Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


Your artwork is positively stunning. Thanks so much for sharing this stuff with all of us!


The main problem with her fur is temperature. It’s getting really hard to fight heat during the summer. That’s why she left some of her equipment behind. She almost got a heatstroke not long before that.

She is too. It was like this when she arrived. Judging by dirt, hulls were there for a long time. At least several months.

Thank you! I’m glad people like my art. It’s fuelling me to make more.


I like the animation and the artwork, I will reach your level some day, some day.


Suggestion names for the two villains:
Top #1: Bernard von Stein
Top #2: Vladimir Daedric (Skyrim reference that sounds nice for him)
Top #3: Cedric Ratson (He is a metaphorical rat of course)

Bottom #1: Erik Burns (He likes fire)
Bottom #2: Keith Murdok (Murdok, a different way to say murder)

I had some more ideas, but I forget them… I hope you like the ones I remembered!


I like Murdok last name for the bottom one. About everything else I’ll take a note. They sound interesting.

And sorry, I was sure I’ve replied to your post here last month. Look’s like I’ve overworked and started to see things. Lydia is 14 and I’ve noted that in her Traits and Gear picture. After the mutation, she prefers to avoid any encounters with anything that moves and not edible. It’ll be really hard to even talk to her, let alone earn her trust. When I first wrote about her parents they presumably were dead. Now I’m thinking about having them away from town. I like the classic plot of a child trying to get back to her parents if it’s set in the apocalypse world.


Would a fellow mutant (that isn’t super crazy evolved or anything like that) possibly not scare Lydia as much? Seriously, I’d totally like to be friends with her. And my currently character is a tree, that doesn’t seem to scary, right? Sure, he wields a big wood axe and carries a bunch of grenades, but she doesn’t need to know that… And besides, he always puts them away (at least temporarily) when meeting people, since he is a friendly sort. Of course, if they want to attack him, he’ll just chop them up.
Part of why I always use the wood axe is because of the irony, he is a tree who uses a weapon that cuts down trees…

Perhaps we could make a bit of a story about these two meeting or something. Elrik is pretty young too, he only survived this long since he believed in the End and thus trained himself in the ways of the axe. (In game terms its cutting weapons) His father was a lumber jack, and his father, and his father, and so on. Elrik was destined to be one too, and thus trained with one for years, even using a little one before age ten. He wears the clothing of his father and wields his axe, in remembrance of him, an to honor him. Now, in these times, he is not a lumber jack, but a axe wielder of death. He has joined with the sacred trees that made his family survive for so long, and tradition and strengths moves him forward. He will forever honor his father, and destroy the beasts that slew him.
He has no quarrel with humans, but it is not uncommon they dislike him. He understands they do not see as he does, they forget the ancient ways, before technology took over the world. But Elrik knows, and he wishes to teach those who have forgotten. He will rebuild humanity again, and bring forth the old world once more.

I personally quite like his backstory. It’s pretty cool in my opinion, and only took about 5 minutes to think of due to me being so creative. Also, he is 16, and in his mind (Not suggesting anything with Lydia…) it is the age of adulthood, as he believes in the old times when that was such. Way back in the day marriage always began at 16 much of the time, although one thing Elrik never likes was arranged marriages. Love and nature should rule all.


They’ll probably won’t get along. Lydia is a normal teen tomboy who loves modern technology. She still usually has one or two fully charged gadgets in her pockets. Also, the general idea doesn’t fit my vision of her story but I can’t forbid you from writing something of your own. It’ll probably be interesting to read.


Elrik doesn’t strictly avoid technology, he sees it as a useful tool much of the time. He simply thinks it has absorbed too much of the world, and prefers simpler things. He still uses technology a lot, out of pure necessity most of the time, but even if the old world returned, he would still be fine with technology to some extent. It has many benefits, he simply doesn’t want the world to be addicted to it once more. Whether it’s true or not, he blames the unneeded advancement of technology for the death of his father, and for the End coming. Tech is not a problem, but addiction, misuse, overuse, and unneeded advancements he dislikes.

Another thing to point out, is the technology helped him evolve, and that sort of thing is also okay to him. He always carries at least five grenades with him in case of emergency, and uses a motorcycle he made himself for transportation and to carry his loot. He never uses a gun however, as bows and crossbows can be used effectively in many cases.

Elrik is always friendly when possible, and helps out all he can. He understands the loss of family, and even with the small chance of them living he’d gladly help trying to find them. Lots of times he tries to act as a guardian of others, those with and without need. Sadly, many dislike him, and end up running away or going hostile instead of talking peacefully to him.


My RM451 and I are on to you.


We do not lewd the tentacle fluff. Agreed? Agreed.


Someone else probably made tentacle fluff lewds just maybe not of Lydia in particular.


Looking at the rules for my game (context: in my game, it’s impossible to have your limbs transformed the way Lydia’s have; you’d just have tentacles coming out your back or something) I wonder how she’d do in my setting. I mean, other than the tentacle legs, she fits pretty well…


I’m working on custom mutation rules for my Dark Heresy game. There are rules that allow similar mutations. Here is how it works. There is a table with random mutations and in the said table there are two entries. One is “additional limb”, that makes an additional arm, leg or tentacle. The other is “limb change” where the player has to randomly select limb or limbs to change (arm, leg, all arms, all legs, etc) and then roll on a table of what it’s going to be changed to (pincer, tentacle, same limb but with extra joints, etc).


–What do you mean by RM451
–For those who are thinking about their potential meeting, I should point out Elrik is far to busy to get into any ‘romance’ situations. Besides, he had a nightmarish axe-ident one day when he was young… He does not like to speak of that day, it was painful in more ways than one
–I keep intending to get into table-top RPGs, but now I have many other IRL problems to deal with so it’ll be even longer till I can


Rivtech’s RM451 flamethrower, the best invention of man. After all, there are few problems that can’t be solved with excess use of fire.


It’s also the only flame thrower that has an actual damage stat. Which kinda makes me think that getting sprayed by it is like being sprayed by a high pressure hose only instead of water it is either gasoline or napalm.


Brutal… I think I want to draw Lydia with a flamethrower now…


Downside is that the thing most likely weighs more than 50 lbs (23 kg) fully loaded.


This inspired me to start working on a little fighting game related to this. It’ll all be word based, and it is currently 99% pseudo code, but eventually it should be quite interesting. It doesn’t run just yet, as it isn’t properly put together yet. When Lydia’s arch-nemesis is finally named, I will also change that accordingly, currently he is just ‘enemy.’
Here is the link for anyone who wants to look at the code, and possibly play it when it can be: https://repl.it/@redxlaser15/Fighting-game-03

Any suggestions as to changes of stats and stuff are welcome :slight_smile:
EDIT: changed the link, since when relabeling a project it changes


And that’s how Lydia usually deal with monsters she encounters.