Answer me that. Ask random shit get real answers...probably cuz trust internet


It means that you are me.


burn a McDonalds kids meal while chanting the second ammendment. Do a little dance too.[/quote]
Is that all? No sacrifices of virgins and/or goats? No ominous chanting in some ancient forgotten language?

well it IS a ancient FORGOTTEN language maybe you do need to use it they just don’t know

It’s like masturbation but without the mess…[/quote]


hey wait a minute why the 2nd amendment? This hardly seems the place to be hating on guns.


perhaps its to threaten jesus that you might be using your right if he doesn t show up.


oh ok. threatening deities/sons of deities with mortal non-energy weapons seems like the poster child for poor decision making though


i would be chanting “worth it” if it actually works.


Nah it’s brilliant, a mortal with the audacity to threaten a God/Son of a God, unthinkable! They would probably laugh themselves to death at the very idea, thus it’s a brilliant plan. That said it would probably be better summoning and binding a demon army before threatening a deity/it’s son.


Do I spend too much time here?


yes. You spend to much time here and are no longer welcome in this thread, get out now. Or don’t… I don’t really have any way to kick you out… but I can go lalalalalaala whenever you talk and not listen to you…


where can I find nickboom?


I 'unno, ask him.


between nickleback and boomtown


Nickboom is a user here.


it was just the silliest thing I could think of. On topic, what can change the nature of a man?




seeing as I was making a planescape:Torment reference, good job.


anything and everything. We are shaped by our past, every decision and everything we had no control over. How we react to them now, and the decisions we make shape what might be our future, and the future of those around us. Even the seemingly smallest of things can cause an epiphany and change or perception or decision making, if we allow it, and sometimes even without our consent.


I was bitten by a turtle when I was quite young, should I still drink orange juice?


…depends what kind of turtle was it?


You must travel to the beaches where the turtles lay ther eggs and devour every single one in an act of retribution