Camp WhiteRiver (Player RPG Story)


-I thought it would be kinda cool to tell the story of Camp WhiteRiver, one of the few groups of survivors who actually stay together. Other than surviving themselves, their main goal is to rescue and recruit those who managed to survive the apocalypse. They live in a partially ruined refuge center, north is a river that runs far and deep into the forest to the east. To the south, the large city of Rokdale, filled with both loot and hordes of zombies. To the west are what Camp WhiteRiver called the forbidden plains, filled with giant anthills, radioactive waste, creatures from the nether and more dangers aside. The forest nearby happens to also have a camp of survivors, but these ones are bandits, and the archenemy of Camp WhiteRiver. (Second only to headcrabs.)
-What I want, is for the people who view this thread, to possibly create a character that was found and saved by WhiteRiver, either that or one that soon will be saved. This is based only a couple weeks after the end of the world, and as such you won’t have crazy amazing gear or anything, but mutations aren’t off the chart.
-For those who wish to join Camp WhiteRiver, I will effectively be your Game/Dungeon Master, and I will help guide the story as you wander the wasteland and rebuild your home. Lots of this will be made up as we go, and I’m fine with you giving suggestions of possible events that might happen in different areas.
-Sorry this was so long, but it had to be to have such a full explanation.


Erika Raymond: “Are you sure we should be letting in mutants just was willingly as everyone else, Dale?” Erika frowns and moves side to side, uncomfortable “I know they aren’t all bad and that, but it just seems a bit, well, risky.”

Dale Eastwood: “Yes, just because someone has a couple tentacles or a bit fur doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be given a spot in this group. There is no point in arguing, my opinion will not change.”

Erika Raymond: she slumps her shoulders in defeat “Fine, you’re the boss. I’ll leave the topic alone.”

Garus Faust: “And it’d be nice if you stop being so obvious about how you feel about us.” Garus stares at Erika with his feline eyes and she looks down at her feet, shuffling back and forth “Clayton lost his glasses again, how about you go help him while I chat with Dale?”

Erika Raymond: “Oh, okay.” Erika quickly moves away from Dale and Garus

Garus Faust: “Food and wood are running low again, and after the latest event with the spiders few wish to go back into the forest. I’m willing to go myself to hunt, is that okay or do you still need me here?”

Dale Eastwood: “No, we’re good enough as it is. Try to get some medicinal herbs too if you find any.”

Garus Faust: Garus nods his head and moves to retrieve a couple things before he leaves to hunt

Dale Eastwood: “Now, I just it’d be best if I finally get a proper chat with the new recruits…”

OOC: This is now where anyone who wishes to join comes in.


The helicopter soared above the forest, giving Alex a birds-eye view of the land. He scans the terrain to see any signs of survivors.

Kat: She stirs and slowly sits up, awaking from her sleep. “Hey Alex… Where we headed to today?”

Alex: He glances over to her, giving a slight smile. “About an hour ago I received word over the radio that there was a camp of survivors nearby. I was hoping we could stay their for a while, we’re getting low on fuel.”

They fly for another few minutes when they spot a town.

Kat: She grabs a map from on top of the dashboard and opens it up. “Hey, I think this is Rokdale.”

Alex: He flips the switch for the radio and broadcasts the message on open frequencies. “Hello, my name is Seargant Alex Halen. Any survivors that are in or around the Rokdale precinct, please send a message back.”


OOC: BTW it’s a good idea to specify whether your character starts within Camp WhiteRiver or has simply heard of it before you start, and possibly mention a couple simple details about your character too. Just so everyone can get a better idea of how to react when you first start.
I’m not certain I understand where you are exactly either, due to how you explained your location. If Camp WhiteRiver was to your east, you would be inside the forbidden planes, and the city of Rokdale would still be to the south of you in theory.
Let me clarify the landscape again:

South - Rokdale
West - Forbidden Plains
East - Forest
North - Large River (technically there is still forest around here, simply less)

So, before I make a mistake on what you mean, please clarify yourself as to where you are, who you are, and all that.


I’d prefer if character ‘details’ were mentioned in the OOC section of Camp WhiteRiver.


Richard Brick Mikalister: “Dale, do you read me?”

Dale Eastwood: Noticing the faint signal on the radio he walks over to it and puts of the headphones to listen “Yes, what is it?”

Richar_Brick_ Mikalister: “A man by the name of Alex is talking over the radio, I figured you couldn’t hear it since the radio over there is kinda messed up. He’s calling out to all survivors in the near vicinity of the Rokdale outscurts, fairly close to me. Want me to patch them into you? I figured you’d want to talk to them directly.”

