Answer me that. Ask random shit get real answers...probably cuz trust internet


Tell Opera shell put one key to a yogurt factory under your bed, and somehow bore you to tears and make you feel like storming out at the same time despite having just given you something.


I do not understand the given instructions.

I would go out on a murdering spree with my trusty sword buuuut:

  1. I am busy playing cata right now.
  2. I can t seem to find my sword.


Fear not! I shall give you a virtual sword

Take it, and may you slay all those who stand before you


step 1. Go to Opera, the famous person that gives away shit.

step 2. Get the key to yogurt factory

step 3. feel bad, confused and angry because Opera’s logic isn’t and makes your brain hurt.

step 4. skip step 4 step four is stupid

step 5. go jump in yogurt


/ grabs virtual sword.

I shall smite anyone that stands between me an MY yogurt.

/ charges


/trips over root and stabs self through heart



here you should wield the sword like i do: Over your head screaming like a savage. Then if you trip you won t pierce yourself.


<.< that dead guy is talking…
/pulls sword out and re-stabs several times


How did english end up with these terms

Drive on the parkway
Park on the driveway

Prick your finger
Finger your prick


[quote=“youtoo, post:149, topic:8861”]How did english end up with these terms

Drive on the parkway
Park on the driveway

Prick your finger
Finger your prick[/quote]
Every term was inspired by similar, sexual terms, no matter how mundane.


Why Am I such a horrible person That I would necro this thread back into existance just to sate my own ego as OP?


Because you need validation. Which, after your work, is more than deserving.

Why did I just pontificate there?


Because I am clearly pathetic in my need for validation, simultaneously creating urges of caring and protectiveness, and of annoyance and spitefulness. Thus the backhanded compliments I am awarded with by responders such as yourself, which trully is what I probably seek anyways with my twisted psychology.

Helps keep the over inflated ego in check, so thanks.

But why would a thread this glorious die in the first place?


This is Litppunk IRL:

My the zombies be with you…


How to screwdrive?

(joke is that you use a screwdrive to drive)


4/5 loose nuts behind the wheel say screwy people should stop getting involved, as they make the road hazardous to those with their heads screwed on properly.

-*- This statistic brought to you by polidici-o’s The breakfaast for two-faced double talkers everywhere.