Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


I saw it as him lighting it by aggressively striking the head of the cig against across something like most would a match…using only his mouth. or maybe that is the match.

Totally see the dodge now that I actually look at the detail though. He’s gata be peeved about that… unless the strike was fast enough to relight the shortened cig??? Anythings possible.


I just thought he was animated by Shaft studio.


Quick sketch of one of the monsters that Lydia can meet. The bear ate infected meat and started to mutate. The process is still going and poor creature has gone completely mad and now is a real threat to many communities. Nobody was able to bring it down or lure it away.


Wowza. Fugly!

I would suggest building an armored ram-mobile with lots of spikes to slam and impale it, then finish it off with 10 gauge deer slugs.



Its hind legs don’t look like they work anymore.

Also, quick question about this Mutation Plague. Can things end up getting mutations that’d be unnatural or highly exaggerated versions of what you’d find in nature? Like a Frog, Crocodile or Echidna being able to manipulate their body temperature to a degree to cause ignition/freezing on contact? (This power is called “Ultrathermoregulation” among my friends).


I am taking ideas from nature and exaggerate them but not that much. Extreme temperatures are destructive for an organic matter so even if mutant can develop such ability it’ll kill them. But that’s for temperatures. Some other things might work. Actually three-eyed mutant I’ve posted earlier have something like that. He has electric organs that cause him to be electrified all the time. I haven’t done the research about electric eels yet so I’m not sure how exactly does it work so this might change. I want mutations to at least overlap with the borders of the possible.


Well, if you have something to regulate temperature or some kind of secondary adaptation that prevents you from killing yourself on such extreme temperatures, it becomes possible, but that’s going into the realm of highly-theoretical/impossible biology (not even tardigrades can stand extreme heat).

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I’m still working on specifics. I still need a ton of research to do but right now the general idea is that the Plague can cause near fantastic mutations. But the more fantastic the mutation gets the more dangerous it becomes to the mutant. And with the current idea of mechanics behind Plague by mortally wounding the mutants, such mutations are causing them to mutate even further turning them into horrific and highly dangerous monsters. In the end, I want it to have some sort of a gradient from nice, symmetric, and intelligent mutants like Lydia to twisted abominations like a bear I’ve posted earlier.


There is a kind of beetle that spits some kind of hot acid chemical thingy out of it’s ass. You could conceivably have a flamethrower mutation.


There are also ants that spray formic acid.

coming soon to a few release near you…


I believe there are also kamikaze ants of the self detonating variety as well as ones that intentionally short out electronics so they can use them as hives.


Any kind of industrial/electric area would probably attract insects. Damn things seem to be attracted to stuff like that…

An ant infested factory could be a lot of fun to clear out.


So, is it possible to mutate a lot and not lose your sanity, or is that a hard and fast rule?

…I’d hate to see what Crazy Jack’s life would be like. Pretty much every kind of horrible injury has happened to him at some point…


If you can withstand the sheer amount of pain and mutations will not physically scramble your brains you can remain sane by the end of the process. I have an idea about the type of semi-intelligent twisted abominations that mindlessly keep doing what they were doing before the mutation. Imagine a giant pile of claws and tentacles that is standing behind the counter because before the mutation it was a shop clerk. It just wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pain and/or got it’s brain mutated into something feral.


Sem%20t%C3%ADtulo“Well hello there!, How are you doing?”

So all the monsters are basically “The Thing”, you touch it and you mutate? or is it necessary ingestion or something like getting infected blood on an open wound or something?

You got me quite curious about your version of the cataclysm… maybe some day someone will make it into a mod for C:DDA

Also looking very good, keep it up!


You need to get infected somehow. Simply touching it or even getting wounded by its claws is not enough to mutate you since there is no infection got into your body. But if any kind of infected bodily fluids gets into your body you will mutate. The mechanics behind ingesting is tricky and I’m still working on specifics. What is solid now is the infection can resist insane heat by forming a microbial cyst but is vulnerable to acids without it. So in general idea, it’s safer to eat infected meat raw since stomach acid will destroy the infection. But if you cook the meat and then eat it you’ll probably get infected since the bacteria will be protected from acid by a cyst. I’m still working on specifics.¯\ _(ツ) _/¯


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My, is it lunch time in the post apocalypse already?

Man it must suck to be so fuzzy, but she gets hair in her food all the time, anyway fantastic stuff!


That is a lot of shotgun hulls. I am curious to know what just happened.