Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


Saw that. Good luck, may your time away heal wounds for all involved.


Hey folks, new Cataclysm convert here. The game is tough as nails and my hate for the Evil That Is The Moose is growing steadily. Looking forward to playing more and reading some great stories from the seasoned survivors of the Cataclysm. :slight_smile:




Welcome to the forums, where politics can be discussed with as level of heads as the weather, but don’t YOU DARE START TALKING CRAP 'BOUT MY SCREWDRIVER’S!


We’re an odd bunch, look forward to seeing you more in the forum.


Hi, I’m new to the forum, but not new to Cata: Been playing it off and on for a few years now, ever since one of my friends showed me builds in the long ago. I am a gun dork and music buff, the first being obvious I suppose since my first post was correcting someone on how an Uzi operates. So, uh, yeah, that’s my thing. Hi everyone!


Hello, welcome to the forum proper.


I keep on forgetting to sign in and check out what’s new. Interests have moved on, and the fact every time I take a peek at this there’s more PM’s in my inbox about endless spammers is just dampening any sense of fun. I think I would rather not moderate.

This isn’t a complete hiatus but I’m really not around very much either, so why pretend like I’m here? Apologies to anyone bummed to see me ‘go’, but I’ve been gone-ish for months anyway. I like you folks a lot! And this bums me out a bit. Game discussion just ain’t doin’ it for me. Please take care, as always.


Good luck, Pth! You are of the best around here. Have fun outside the forums!


Don’t be a stranger ^.^


Well miss you, Pthalocy!


Back again. Who knows for how long this time.


Just want to say that… I’m always around, reading every post, but rarely replying. You guys rock!


Hello again, somewhat nontoxic community! I’m back from finals, and am glad to be out of the woods (not yet, actually, just not worried anymore). I’ll get back to cdda next week!


SOMEWHAT NON TOXIC?!?!?! You Newb get gud b4 I skull _____ ____ #*$@&^$& your #$&%^ mom with ***** BLEEEEEEEEp

there, I think we were under our toxicity quota for ‘somewhat’ non toxic, so I bumbed it up from ‘mostly nontoxic’

Welcome back ^.^


Aloe there~ I’m new to the forums but not new to Cayaclysm DDA. I’ve been playing it for a few years now-- on and off, and am quite fond of the game. I’ve idly browsed the forums for long enough that I felt I might as well make an account to participate.

Even though I know the mechanics fairly well, I’m not a minmaxer or anything like that. I don’t mind talking strategy or anything, but I tend to approach things from a slightly more in-character perspective and find that sort of thing the most fun part of the game along with the customization, building, and the wide variety of… unorthodox solutions to various issues the game offers.

I’m fond of tea, oversized sweaters, cuddles, and zombie genocide.


Welcome, dude! Just saying, if that drawing in your pic is actually yours, i’d tell you to take a peek in Draw Your Cataclysms. I love having artists around!


It’s actually a gift from a good friend of mine! I do art as well, though; I actually like using C:DDA characters for figure sketching practice, but I’m not confident enough to post much online yet :x


It’s alright, man! You are always welcome to post though! If you need any help, just tell.


Not a guy, but thank you! I appreciate it! I’ll probably just post some really simple comics soonish (My tablet is being really dumb right now and I need to fix it first) - I’m a bit more confident posting silly little things like that than actual… shiversEffort.


Oops! Should have checked!