Another Post-Apocalypse[OOC]<CLOSED>


–I shall give you a vague idea: roughly somewhere within the middle of the United States. The times I get on the computer can be very random, however. That said, I usually can get on pretty frequently. My schedule is pretty random, but I’m pretty active in the forums.
–I didn’t directly mention this, so just to verify, I would like a good bit of tabletop bits inside. I like the idea of at least vague character stats/sheets, as well as various dice rolls on skills. Although I’d definitely prefer to not have a character need to do a roll for something that is stupidly simple for them, even if it would normally be difficult. I’ve seen some people do that, and it just seems excessive.


I’m on PacificTime. Usually afternoons or around then.


It is settled then. I’ll contact you guys soon about some finishing touches and off we go.

I’m also brazillian too, so I don’t think we’ll have too many time issues.


I suspect we’ll be getting an IC soon then. Any ETA on that?


I’m an idiot and forgot; What does IC and ETA stand for again? I’m 100% certain I know at some point in time and space.


ETA, Estimated Time of Arrival, IC, In Character.


We will, indeed. I estimate it to be coming in about a day or two from now - I’m sorry for the annoyance, but I still have some business to take care of tomorrow (didn’t think we’d fill our party so soon back when I pitched the idea).
As soon as it’s done, I’ll be notifying you guys and starting our IC thread.

The proposed format for the flow of the postings is:

  1. I GM (describe stuff, set up situations, control the NPCs and relay results);
  2. You guys (all of you) post your actions, speeches and reactive details as for the outcomes (we will decide how rolls will be handled - I can roll for you guys and post the roll for convenience, or you guys can perform your own rolls according to my description on the related challenge, although this second option can take more time in the form of one more posting just to describe the challenge - can be circumvented with a challenge table);
  3. I repeat 1 and you guys repeat 2.

In case someone fails to do 2 for an extended period of time, I shall engage in contact as for the reason behind it (you can post in this thread about possible vacations or other restrictions to play).
If no reason is provided or the player can’t come back to the game - I will take his character’s role as an NPC from then on, until the player comes back (if he desires to play again). Note that if the character dies or goes away during this time, I may reopen the RP for new players.

Another idea I have is: For extra fun, allow for the input of non-players’ (readers) challenges or events, to add some spice to the RP. I’ll describe how in the OP if it’s the case.


I’d say the option with the least amount of extraneous posts would be best. Quality over quantity and all that. I’m fine with readers creating challenges as well.


–I love the idea of reader challenges! Lots of them will probably be super evil, but I still like it! But I have definitely noticed a consistency that outside observers of an RP like to propose the idea of pain and suffering on the characters within the RP.
–I think the DM should do all the rolls himself. That (most likely) ensures no cheating and makes it more focused. I do like the idea of doing what I like to call a ‘troll roll’ sometimes, however. Which is basically to have someone (the player or the DM choose) roll for something stupid. “I know how to wash my hands!” Comes out of the bathroom with clean, freshly bruised hands.
–Not, you know, all the time. But sometimes, just to make it goofy. Troll rolls would probably be used more for hilarity than actual practicality. And (at least for the most part) they tend not to create much of an overall issue. Another example is this: You walk through the woods, the character in front of you moves a branch out of the way. Roll to see if you don’t get a case of Leafy Mouth. Gross and annoying, but not dangerous.


Took me long enough but I delivered. The RP has begun!

I still suggest the players refrain from posting there until I set up the starting scenario. You guys can do me a solid and send me PMs containing your respective characters’ basic attributes, according to the following enumeration:

  • Strength;
  • Dexterity;
  • Intelligence;
  • Perception;
  • Charisma.

Distribute 25 points amongst these, with the maximum cap being 10 for each attribute.

The rest of the game’s mechanics will make use of rolls according to the described traits and characteristics of the characters (as to factor in their abilities and aptitudes) for roll bonuses. Abilities and perks acquired during gameplay, as well as the characters’ equipment will be factored in for the rest.
Send me when ready through PM only, no need to post here.

Features will be progressively added to the game, and will be notified through here when ready for introduction (in-line with gameplay and plot) - to keep things fresh.


Is it important to log into that RPG website you provided in the main/story thread?


Not really, unless you want more specific uses. But I believe even for rolls you can use this link without logging in:


Sweet. I might need a quick and dirty rundown how to use that site.


And have them you shall.


I think I can work with this for sure. I’ll keep an eye on the IC. I heard you say something about starting scenarios?


The starting scenario, yeah. Basically the plot’s beginning for the characters.


Awesome. I can’t wait.