Camp WhiteRiver (Player RPG Story)


Richard Brick Mikalister: In a British accent “Well then, long way it is. I don’t have any glasses on myself, but if we run across any I’d gladly give them to you. Chances are Camp WhiteRiver will have a spare or two, can’t guarantee it’ll be proper quality however. Now come along, I’ll make sure I don’t lose you, be quiet and we should be okay.”


A small frown on her face. A sputter leaving her lips. Her filthy hair moving about quickly and swiftly.

B-But m-my glasses g-got to be in the s-school still right? W-we can’t try to look?

Her eyes stung badly. Her hands scrunching up around them. Hand gripping the blob looking man in front of her. Gripping with everything she could so she could have something solid.

Life had been hollow the past few weeks. This was solid and hopefully. Things could get better and would get better.


Richard Brick Mikalister: In an American accent “Sorry, but we don’t have enough time to look through it all, we can search the closest rooms you know it might be in, but don’t be surprised if we don’t find any. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you if we need to get past some monsters, and I should be able to guide you through the path we need to take. Hold my hand if it’ll help you find your way. Oh, and which kind of glasses do you need?” Richard looks down the hallway quickly, noticing the annoying large amount of rooms just on this part of the school “Like I said, back in the safety of Camp WhiteRiver there should be some in any case, so if we don’t find any here we will there.”