Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


[quote=“Jack30749, post:560, topic:4612”]hello!, i just found this game while browsing some games to download, and this one was the only game i could play in my computer.

i joined the forums to share my experience of the game at the moment, and get some tips to survive longer in this hell-on-earth[/quote]
He-hey! Welcome survivor, enjoy your stay!


So I am back from the dead.


Definitely unexpected turn of events the way it turned out, but welcome back.


Good to be back!



Ohs, I know who you are. at least I know where Ive heard that name before.

You planning to play?


I’m back from the dead! I feel dead, at least.

I haven’t played any games bc I killed my laptop by doing a clean install of windows 7 ultimate. I can’t box anymore, despite it being the reason for my absence because my stepdad’s suddenly too busy to pick me up from the gym, I broke my guitar, and my girlfriend broke up with me. I got a fish tho.

How’s everyone else been doing?




Hello. Were you on a hiatus as well?


Hello, I’m Inconspicuous. I’ve been waiting for this site to come back up, and now it has. It seems other people are putting their interests here, so I’ll include mine: Rogue-likes, board games, and coffee.


MY SWEET SWEET FORUMS ARE BACK. Love you people, never leave. Anyways hi Inconspicuous! Have a nice time here!


Welp, I’ll be back to occasionally lurking. Forum’s still FUBAR on my shiny Windows 10 desktop, but works on my old potatotop. :V


I came to say hi, hi!


Welcome, Rumpelstiltskin!
Actually I tried to write rumpel but the phone corrected it and I seriously love that name so I’m really really sorry
Little does my lady dream Rumpelstiltskin is my name!




well I swung by again briefly. So hi agian. Though I fear it will be a while till I get to pop in again. My internet has fallen apart. replacing the modem seemd to fix it but I am thinking now that it is another filtering issue. We are looking to switch to charter but apparently they aren’t available yet, despite having torn up the right-of-way through our neighborhood.

All our home phones are filtered now but that doesn’t seem to keep the modem from re crashing and going into 24-7 trying to reboot and failing mode after the first hour or so. My only guess at this point is that one of the filters are failing. though we went a couple years without filters before we had this problem the first time.

Unfortunately all the mucking around with the modem has factory reset it again I guess, and I didn’t write down the ATT masterpasword for the account and stuff despite thinking that I did when I condensed our plethora of accounts into one -_-

so yeah,

tldr; my internet is trash right now, and not going to be running for the foreseeable future. I only got this out because in a hotel room saying hello to the sweet sweet internet for this brief stint. So, Hi. Bye. hope to see yall again sooner than later.


[quote=“StopSignal, post:573, topic:4612”]Welcome, Rumpelstiltskin!
Actually I tried to write rumpel but the phone corrected it and I seriously love that name so I’m really really sorry
Little does my lady dream Rumpelstiltskin is my name![/quote]

Haha, it’s all right. I chose that name because of that fairy tale. :smiley:


K, I am hesitant to anger the gods of DSL, but I think I have internet back for good. My apologies to those this may effect.


Anyone know what happened to Coolthulhu?

He’s been completely inactive for a month, which strikes me as quite odd.


Yes, it was a very sudden disappearance, one day it was normal forum and github activity, the next, nothing.


I’m back for a moment.
I had to take a break mostly because of my master’s thesis. Had to finish it (last chance, extended term etc.) and I wanted to avoid any stressful distractions.
I’ll probably (I hope) be defending it by the end of June. Until then, I’ll avoid getting too much into DDA stuff, because getting into arguments about video game features won’t help me re-learn all that CS material I need to have memorized for defense.
And I can’t just not argue. When I sound like a dick, most of the time it’s just because I care, not because it’s personal/fun to shittalk/etc.

I know I left it all in preparation for 0.D - sorry - but important RL stuff has to take priority.
If I’m really needed for something, I check e-mail regularly.

I got a message that someone is impersonating me on discord.
I’m not active on discord, have only been on IRC a couple of times, my steam name is totally different from my name here and so on.
If someone is claiming to be me outside this forum, e-mail or github, it’s most likely not me. Especially if it’s in a game that doesn’t run on 10 year old toasters.