Cataclysm-DDA Discord Server

Hey all!
I am a administrator of the Cataclysm-DDA Discord server, and I would like to appeal to those on the forums to join us!

Discord is an chat service for gamers, along the lines of Skype and TeamSpeak. On Discord, we are able to host more informal conversation about the game. Additionally, the developers can reach out to the community for their ideas easier. We also have a friendly community, and a effective moderation team, so you can make yourself at home. We have already accumulated 800+ Cataclysm fans on our Discord server, and we hope that you can help us grow.

Here is the invite link: Discord works in the browser as well as having mobile and desktop versions, so you can access the server anywhere!

Thank you!

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I wouldn’t saw discord is easier than the forums or reddit for the devs based on peak users reached, but its almost as fast as the irc.

Joined. Can’t type anything tho.

Read the rules in #info - it will tell you what to do.

gone over them…three times…no…it doesn’t. Im kinda new to discord too so…oh well.

At the bottom it says

Now that you’ve read the rules, the command is b!iacceptrules

You might want to talk to the mods after you do that and ask them to make it more clear.

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Thank you. New glasses are required. :upside_down_face::nerd_face:

Off, discord! At last! Why has this thread been lost for so long…

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Joined. Hope to see you guys and gals there.