Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


Welcome! Fancy seeing new faces (or lack thereof) around here.


Greetings, Gally.


♫Hi Gally… (wave)


I’m leaving the board for a while.




borkbork no :frowning:

bye… have a good time elsewhere. Come back soon.


I’m back.




I’m sorry if I made anybody upset. I didn’t leave as a joke or stunt.


Hi, I’m new. Probably clocked… 40ish hours over four days? Something absurd like that. And boy am I glad that there’s a bunch of information threads, because I need them.

(I actually tried to join the Reddit first, against my better judgement, but they have a minimum account age to post in the Cataclysm:DDA subreddit… So that didn’t work. Though I can understand the reason, and am not really complaining- it was just a bit disappointing.)


Welcomw, this is the official community anyway, the sub reddit is just to have something on reddit.


Haha… I realize that now. Thank you for the welcome.


Welcome to the community, you need not be lost anymore ^.^.


I’m back! Been gone for a while. I came back to try out the new game mechanics and generally run around stabbing zombies to death.




Man I’m really bad at staying around, aren’t I? I’m here, though! It has been quite some time since I last played - might need to pick up the latest version of the Cataclysm auto-updater, and I gotta figure out if there’s any appropriate way of getting back into moth shenanigans again!

I really should record for youtube again as well but I always worry that the stuff I get up to isn’t interesting at all, haha |D;


Hello, moth!


Heya StopSignal! Great to see you again :smiley: Man I need to get back to drawing moth shenanigans (Though I’ve been drawing Lancer-form (Or just “Lancer” now) a whole bunch lately, haha)


Wb fluffy moth person.


Wb chaz. Its ok, you don’t need to play anyways. JUST DRAW, must have more moth drawings! :stuck_out_tongue: