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So after this on another thread I decided to make my own thread

[quote=“Litppunk, post:535, topic:7660”][quote=“Datanazush, post:526, topic:7660”]BAM, Interesting question time: How do you walk? I don’t mean in a “Help how I into movement” way, I mean how does your walk cycle go?

For example, I’ve noticed that my brother is in the habit of putting his heel down first, and hard.
On the other hand, I walk on the balls of my feet with my heels rarely touching the ground.

So really the purpose of this question is AM I THE FREAK OR NOT?[/quote]

[spoiler=Read me]most people walk on their heels today, however it is believed that our ancestors walked much more on the balls or their feet. Why? Did we evolve out of it? Nope we started wearing shoes, which unknowingly trained us to walk on our heels due to the way they are padded. Science shows it is actually much better to to walk on the balls of your feet. Reason: when you walk/run on the balls of your feet your ankle absorbs a lot of the energy from your walk as it was meant to, however walking on your heels makes the “shock”/ impact energy go straight through your ankle with only the joint itself to dissipate the energy (bad) up your leg to directly impact your knees with only the joint absorbing impact energy, * the to your hip with only joint tissue dissipating the impact energy then straight to your spine where all the joints absorb a little more of the energy.

  • (bent knee = ok at dispersing impact energy [like a second ankle] straight knee = bad direct impact with only joint tissue absorbing the impact, and with heel run your legs tend to be more straight upon impact)[/spoiler]
    summery: no you do it right

[spoiler=Janga model (don’t read it I just made it up and now I’m not happy with it cuz it does nothing but confuse)]
Think of it like a Janga game with little layer of foam between each level and the 3 blocks on each level are 1.

with me so far? No? well sorry I suck at explaining figure it out on your own then.
Now take that mental image of Janga tower pick it up and drop it back down onto the table. foam = joint, wood = bones
now do that indefinitely. those little foam pads (your joints) are going to wear thin[/spoiler]

Ok so make 2 fists (you know 1 with each hand…) now use one to pound the other (both hands knuckles towards computer) do it 20 times. hand hurt just a little? Good. this simulates joints taking a straight on impact
Now do the same thing but have your bottom hand palm up(but still a fist) pound 20 times notice how in this position. This simulates waking/running on the balls of your feet. Notice your wrist and elbow now dissipate the energy by bending out of the way instead of just your elbow

While reading this may make you fear to ever walk again lest you wear out your joints. I would like to point out that strengthening your muscles makes your joints not have to work so hard.

back to your question though: short distance runners (sprinters) tend to run on their toes as they can get more oomph that way while long distance runners (cross country anyone?) tend to run on their heels as it is more energy efficient. (absorbing impact energy apparently kills some momentum to. That said I am a long distance runner, but as I am not competing for school anymore I have been retraining myself to run/walk on the balls of my feet, which feels weird at first, but worth it. Also you’ll probably get more chicks walking on your toes as it makes your ass stick out more, same reason girls wear high heels, it forces them to walk in a way that pronounces their ass more.

um… so sorry everyone about getting all science documentary up in here… but um… yea. I like to share knowledge. My bad :P[/quote]

So expect any questions posted here to get similar answers…unless I am feeling snarky… or someone else answers first…in which case who knows what you’ll get. Best of luck, may the truth stick and falsehoods not find you gullible.


How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?


Well, If a woodchuck could chuck wood, a woodchuck would chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood!


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Who was phone?


no one knows who called that illiterate person. It is likely that dark mystery will be forever lost.


What is best in life?




Why do we sing “Rock a bye baby” to lull a baby to sleep when the song is about putting your baby in a tree and letting the wind crash the cradle on the ground?


to give them terrible repressed fears of falling that will never truely leave them!


and we wonder why so many people have a fear of heights…


Why mommy left? Oh god I totally would like to hear that one.


Mommy left because she doesn’t love you. She despised you from birth, and it’s all your fault.

[size=3pt]I’m joking please don’t hurt me.[/size]


What’s 9 + 10?


Mommy left because she doesn’t love you. She despised you from birth, and it’s all your fault.

[size=3pt]I’m joking please don’t hurt me.[/size][/quote]

Hahahah, perfect




why is the sky bright orange?


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