Dale Eastwood: He almost nods his head, forgetting for a moment that Brick couldn’t hear him “Yes, tell me the right frequency and I’ll adjust accordinly.”

Richard Brick Mikalister: He gives Dale the instructions of how to broadcast directly to Alex and before leaving the chat mentions “They mentioned they had a helicopter by the way. Obviously it’s low on fuel, and I’ll guess kinda beat up from all the monsters around.”

Dale Eastwood: “Do you hear me? You said your name was Alex right? This is Camp WhiteRiver.”


Both of them let out a sigh of relief.

Alex: “Yes, I hear you, can you please relay your coordinates? We are currently running low on fuel.”


Dale Eastwood: He relays the coordinates of Camp WhiteRiver to Alex and Kat “There will be a couple people who come out when we see you approach. But don’t be alarmed by the weaponry, it’s just that we’ve had lots of bandit problems as of late. When you arrive you’ll be free to join us as long as you don’t create any problems, while we don’t have much it’s better than out there alone. I imagine you’d expect this, but if you wish to stay you’ll need to work just has hard as everyone else, and possibly a little more if you happen to have some skills we lack in. I should warn you though, while we share and provide as much as we can to simple passerbys, gasoline is far too precious a resource. If you want that, you’ll need to get it yourself. That’s all I have to say for now.”


Alex: “Okay then, Good luck out there.” He turns off the radio.

The two, after looking for a few minutes, finally find the camp. They bring the helicopter in and lightly touches the beast to the ground, shutting the engine off.


Around the helicopter stand five people with shabby weapons. Two melee and two ranged weapons are out, but not aimed at Alex and Kat. The one person without a weapon slowly approaches the helicopter.

Dale Eastwood: With a friendly smile Dale comes forward saying “My name is Dale, current leader of Camp WhiteRiver. These are some of your fellow survivors, and as I’m certain you can see, we aren’t in the best of states, but our hard work together is what has kept us alive for so long. Please come in, we will help you the best we can. Whether human, bionic, or mutant the survivors of the End should stick together.”

Erika Raymond: mumbling to herself “It wasn’t that simple for me.”

Dale Eastwood: Without turning “Because I sensed you might cause trouble, I do not from these two people.”

Erika Raymond looks at her feet once more embarrassed that she said it loud enough for Dale to hear him

Roland: He shakes his head “I’ll never understand how you sense people like you do. Seriously, you psychic or something? We haven’t even seen them yet, but with a track record like you I’ll bet you’re right about whatever you sense from them.”

Dale Eastwood: looking over to Roland he smiles “My homeland taught things different then how they did over here. I could teach you, but earning the knowledge of my people is expensive, and worth more than blood or gold.” Dale turns back to the helicopter “But I’m certain that’s not something you two came to talk about, so let’s discuss things more relative to you inside.”


The two smiled and hopped out of the hecopter.
Alex “My name’s Alex,” he then gestures to Kat, “and this is my wife, Kat.”


Dale Eastwood: does a small laugh and says “Your broadcast over the radio mentioned your name several times, I don’t think you will need to repeat it anymore to anyone here, Alex.” He looks over to Kat “However you didn’t mention your wife, which isn’t a problem of course. Even if she is a mutant, as I believe I have said, it should not create a problem. While I assume she became a mutant after you married her, it always pleases me to see loyalty in such a relationship” Dale now frowns “compassion and such is sadly rare in times such as these.” perking back up “But enough talk out in this cold, let us go inside.”


Jorge ‘Diehard’ Jones was just about to keel over and die from exhaustion, when he felt multiple very much alive life signatures a few miles away. Rushing directly eastward, he used the last of his energy sprinting to whoever the area he felt them at.

Finally arriving in a few minutes, the last thing he saw was a feline looking man walking away from an entrance of some kind before passing out from exhaustion, his huge but powerful bulk following him with a rather loud thud.


Alex: "Gladly."
The two follow Dale inside.


