Derail about gender politics


I do urge you to exercise caution

You might not my friend :slight_smile:


Look, I’m transgender, this shit affects me personally.

I’m sure that as a cis person it’s easy to overlook the issues as ‘dumb SJW shit’, but it’s easier to respect people than do otherwise, noone is punished for accidental wrong pronoun use, that’s reactionary hyperbole and made up stories, people are punished for repeatedly using the wrong shit on purpose to bully trans people.

Please stop watching edgy youtubers that make up shit for $$ and parrot around made up stories for the same reason, Steven Crowder and Jordan Peterson are not reliable sources for anything to do with transgender people.

Also, not sure why my post was flagged, it was TLDR; Don’t be an asshole to trans people thanks.

It’s hard to exist happily when people politicize your entire existence, it’s not fun, it sucks.


Problem is, the vocal parts of them want not equality, but supremacy and freedom from criticism. That said, you do you, boo.


What you’ll have created is an echo chamber, friend. The root problem of the entirety of social media.

Might want to curb that false sense of self-importance. It won’t help you or anyone else. He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster.

That goes for any even remotely political subject on the entire Internet, and it stems solely from the aforementioned echo chambers people create for themselves. The places people go to throw all logic, fact, reason, and maturity out the window in favor of sitting in a circle and telling eachother how smart and important they are all day. Where they would rather spend three days arguing about something than spend five seconds on Google.


As a educator who runs a GSA I just wanted to say I see your struggle and stand with you as an ally. You are perfect just the way you are, unfortunately some people don’t see the constant harassment and belittling that happens. That shit would drive me crazy if it was happening to me.


Jesus Christ, another topic. This time on genders.
Seriously, how do you do it? Discussing genders is like strolling over a minefield.
I’d just stand at a single spot until the dehydration kills me.
Honestly, a thread on politics is bad enough, but creating a gender discussion is like walking into a gas station waving a torch. “Oh, guys, look what I could do!”

I’ve tried it with my friends. Now I’m alone.


Why does this topic exist? It’s going to be a crapstorm and we all know it. A shitstorm’s probably brewing. Please, Can we not?


None of us want freedom from criticism and extra rights, we just want to be treated as human instead of less than human like we are now, which you might not be aware of happening if you live in a secluded bubble.

That’s just rightwing slippery slope fallacy, it’s misinformation, or as you’d say, fake news.

Now, can we stop with the fascist dog whistles and conspiracy theories, and blatant bait to ‘own the libs’ or some edgy shit like that thanks?
It’s polluting the forum.

I shouldn’t have to go here, talk about issues that affect me personally while people decide that issues that don’t affect them are ebil and DESTROYING the west or something based off of some loser or groups of losers on youtube.


If you don’t want to see the fallout, you can switch any thread to “mute” with the button at the bottom of the thread.