Another Post-Apocalypse[OOC]<CLOSED>


I’m looking into running a role-playing game based on my idea for a novel and a roguelike setting (I’ve been developing an open-ended, customizable roguelike engine which will support heavy in-built editing and modules).

Basic premise: World War III breaks out. Nuclear detonations are widespread as the ever so dreaded chain reaction of retaliation fire finally happens. The world as we know it is no more, and the places that weren’t hit by direct fire are now dusty wastelands, cloaked in darkness by ashen radioactive clouds and covered in grey dust and cracked, dry earth.
With the collapse of modern technology and civilization, society soon finds itself divided, as every man and woman are now only fighting for theirs and their close ones’ survival. Marauding gangs of raiders and shady groups surge from the ruins of the old world, preying on the weak and ensuring society stays in the dark age it was sent back to.
Small communities of the wealthy and the powerful emerge from their sheltered bunkers, seeking to rebuild the world into their own utopia - isolated from the malice and bloodletting of the new world, but reeking of decay and corruption, as their leaders rule with ice-sheathed hearts and steel fists.

The players will start out as a small group, just emerging from cryogenic stasis on a nuclear bunker, 3 years after the apocalypse, with no knowledge of the events from the past years, aside from the looming threat of nuclear war right before their kidnapping and forceful cryogenic storage. Soon after beginning to explore the ruins of the old world, they are captured by slavers and held as prisoners.

If anyone is interested in playing - post character concepts here or send’em through PM. I advise you to keep backgrounds realistic and simple for now, as to allow for a gradual exposition - both of the game’s setting and of the characters’ development, and to chose 3 - preferably single word, simple traits for your characters - which may be related to personal characteristics, technical knowledge or aptitudes in general.

Character concepts should include:

  • Name;
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Appearance (keep it real and simple - no superhuman cyborgs, yet);
  • Basic background (pre-apocalypse);
  • Traits (up to 3);

Keep in mind: This is my first experience with forum roleplaying, and as such I will study example material and strive my best to provide a good interactive and written experience - which I even consider fitting into my novel and maybe even game lore (not as main material, but as a background sequence of events).
I will also look into possibly integrating a drive for character sheets, journal-keeping and assorted uses, as well as online roleplaying tools as to further provide an interactive experience for players, if appropriate for gameplay purposes.

Further updates as to this content (in regards to the GM’ing, tools, etc.) will be posted here.
Questions are always welcome.

Anarchy - Another Post-Apocalypse<RP>
  • Name; “Director” Damion Rhodes

  • Gender; Male

  • Age; 38

  • Appearance; Rhodes is a fairly plain looking man, standing at 5’10 with a fairly average build and dark brown, nearly black hair with the first streaks of grey showing through. Normally kept very neat and slick backed, though rather more disheveled looking as of late. He has cold blue eyes with fairly recessed sockets and clear signs of premature stress aging apparent on his face. His legs are longer than average and his shoulders slightly broader, giving him a naturally looming presence despite not breaking 6 feet in height.

  • Basic background (pre-apocalypse); Rhodes was always a sort of odd one. As a child he was always an observer without being an outsider, though without any close friendships despite his eventual gregarious leanings. His schooling was broad and extensive. The best money and raw intellectual drive could buy. Around this time he began making clocks, and became obsessed with turning humanity into “an ideal machine.”

His talent for managing resources and individuals was noted as he moved through his career. He eventually became one of the premier directors of the experimental arcologies, creating a complete closed circuit system of resources consumed and produced by the entire complex under his care. Proving for the future that complete self sufficiency was a possibility.

Unfortunately it was too little too late, as he was kidnapped before the world ended in fire.

  • Traits; Driven, Clockmaker, Calculating


Name: Weston “Pencil” Quinton

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Weston is slightly short and rather thin. His ever messy hair is a lightish red color, and his checks have a plethora of freckles. His attire has always been simple: a plain, one colored, button up shirt and modest jeans.

Background: Weston has been known as ‘Pencil’ for years, due to his hair, skinny stature, and love of academics. He blatantly a nerd, which tends to make him a target, however he can’t feel pain. At least not physically. He has a physical disorder called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP), which rules out the bully’s enjoyment of punching him, since he doesn’t feel a thing. However, this doesn’t stop him from getting hurt emotionally, which he is, in fact, rather sensitive to. His brilliant mind helped him get into college at age 14, winning first prize on science fair to science fair, and he always has some sort of idea about what odd gadget he should make next. Of course, he doesn’t happen to have any of them now.

