Fluffy tentacled mutant [Art upd:Dec12]


I just wanted to draw my only character who survived longer than a week.

Lydia Oths. A poor student with the rich mind. She survived in her home for a while and quickly adapted to her new surroundings… perhaps a bit too well…


Pictures of Lydia:
Character Study [semi-NSFW]
Traits and Gear
Walking animation + Magical Girl Lydia
Sketches: Making dinner + I need it more than you
Family photo
Sketch: Hostility
New toy
Sketch: When nobody is watching
Sketch: Lost sword
Animation: Lunch
Sketch: Run away
Page from my sketchbook 1
Lydia before mutation: Outfit
Page from my sketchbook 2
Animated sketch: Climbing the wall
Resting by the fire
Sketch: Sleeping
Sketch: Winter Lydia
Sketch: Chihuahua attack
1 Year
Sketch: Ecounter with another survivor
Animation: Startled
Sketch: Mending
Sketch: Cake

Other stuff:
Acid spit geezer
Sketch and animation: Lightbulb head mutant
Converted Security Van
Mutant bear
Main antagonist, full height sketch
Page from my sketchbook 3
Old lady with gun and cookies
Animated sketch: Smoking antagonist
Sketch: Antlered horror
Animated sketch: Evil guy being evil
Sketch: Lydia’s parents’ faces

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Heh, that’s great, and really well done. I like that you added that little screen with CDDA running on it.


really cool.


I never thought of furry+tentacles like that before. I always saw it as you upper body was furry and you lower body was a disgusting mess of slimy tentacles.


W o w

More cool art emerges!


Wow, I absolutely love everything about that. The quality is really high, and you have a ton of great touches you added, but they aren’t in your face.


Thank you for replies. I’m glad you like it.
Maybe there will be more of her.

This represents vehicle status console. I think it look cool there.


You are good at art. Keep drawing!




A rough little something. I don’t like how some of sketches look but it is a needed step to study a new character…
[Warning! Sort of nudity…]


Ooh, nice drawings, I really like the one where she is crawling on the floor, pretty menacing looking, I would be running away pretty fast if I saw that on the ground.

Great work!.


That’s really really awesome, and so detailed! Thanks for sharing!


Electronic control, camera control, blanket + pillow on bed… I just love stuff like this that reflect gameplay details. Is this your actual character?


Yep. First run was in the latest stable build. After 20+ different dead characters I decided to try to make someone weak but smart. I’ve made a poor student girl with low strength and a bit over average everything else with asthma, albinism, miopia, weak stomach etc. I capped negative and positive qualities. On the plus side she was quick learner, quick reader, quiet, fast and had a decent dodge skill. And beginning was in house in town.

At first it was hillarious when she had to protect herself from zombies with her umbrella. After a couple of weeks she cleared out one city block around her home. There was a moment when riot control bot and a grabber zombie started a fight… they was fighting for more than a week right next to starting house. “Drop your weapon” was heard every few seconds and it was impossible to sleep inside the house. Only farthest corner was relatively quiet. After a week of this torture I decided to stop it and ran them over with a car. After that the car was fixed and I decided to travel on wheels. Not for better loot but for inhalers. Last one was nearly empty.

Next there was encounter with flaming eye. It destroyed my first car and I had to return to town on foot fightning with bears and wasps. Wasted all my first aids that day. After that everything was relatively basic for average CDDA game. I’ve found RV and fixed it. After that I’ve found an armoured car and enhanced my RV. Found several dead scientists and two mutagen serum flasks. Got lightly furred, long fingernails, tentacle legs, light sencitive and fast metabolism mutations. It was a fun combination so I rolled with it.

Soon after that I decided to move to experimentals. I’ve started over with same setup. Except I edited in Poor Student profession, added Parkour Expert in character generation and forgot to add Miopia. I’m planning to add it in save file later.

So yeah. This is my actual character twice. With a bit of editing but still.

PS. Sorry for any mistakes. My English is not so good…


I like the titles on the books.


Whoa! The character study poses are beautifully dynamic, 'specially the one in the lower-right that looks like dancing. I love them. You made her look alive.


How did you get to the CDDA alt universe to take a picture?


While I’m thinking about narrative outside of the game I decided to draw her equipment layer by layer.


Dam. I think you are the first person to ever successfully draw a character with a full gearset.


I just noticed her left middle finger is missing. Story behind that?