Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


This was my stance in the Great Slurring and I stand by it now: GODDAMMIT CAN’T WE JUST GET ALONG NONE OF THIS IS THAT BAD


agreed moving on. Welcome new peoples. If you are having trouble with the game, try stopping by tips & tricks thread.




I am back, and all this shit about slurs is confusing me. What happened?


welcome tourist.

welcome back. There was a big freedom of speech fight a while back about the right to use hateful slang in creative works, like stories. Eventually that sub-forum split off and did its own thing. Things have been pretty calm since then. Its been nice.






Came here from a Neo Scavenger review. Cataclysm is awesome. Got totally hooked once i saw the character creation menu. Finally decided to make an account after playing the game for a few months. Im not really a forum person but hello everyone.



this is an ego post.

i too am the newbs


welcome fury. Please enjoy your stay.


Posted this in the wrong spot :x

Jumping Jesus on a riding lawnmower, things have changed since I last came around, though I see some familiar names floating around. I didn’t know this was actually the same forum as original Cataclysm, so it’s a pleasant surprise having my original avatar.


Holy cow. There’s so much new content, I don’t even know where to start. I’m back to not being able to get past day 1, lol. That integrated mod list is awesome.

So what’re everyone’s favorite features? Best mods? Most interesting ways to start the game? I’m gradually getting back into it, but I wanna mess with some of the game changers. I left off around when vehicles were officially implemented and the defense mode was just added.

Ahh… It’s good to be back.


I think you should download PKs mod


I think you should download PK’s mod but ONLY after you’ve learned to play the game again.


Nooo, itll be fine. The one that comes with the game is actually a partial shell, so youll need to pick it up on the forum here. Im in the process of moving my almost 10k lines of code into the core game.

I mean, it makes more classic zombies spawn, so it cant be bad, right?


i really love CBMs and mutations in this game. Really spices thing up. Gives me more options for fighting annoying enemies beyond “Wear power armor and tank everything”


Kinda hello again. Somewhat doing a hiatus on the game, and by extension this place, due to recovering from back surgery. Ten screws on the spine, baybeh!

Should be able to start playing and participating in this place again, and hoard all sorts of items in the game, soonish.


If anyone needs some more detail:

I notice random_dragon (chaosvolt) had stopped his updates in the announcement thread, so I started researching around as to why. Kevin Granade banned him from making changes to Cataclysm via the GitHub repo, I took Kevin’s explanation (here) as the complete reason why random_dragon was banned. But I didn’t assume anything as I’ve known ol’ Kev to overreact.

I looked around the repo a bit and, tl;dr: The specific incidents Kevin references went down almost as he describes, but after going through random_dragon request history I can’t find evidence of the hostility, combativeness or general poor attitude which Kevin describes - you can look through random_dragon’s history here. This request was pretty convincing - I mean Kev’s right in the assessment that random_dragon overreached in this instance and errs on the side of scatterbrained. But otherwise you can see how often other users come in to help him out and how at no point does he lash out in any way.

Plus also the b& thread: [quote=“Kev”]This latest temper tantrum is the last straw[/quote]
Yeah unless there’s some private convo going on, random_dragon is almost as far away from throwing a tantrum as you can reasonably get. I’m actually almost certain Kevin’s deleted some of it, because his reply is almost comical - in which case I wish he’d left the exchange there for posterity.

Ah well, I can’t unban him - apparently CDDA is Kev’s project (actually have to find where I saw him say that but I need to eat breakfast). Regardless, I’m disappointed we lost a contributor.


oh, hello laundryman, good to see you airdrying your stuff.


Does it count as ‘airdrying’ my stuff if it’s not my stuff?


That just means you borrowed someone else’s dirty laundry, I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse.

A private conversation between two people on the internet? unpossible! Yes, there were private discussions, and no, I have no interest in posting them. This was a series of conversations that spanned months both in public and in private, at the end of which I came to the conclusion that there was going to continue to be constant conflict with no resolution in sight, and that I wasn’t going to subject myself to it any further.
BTW, if you feel like capturing the full context, try✓&q=commenter%3Achaosvolt+ as well, since a lot of the misbehavior was around kibitzing unrelated issues.
As a user, I would have simply used some kind of ignore feature and that would have been the end of it (github does have one), but as the project owner I don’t have that option, I can’t simply not review someone’s pull requests or issues, and I can’t ignore their comments on other people’s PRs and issues. I spent about a month trying to “tune him out”, but it didn’t work. Then I came to the realization that it was not going to change, and that the only way it was going to stop was if I either quit the project myself (fat chance) or if I banned chaosvolt. I chose the latter option.