–At Camp WhiteRiver
Over the next few hours Dale shows the couple around Camp WhiteRiver. In many areas along the wall there are piles of rocks and heavy objects to make for a barrier where the walls have fallen down. Most of the windows have been largely boarded up, and the inner walls have almost all been taken down, other than needed supports for what is left of the roof. About half of the roof is missing toward the back of the base, this area is used mostly for training, but in some cases just to relax.
Dale mentions that everyone earns their free time and sometimes small bonuses by the amount of work they do. Of course, the easier jobs you need to work more, and the harder jobs you need to work less. if someone finishes a job, then they need to begin working on another if they want more time to relax. Almost everyone needs to learn to do a variety of jobs, since you never know when someone will die.
The kitchen area is large, since it needs to be to feed so many people. Dale points at a trapdoor nearby and says that is where all the food is kept. It is one of the few places that is locked, and few people have the access code and the key to get in. Hunger can sometimes drive people to theft in rough times, and thus the lock was needed.
There are two other places that are locked, the weapons depot and the medical closet. These are both locked for fairly obvious reasons. However, the main reason people try to break into the medical closet is to 'get a drink’
Dale Eastwood: Dale points at a doorway that is covered only by a rough curtain “And here is your room. It’s small and cramped, and I wish that we cannot provide more privacy, but you are getting more than most due to your marriage.” “I feel it only to be right to give a couple some privacy after all, just try not to have kids right now, we have enough on our plate.” Dale says the last part with a smile and a wink “I’ll send someone to get you something to eat and drink, it’ll be pretty plain of course, but it’s better than nothing. Feel free to look around while you wait.” He now walks away, leaving Alex and Kat alone in front of their room

–At the Forest
Garus Faust creeps around the woods, looking for prey. He clenches his fists and sniffs there air. Then a sudden thud attracts his attention. Slowly crawling on his bare hands and feet he nears where the sound came from. A large Prime Soldier lays passed out before Garus, wearing what used to be power armor, but was now more of just piles of scrap and electric bits makeshifted together. By now, the enhanced abilities of the power armor would never happen, unless a working military grade factory could be used. Obviously, that is out of the question at the moment.
Garus Faust: He cautiously approaches the large man, ready to jump back at any moment “Are you awake? Can you talk?” Seeing no response, but the very slight rise and fall of the person’s chest, he begins to grab nearby herbs and root around in his pack for his mortar in pestle “People can sometimes hear you in their sleep, like a coma, so if you can indeed hear me, just know I’m going to help you.” Stripping the man he searches for open wounds, bright side is that there wasn’t very many and none were too deep, downside is that one appeared to be infected “Looks like I’ll need to take care of you for a while don’t I?” He looks at the armor, noticing the name of the soldier on it “So Jorge is your name? Well, I’ll tell it to you straight, you aren’t in a good shape. I’ll do what I can, but it’s a case of 50/50 right now.” Garus does all he can for Jorge as hours pass by, hoping that his patient gets better…

–City of Rokdale
Just as the young girl is about to open of the bunker, loud thuds come from the other side, along with growls and grrs. Obviously there was something hostile on the other side of the door, then it suddenly stops with the noise of a body droppping
Richard Brick Mikalister: In a Russian accent "Fear not little girl, I will not hurt you. What is your name young one?"
To Amelia Day, what was in front of her was mostly just a large blob with seemingly brown hair, tanned skin, and wearing either a red shirt of covered in blood. Or both.


Blond hair long and dirty. Not having been able to clean herself properly for weeks. Clothing dirty and smelly school uniform a simple fancy looking black almost suit like thing and a brown skirt. A tie completing the assemble that was the uniform.

Amelia had been gripping the knife in her hand. A piece of glass from a broken window and some strips of rags from a blanket. Hastily made weeks ago and never used. She had been moving to open the door.

When the growl resounded she felt her body shake. Terror filling her entire being hand shaking grip tightening barely able to discern her own hand from the door. The metal door that had been the reason this bunker had not been broken down.

A thump resounded followed by that voice. Amelia certainly didn’t know what to do for quite a few moments understandably. It had been weeks since she had heard another person speaking to her.

Not just screaming or crying or…she didn’t like to think they were dying. But they obviously were and Amelia’s voice held a tremor. Obviously young and obviously terrified. Light and holding a stutter.

“A-Amelia…A-Amelia D-Day…I…I you…I’ve been here…a while. Is…is it getting better outside? Can…Can I go now…I’m…”

A jingling of a pack. Staring at her pencils and rulers and small mostly miscellaneous things like erasers and small containers. Staring at a few cans holding peaches and other foods like chicken and vegetables.

Seeing the small canisters of water and fruit juice and knowing that they might last a few days more. She managed to speak again steeling herself. Voice growing thicker more deep trying to hype herself up.

“Its…its safe now right? I can come out, right? It’s all over right?”


_It felt like an eternity before Jorge himself came to, and even then, barely. The physical strain of near constant fighting for less than 4 weeks took a toll on Jorge’s transhuman, prime body. When he heard footsteps and a voice with a strange accent to it, he couldn’t even open his eyes, or virtually react to this being. _
He’d have to put his trust in this individual for the moment as he was too out of it to do anything remotely helpful.
Jorge did wonder how this person would move him anywhere.


