’d be okay with that.


This time I have a traditional sketch to show you.

The boot belongs to one of the antagonists. The younger one who smokes.


Considering how her leg tentacles are spread out I think she would benefit from using a pike more than a regular spear.


I think it’s too cumbersome for her. Spear is smaller but still giving some range advantage and can be used as a tool in some cases.


Careful when jumping down from places with too loose a shirt, it may be the end of the world but in my opinion modesty still matters. When you are a male, it doesn’t matter much of course, but Lydia is obviously not one. And from what knowledge I’ve gotten from her so far, I doubt she’s the kind of teenage girl who likes to wear skimpy stuff and show off all her bits half the time. Frankly, I find immodest women to look worse. And it’s jsut plain gross, “Hey, how about I wear clothing so short it’s practically a bikini while I walking around the street in a very public place that has lots of small children in the neighborhood!” Freakin’ weirdos. However, this thread isn’t the one about errors of humanity, that’s another one.


I was thinking about the proper picture of Lydia’s looks before her mutation and finally got an idea I like.


She’s cute. I like her hat. I’d probably buy a ‘brain-burger’ shirt if I walked by one in a store.


I don’t know if it’s me as a person, my autism, or a mixture, but I’ve never understood some people’s reactions and opinions. For example, why would you sneer at that outfit? Sure, it’s a little worn, but that’s no reason to act rude and what-not. The hat is a little weird and goofy, but people are entitled to their own opinions. It’s only really the third eye that makes it less eye-appealing. (No pun intended)
Once again, another good piece of work! If you don’t already, I’m sure you could be an artist for a living.


@EpsilonShadow, you use DeviantArt right? What is your account name or whatever so I can follow it?


Links are in the original post. The very first one in this thread.


Sooo… I wanted to doodle one of the antagonists. Smoking dude. But I failed so instead there is another Lydia doodle in my sketchbook…


This is not a bad thing, I assure you.


Poor Fluffy Tentacle Mutant.

Every time I see her, it’s like “holy shit, she’s more competent than I am, but she clearly needs a hug so bad.”

Competent enough to take over somebody else’s sketch!


And here we have a reason for him to hate her. She took his sketch so now she must pay! XD


The smoking dude finally got his sketch. Lightbulb mutant too. They both don’t look happy about it tho.


If I were him, I wouldn’t want my picture taken either. Yikes! Excellent work, as always.



Imagine how mad he was when the mutation ruined his good looks. Before that, he was considered a handsome man.