Cataclysm: The Card Game (not finished)


is it available on single player


Hi Jacob.exe and others.
Brand new to the forums and this is my first post.

I love this idea and your outline.
I also like that you are not confined by a board.
Respect to others that like or suggest a board.

With your cards you can generate anything any location and anywhere.
I also went WOW, when you indicated how easy it was to "SAVE a map. Easy pizzi once you talked about stacking the deck. I guess it would be something like Always Pack your deck from bottom right moving left then up to next row and right and then left Etc.
Then to unpack you just reverse that order.

As a card only game it then becomes easy make expansions that would add more depth.
Cyborg Deck, Rural locations, new Event or Interrupt decks stuff like that future.

And it is easy to pack up.
I current have many board games, With Zombicided being a huge portion of it. WOW
is is a pain to pack up and bring to my friends houses.
I have bought TWO Wheeled toolboxes just to transport one full game all editions of Zombicide with me and I still have two extra big boxes to transport.
I think you should keep it simple to begin with.

If I may suggest. You should look at Steam’s Tabletop Simulator. First off it is pretty great if you want to make your own game especially card games.
It has a really easy and free method of generating a deck of cards. Heck you could just use the free deck builder software and print off your own cards.
link to the software. Pretty sure it is free. But if you sell this Please check first if you use it.
I have created a set of cards and it was dead easy.

I have only read your post and glanced at the replies so far.
Please forgive if you have already answered. I will read more.
Just very excited by your idea.
First thing that comes to mind about your cards.
So you say Map and two tile cards in your description.
And you list HOUSE at the top of the Map card.
I would suggest you say URBAN, RURAL MOUNTAINS PLAINS. As the MAP type and then possibly work houses buildings what ever.

  • Heck I would then add a random number and perhaps a symbol or coloured Dot to the card indicating how many and what Other Pile of cards to draw from. It would add a more dynamic feeling to your game.
    Rather then AH the card with four houses on it.
  • I am and have been fiddling with a way to generate a town with believable buildings in it for myself. For zombies, survival, what ever.
    So with the suggestion above you know how many cards to draw. (It might be just a grass field with draw three events on it. Events would be atmospheric\environmental effects. A Storm is brewing or Advance clock
    (I know I am rambling but do you have Time worked into this game? ) Because that could also be part of the event. HARD SLOG would be my event and I would increment hunger thirst and time 2.(just randomly picking out numbers here)

Building Cards I am working on contain details about size and type of building with number of CORE rooms in it that you also draw from as well as number of usable entrances\exits.
(Interrupt cards in my mind could contain Dive through open Window. Used during an encounter you just don’t want to entertain)

This way you don’t have to detail the whole building.
Who cares about an empty basement or bedrooms if they are EMPTY.
Players need to assume they looked in those rooms.
Then with the core rooms numbered you draw from respective deck (House, Factory, Shopping Mall, Army Etc)
On this card you could have a small description of the room and have random encounter (as loose as Draw 3 cards from the Zombie Deck, or 1 card from the NPC deck, or one ZOMBIE card, One Reward card, one Event card each deck being a detailed deck of whatever. Very loose but that is where I was at thinking for building generation and what might be going on in them.

Lots of other ideas, Love your crafting, and salvage ideas as well.
Thanks for posting your photos and thoughts.


Sorry about not getting to these replies until now.

I am assuming that you are asking if this game can be played alone. Yes, I want the opponent to be the game itself and not another player. Although this does not mean the game is restricted to singleplayer, as I also want the option of having a friend join and help (or steal from) you.

The idea that I had was to have MAP cards that are made up of TILE cards, and the MAP card just dictated what set of random TILE cards were picked. After the past discussion though, I think it would be better to have all relevant information printed on MAP cards and to just ditch the TILE cards, which is pretty much what you suggested later in your post.

With regards to the picture (focusing on the card on the very left): the word “House” is the name of the card, the word “Map” just shows the category of game card that it is in, and the word “Urban” shows what category of map card it is part of. These things mainly exist to decide what draw pile they go in, while the words below it, “Contains: 4 house tiles”, determine what function the card has.


I have been thinking about how the crafting system in C:DDA could be represented with cards. There were a few ideas I had, but some of them had large downsides and/or break away from the inspiration material.

I will list off some of the ideas I had and their associated pros and cons.

  • Schematics
    Schematic cards are obtained by the player somehow during the game. One side of these cards would describe what conditions would need to be met in order to craft a specific item, and the other side would be the description and attributes of the crafted item. Once crafted, the card would be turned over and would then behave as a normal item card.

+Pros: the recipe for an item is easy to see, the player would have easy access to the item once crafted, all information for crafting along with the item itself is located on one card (reducing bloat).