Kat: "Oh wait, if it helps, I’m a really good cook!

Alex gives a light chuckle.
Alex: “She’s quite a mean cook if I have to say so myself. She can make the most out of pretty much anything.”


–City of Rokdale
Richard Brick Mikalister: In an Irish accent “I’ll be honest lass, it’s hell out there, but I know a place you might be safe. It be a might, for certain, but better than here. It’s safer than here be though, in any case. Come with me, I protect you as long as I can.” He rubbed his chin in though, which Amelia couldn’t really see much of it, after all her glasses are lost. “This’s what I’ll do lass, I’ll give you two choices. We can go the long way round, which is more likely to be safe, or we could go the direct route, but there be the undead in the way…”

_Luckily, after many longs hours Jorge started to gain consciousness again, albeit a faint one. His breathing had become somewhat more even, and seemingly the effects of him having became effectively a super soldier had increased his immune system too. Either that or he was just incredibly stubborn. But it appears that the exertion of previous times took a serious toll on him, only time would tell if the effect would stay… _
Garus Faust: His sensitive hears note the change a breath and look over to Jorge “I may not be the most sentimental of people, but glad to see you’re alive. Nobody deserves to die like this, out in the wilderness, inevitably eaten by the creatures of the forest without a proper burial.” Looking up thoughtfully “And of course, it’d be a lot of work to dig you a grave, so even better. I can reasonably assume you can’t walk yet, especially with that infected leg. That said, we need to get to a safer place, Camp WhiteRiver is fairly close by, and it’s your life, so I’ll give you a couple choices: 1, we wait here a couple hours longer to see if you get better, then I’ll try and help you walk to Camp, where we have much better medical supplies. 2, I can give you a quick death and leave your body out here, of course, you probably won’t choose that. And 3, I can try and hide you away, where it’s harder for hostile enemies to find you. Then I can come back with a better medic and better healing supplies.”

-Camp WhiteRiver
Dale Eastwood: He hears Kat just before he leaves and turns to say “Well, if that’s true it’s always nice to have another chef. Especially since most people here are terrible at cooking, unless you want to eat charcoal. I’ll have Bernard check your cooking skills tomorrow, he’s the head chef and he’ll be able to tell how good you are better than I can. If you do well enough, then we can put you on for a shift soon, otherwise you’ll get another job. Frankly, most things are taken by a fair amount of people other than cleaning or anything mechanical. Tailors have a few openings, but I’ll further talk about your jobs after you eat.”
_After a couple hours, a young man returns with two trays of food. It’s obviously fairly bland and basic, and frankly looks like gross prison food. Despite that however, it’s strangely palatable, though the texture was a ‘little’ strange. And the small amount of meat on the side is questionable as to where it comes from, as it was nothing like the meats you would normally eat. Of course, most of the domesticated animals are dead now. You also notice the person who came to give you the food is one of the people who surrounded the helicopter when you landed."
Roland: “My name is Roland, I’m not sure if you got that or not earlier. If you need any help finding your way around, or something else of the sort, feel free to ask me. I may be young, but I and one of the first to be here, so I know how things work pretty well.” Roland seemed to be somewhat short, with dark brown hair. At first, he appeared to be slightly pudgy, but after a second look it is apparent it’s really just muscle “But before you ask me much, Dale wants to further speak to you after you finish eating. Tomorrow I’ll bring you over to where you need to do your jobs. Now I’ll go ahead and give you some privacy.” Roland quickly leaves Kat and Alex alone to think and eat, with a pleasant smile on his face showing just before he turns.


A sound coming from the little girl’s throat. A frown creasing her face. Struggling to speak voice low and small.

“…I’m…opening the door.”

Tousing aside her filthy hair. Reaching over to the blurry metal thing in front of them. Feeling for the handle getting close before twisting and with a clicking sound.

it opened and revealed her form. Eyes blinking at the light before them trying to cover their face. She looked healthier than most more well fed but the fact she couldn’t see was telegraphed by her clumsy movement.

Taking a deep breath chest rising and falling. Body quivering as they saw the indistinct mass in front of them and saw it was real. That it was a person and not something that had tricked her. Something that would kill her swiftly and mercilessly.

It was luck that this little one had met a real human. Rather than a masquerade that could have been. Instead of a tale ending swiftly and messily one continues.

“I-I…can we look for my glasses first? I…I would prefer the long way.”

Rubbing her stinging eyes. Having grown accustomed to the mostly dark room behind them. Power having gone out in this building quite a bit ago. Her other hand holding a loose grip on the glass knife she held.