Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


Thanks for telling me.


Back for a moment. I disappeared without a trace because my new job took most of my time now and I don’t know how to manage it well.
I got removed from CleverRaven group. Not sure if it’s because of me being overly critical or just a purge of inactive members. Either way, sorry if I hurt anyone - I try to treat others like I treat myself, but this isn’t a good idea if you’re used to negativity and self-deprecation.

I most likely won’t be coming back to regular development. I’ll check on the forums a few times. If I’m needed for something, e-mail is the best route.


Bad news, everyone!
That’s really sad, we’ll be missing you. I really hope you’ll find free time for yourself (and maybe Cata too).


Simple purge of inactive members, you’re welcome to rejoin.
EDIT: Congratulations on the job. Hope it’s going well other than the time management issue.


Irregular will be very good too.


I could make a PR now and then, though not as huge (or as often) as before. I probably won’t pick up the old huge projects, unless someone really needs them done.
I rethought the whole code quality thing and I see what you meant about loose coupling and all that jazz. If we have a plan, I could contribute to that. I could use some practice with design patterns or changing inheritance to composition.


My computer fan is essentially broken, so coding will be less common


Just a fan? Put a gofundme together for $20? :wink:


Hi Im Kenji! A passion for programming a terrible writer and a lazy son of a…
I have been in this forum for quite a while now i only saw this thread right now so meh :v. I started playing cataclysn dark days ahead two months ago when i was searching for open world zombie apocalypse type of games on android of course. And i found this on a site. And i downloaded it.

My first encounter with a zombie i just beaten the ---- out of everything Like a noob and didnt do much stuff loot and run i guess. Till i searched for cataclysm dda stuff. And i found out of the pc version which was WAAAAAYYYY more easier. Till my tablet broke and i was forced to play on pc. Now its repaired and my pc is gone im now playing on a phone. Still my best tactic is loot and run. Im also willing to contribute to mods.


Hey! I’m chieflean, I’ve been playing for… a while. I remember vaguely 0.A and more clearly 0.B, as well as a tiny bit of gameplay pre-kaufmann. I’ve recently got back into playing and in my (admittedly incredibly sparse) spare time I’ve been working on porting and updating/upgrading a mod, Artyom’s Gun Emporium.

So that’s me! If you need any info or want to chat, hmu. I swear I’m more interesting than my profile image would have you believe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello y’all welcome to the thread and forum :smiley:

@code_4life ^.^ cool! Hope to see some of your stuff floating around sometime, though… I keep finding myself intending to play more than I actually play… so I might not :frowning: sorry

@chieflean only boring people are as interesting as their profile says they are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: