Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


Good luck to you then, IRL does take precedence over online stuff so it is completely understandable. Cheers.


Hey dudes!

I’m Leland. I’ve been helping out a bit on Github where I can as @leland. My career is in web development but I’ve been recently using CDDA as an excuse to get acquainted with C++ again.

However, when I figure out who to talk to I’ll hopefully be able to lend a hand with website development and design, which is my forte :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! Have a cozy stay! Always awesome to have devs around, hehe


look forward to seeing you around, successful aspirations or not ^.^


I RETURN ONCE AGAIN! Since my summer break is coming up, I’ll have lots of free time to sink into this game. For now, I’ll just stick with my super old 0.C-6149 Build and crank up the enemy strength to counteract all those times I was being cheap with the game.


It’s me, Rookie, back from the dead for the third time now. Been playing on/off since 2013 iirc.


welcome back.


Oh, um, now that I’ve made like 20 posts elsewhere um…hi. I’m Devon. Resuming Cataclysm DDA addiction after being clean since November of '15. On and off addict since '13 or earlier.


Ah. A common theme.


Well due to bad blood between me and the GitHub interface, I’m no longer going to send code in to the project. See you around.


Those who still fight shall avenge you… not me, cuz you know I took one look and ran but… those who fight.


I’m back. I’m nobody but I’m still back!!!


Swiggity swooty




Just found this thread and am here to say hello! I’m kind of new around here and have been playing CDDA for a few months now. I started playing right around the same time I registered for this forum, give or take. I have really been enjoying the game and the chance to browse here, reddit, and github as well and see all the great ideas and see the game evolve, even in the short time I’ve been playing. May luck be on your side fellow survivors!


^.^ seen you around a few times and figured out that your new to the forum/game but never said anyhing much shame Welcome to the community


Thanks! Yeah I’ve kinda hinted at being a new player in a few posts, didn’t realize there was an introduction thread… better late than never I guess :).

Oh and Vernon is my IRL name.


Well, its not like this thread is an official welcome thread, more just a place for people to keep other regulars from worrying about them when they go missing for a while.


Hi forum!

I likewise did not know there was an introduction thread, I’m new here (this should be my fourth post) but I have been playing Cata DDA for a year or two now, I never thought of joining the forum though (I’m pretty shy) but about three months ago I thought “you know what I will join!”, but then every time I tried I got an error ; _ ; , Until two days ago when, trying yet again it worked! :D.

I don’t know if whatever was the problem was fixed or not, or if the Elder gods just took pity on me. whatever the case I’m glad I can be part of this community now (even if I don’t contribute much ^^ ; (or at all º_º; ) ).


<.< :smiley: yep 4th post confirmed. welcome to the forum. Again not like its an official thread or anything, just one among thousands. Not even pinned in place.