Coming and Going thread - Say hi, say bye. For new people, hiatuses, departures


If you’re a new person wanting to say hi, someone who is leaving the purpose for some reason or another, or someone who’s been on a hiatus and wants to let people know you returned, please post here instead of making a new thread for it.


Ill be back around February, when my school year starts. Last year, hooray. See you folks then, I may stop in for a post or two like I have been doing, otherwise, ill still be quiet.


Just a heads up - I’ll be gone most of February. Going to be touring the wilds of foreign shores in the ol’Europe.



I tried CDDA about a year ago but quickly put it on the backburner, mostly due to its high complexity and me being a roguelike noob . Tried again last week and this time got completely hooked - it all makes sense now.

Extremely happy that Ive found yet another game (next to DF, Crawl and a few others) that I already know will last me for years. And, congratulations to all the devs/contributors past & present - its projects like this one that slowly restore my faith in videogame medium.


Hello, I’m Joshua.
I found out about CDDA through another zombie-themed Roguelike game I happened across, one that the creator abandoned, unfortunately. In my search for something similar, I found CDDA. After playing a bit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with it or not. It was far too complex for my understanding, not having played any Roguelikes other than the aforementioned abandoned one. After some fiddling around with some of the features the game had to offer, I started having a bit of fun with it.

A little bit about me: I’m a writer; though not a very good one. I’ll occasionally write short stories but poetry is more my forte.
My introduction to zombies in general was the original Dawn of the Dead. It remains one of my all time favorite movies to date.
I love music, although I’m rather picky about what I listen to.

That’s basically all there is to know. I’m not a very interesting person. I hope to remain active and get to know you all nonetheless.


Welcome to the forums, Mad Jackal!


Thank you, 100Rads. I appreciate it.


Hello, I’m Gabriel.

I found Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead in a random roguelike searching, and was not disapointed.
Initially, in my first attempts to play, I failed miserably, but I was so amazed at the immersion level of this, and that kept me focused on the gaming session.

It taught me some important actions and knowledges, also, many english words that I didn’t know.

I’m a 17-year student. I actually live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My hobbies are computer stuff, like programming, But I’m not a good one at this.

I have a small blog about LUA scripts here, and a small history here that I’m developing (in portuguese)

Also, I run a hosting company with a friend here.

That’s all interesting things in my life… =)


Welcome to our forums Gabriel! I hope you enjoy our community!
There is an alternate language section of the forums, but I don’t think there is any Brazilian threads though sadly. Though someday I am sure it might get it’s own thread and translated version of the game! :smiley:


Thanks for the reception and hospitality =)

I can myself help with the translation…


[quote=“M, post:10, topic:4612”]Thanks for the reception and hospitality =)

I can myself help with the translation…[/quote]
That’s great! Now if you get a team of fellow translators then the translation can be a possibility!


I’m Gtaguy, resident menace to forum-city. Also I sleep at the time this is posted so ugh sleep.


I haven’t been posting much at all and I should have announced a hiatus here, really.

Day job got ramped up again, school semester is getting in the way. I’m just not online here much and I’m pretty much a constant idler in irc. Just want folks to know what happened. I hope this is a hiatus I can come back from come late spring and still find the community I left. Best of luck to all in the meantime. :slight_smile:


Hi,I’m Hellwolf ,I am here hoping to find some good advice and some good friends


Welcome to our humble community!


Just thought I’d pop in real quick and say hi. :stuck_out_tongue:

I discovered CataDDA through a youtuber by the name of PlumpHelmetPunk, and just loved the concept of it and had to try it out for myself! I lost about a dozen or more characters already, but I’m currently in the middle of one of my best runs yet and having a blast.

Anyways, I hope to be seeing you around the forums! m.m



I’m back.

Guess that’s a hiatus?

Just got bored of Cataclysm.


Yeah every game gets boring after awhile, you just need to learn how to pace yourself so you don’t get burnt out.


Announcing a three month hiatus:

Starting tonight I will be taking a three month hiatus from the computer/internet, as a personal challenge. It’ll be tough, as I’m a major internet addict.

See y’all in June!


Perfect time to stop on 1069 posts. Yes. I have the mind of a child;-;