Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


Ahh, fire. The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s little problems.


I was about to suggest to grab a melee weapon hence why i advised to grab a gasmask… but fire works i guess.

Ahh, fire. The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s little problems.[/quote]

Advise not clear enough.

MY car is on fire but the windshield wiper still doesn t funktion.

Advise not clear enough.

MY car is on fire but the windshield wiper still doesn t funktion.

see: life troubleshooting section 8.4.3
Vehicle troubleshooting:
No vehichle trouble is classified as a “little” problem No matter how small a problem it may actually be.
Reasons for this include, but are not limited to:
-satisfying broad solution statements specs that do not include the explicit use of duct tape (Also see: Duct tape unsolvables [error, link not found])

-getting more credit for solving the “car trouble” (Also See: domestic political jockeying, politics)

-the fact that little problems quickly network with other problems to become massive problems when complex or interconnected systems are involved (Also see: Human body, organics, machinery, code & programming)


[quote author=Litppunk link=topic=4875.msg284030#msg284030 date=1474824822]


The Hitchhikers Guide To The Cataclysm right there.


Well i ll keep that in mind for when i got a new car.


I briefly return, because I ran out of webcomics to read.


We always supply here. Welcome back.


I am typing this using an internet hotspot for I have lost access to it…not having internet is boring… halp…

I won’t be able to fix my mod for a while if any trouble arises so try about that for those who care.


Well if you can read this using public internet, I hope it gets fixed.


I been there since around 6 months and never saw this thread existed,so i will give a short introduction
how you found this game:a thread on NEO scavenger.
a flaw:debug mode overusing
days highscore:14,q-q


So far, none of my recent PRs have been accepted in the form I created, and I think mugling wants me gone from the project. I think I’m only useful as a garbage cleaner in the eyes of the devs.


It happens.


What is the purpose of this game? Is it resume padding; amusement; both?


I’m going to practice a while before creating another PR. My skill is nil.


Im back… I guess. Not sure how long I was “gone for”… hey again.


Um, hi.
Been playing for a year now. Took a month-long break from the game bc responsibilities. When I came back I finally joined this forum of absolutely outstanding people and saw this thread. I’m real happy to have found a…well, anythjng on the Internet that doesn’t have more belligerent people than a 50 cent honky-tonk or more toxicity than a slime mutagen. So, hi again.


Welcome! I hope you find this a good place.


I hope you continue to be a non toxic being of ever increasing numbers of a friendly environment, and that this forum continues to be that environment.



Hello! I’ve been playing Cataclysm DDA for over three years now; only just finding this forum a couple days ago. Its… Kinda remarkable that I didn’t find it sooner… But! In any case, I hope to share my experiences with this amazing game and, also, share a couple of laughs with everyone too.


HOoray! Welcome to the forum.


I…need to take a break from this. I currently can’t address concerns I have about recent events without it devolving into shitposting. I’ve alienated the few people that actually supported me.