-Cons: only one item can be crafted per schematic, it is nothing like the actual system in C:DDA, any crafted item that is needed in bulk will require a completely different crafting system, what items the player can craft are limited to what schematics they find and not their proficiency in any certain subject.

  • Crafting bases
    This is similar to the schematic method with “schematics” being replaced by “crafting bases”. Crafting bases are regular item cards that also act as schematics. It may be difficult to describe generally so here is an example: let’s say there is a pipe item card in the game, this card would behave like a normal item card with the addition of a recipe for a pipe bomb printed on the front. Also, like the previous schematic idea there would be the crafted item printed normally on the back. So when the pipe card is crafted with, it is flipped over and used as a pipe bomb card. All item cards could have a special recipe tied to them, but this does not have to be the case (also, some item cards of different types could craft the same product, while some item cards of the same types could craft different products).

+Pros: the recipe for an item is easy to see, the player would have easy access to the item once crafted, all information for crafting along with the item itself is located on one card (reducing bloat), items can be crafted in bulk as one of their crafting ingredients is the recipe, crafting can be limited by skill instead of recipe availability.

-Cons: only one item can be crafted per crafting base, it is much closer but still nothing like the system in C:DDA, multiple products with the same components will require two or more different versions of the same crafting base item (increasing bloat (this can be avoided by proper planning, but still reduces options), recipes with multiple ingredients of the same type would need special planning.

  • “Proper” crafting
    Proper crafting would basically be slightly diluted C:DDA crafting mechanics in card form. All recipes would be listed on separate cards (maybe large cards or a sheet of paper), this way the player can know what is needed for a certain product at anytime. When the player has all the needed ingredients they can craft the item by searching for it in its respective pile and then re-shuffling that same pile. The ingredients could be reshuffled in their original pile or put into a discard, I am not entirely sure.

+Pros: recipes are available entirely based on character merit and gathered ingredients, any item can easily be a product, all information for crafting is located in a dedicated place (unlike crafting bases which could crowd the item card), recipes using thousands of ingredients are just as easy to handle as recipes using two ingredients.

-Cons: recipes may be hard to locate as the player will need to navigate a sheet with many recipes, having to search an entire item pile could be time consuming and reshuffling could be even worse (how difficult it is to retrieve an item is entirely dependent on how the item cards are organized in storage), crafting an item takes away an item that could have otherwise been found (influencing the chance to find certain types of loot could be tied in as a game mechanic or it could just be an unintended side affect).


That’s all I have as of now. If I think of anything else I will just edit this reply and add it using the same format.


Scavenge forest at night, get killed by moose.


I imagine using skills for the game would be incredibly useful. Maybe d6 based to make it easier to keep track of skill progress with your skill bonus applying a success bonus to each action type.

Item types can be simplified to military, science, civilian and nature. Along with vehicle and location cards seperately.

Crafting does seem like it’d be a bit of a hassle. But if it were to be implemented, I’d say simplify it by labeling the skill needed with a small icon, and determine the crafting materials based off of the 4 item groups; military, civilian, science, nature.

An example; Crafting Duffle Bag
Req: Tailor 2 (semi-early game item)
Materials: Civilian 3
(Materials are approximated 1-6; 1. little material needed, 2. some material needed, 3. a good amount of material needed, 4. a lot of material needed, 5. a lot of material and hard to find components needed, 6. require rare components and a large amount of material)

Another example; Armored Personell Carrier
Req; Mechanics 5 (late game vehicle)
Materials: Military 4, Civilian 5
(Components needed are military armor and turret and tons of scrap for frames. That’s why these have given values)

Anyways, as for acquiring materials, it would make sense scavenging locations give higher material values than say killing zombies.

I think the most difficult thing would be deciding the end game. Maybe arriving at an evac shelter or surviving 1 year.

That reminds me, certain locations such as forests need season dependent loot values. Forest during winter equals a loot value of 1, being the minimum.

Anyways, that’s all I have to contribute at the moment.


I love your ideas.
skills is a nice addition to make a more complex yet satisfying game.
Dice can and will add to the over all variability.
But the Gem of your addition IMHO is the addition of a loot modifier based on season.

I am just so tired of D6 being the go to die, what with being 50 years old and four decades of gaming with them.
Maybe it was the certain war H game that just burned me out on the limited range\variability you get from a single D6. But I am always inclined to go with a D8 or D10. I like their Gem like look and the increased range of variation. But that really is just me.

I am going to add that seasonality mod and take it a step further with a few other modifiers add to my little encounter play deck I am fiddling with. Not sure how possibly a separate deck or maybe just part of the SUCCESS portion of an encounter as well as Event based modifiers.
For example if a Horde just went through the wilderness the animal corpse mod could be increased for X number of turns in the area.

When scavenging a Military camp you could have a mod that says Draw from the Item deck discarding all cards until you draw a card with a {m} on it denoting a military card be it a weapon or item.

Some great idea’s.