Traits: Genius, Socially Awkward/Sensitive, Pain Immune

–Why can’t there be more than 3 traits? I’d love to fit two more in there (weakling and photographic memory), but I guess I can do without. Although while it is not a direct trait I’ll probably also incorporate ‘weakling’ in to at least some extent. I am somewhat amused by his traits, since while he is a lot more likely to do (weakling), he also can’t feel the pain of it. He could literally be like, “Well that’s not good, I appear to have been impaled.” :thinking:
–I’m not interested in this, I’m very interested in it! I tried to have an rp here before (Camp Whiteriver), but it never really worked out. There were plenty of people there, but for some reason or another they quickly all dispersed. So I’m hoping this time it’ll be much more long-standing.

  • The 3 trait limit is for balancing purposes for now, since I’m still looking into integrating some sort of engine into the gameplay - which would require some balancing, obviously. We can get some workaround for your desired traits though (maybe as attribute tweaking? Or flat out adding them later on). Your character is in, independently.
  • I’m glad you’re interested! Yeah, according to my idea for the plot (which will be happening in the background but still interact with the adventure, for freedom of choice purposes) it will last for at least a whole post-nuclear war campaign (divided by chapters - tied to the “main plot”).

What I’d like to know as of now, from our current and then new players is: Would you guys like a more freeform storytelling? As mentioned before: I’m looking into possibly integrating a (simple) RPG engine into the game, to track attributes and individual player progression, as well as to resolve conflicts (with the help of online tools and a game log) - this may be limiting in terms of full-fledged freeform (no such thing as just announcing an action, since often you’d have to roll against a challenge for such action). So: Rules-light or rules-heavy?
The players will take part in a bigger plot, in which they will often participate in or at least hear/know about as stuff happens. The players’ influence in the main plot will be completely optional though - in accordance with the natural development of their own story.


I’m all for freeform since I designed my character around logistics planning and execution more or less. He’s definitely more of a mind to try and build something. Not sure where I’ll take it. I kinda want to see who else we get since how the characters interact tends to set freeform type deals in motions. Everyone’s goals interlocking in various ways and all that.


Okay. I agree.
So, that means little to no rules/mechanics(outside of canonicity purposes, rules-light), right?


Ah. I thought you meant campaign style. I’m fine however you want to run the mechanics or rules. I’ve sort of drifted away from the “everyone decides whether or not they personally fail or succeed” style personally. I like the uncertainty of risk taking and all. Makes for a better story.


I like the idea of what you could consider a ‘loose’ campaign story. Basically, the characters are hinted and pushed in the direction of the campaign, but in the end (for the most part) can do much less relevant stuff to the main story. You know, do more wandering and exploring in other topics/areas instead. I like the idea of there being some rules and such, even if it ends up being created as the story goes along. However, I would prefer if it isn’t too limiting, but, for example, there would still be some sort of stat function/dice rolling for whether a character can do something particularly tricky (something fairly simple for that character can be done easily.). For example, my character (or Trigon’s) would have much better skill at creating various devices, whereas others might be utterly terrible. Actually, I didn’t really the similarities in our characters at first, and I think (if Pencil can get past his social awkwardness) the to of us could work together fairly well. Pencil and Damion, inventor extraordinaires!


I did find it funny that we’ve got two characters heavy into intelligence. I’m sure it’ll work great. Though the generation gap is pretty comical.


Alright! I thought it would be a nice change of pace to include some mechanical elements to the story, yeah. Add some challenge and allow for some randomness. It’s great too because the tools I’m thinking of using are very interpretation intensive, so you can basically build the story from within itself.
That is the main idea: The main story is happening. Whether you guys decide to participate or do your own thing is entirely up to you! The world will feel the influence of the main story though, and very likely you will too. I think this is a cool concept because it will allow you guys to basically participate in an interactive storytelling (literally in this case) and will allow me some insight of what goes on in the mind of the people living in the world I’m planning on writing about (your characters).


–Will you permit mutants and mutagen to be in the game? I’d love if that was was a part of the game :blush:. Although I like the idea that your starting characters aren’t mutants, however, they can potentially become mutants one way or another.
–I think that the idea of needed to worry about food should also be added. After all, this place is pretty messed up. Since you said we start off effectively being slaves (Pencil would be a terrible slave), we would be given food, albeit a small amount. When escaping, we have the option of attempting to get various supplies, or to simple hope luck is on our side out in the wild.
–Off course, that is all up to you, since you’re effectively the Dungeon Master. I’m just bringing up suggestions.

  • Name: Jonaham Hawkes

  • Gender: Male

  • Age: 24

  • Tall, lean and rather pale. Wears quite a long hair, cares a lot about his appearance and likes to experiment on his attire, tough he never got much into fashion on a general sense.

Background: Chemical engineer by trade (favorite school subject) and kart/motorcycle racing driver as a hobby, he spends a lot of his free time tinkering on his vehicles or driving in a nearby racing track. Has been quite a bit worried as of late as his older sister, public servant and closest relative/friend, has been increasingly stressed, unstable and distraught since she was transfered to a government-run facility recently open near their town…

Traits: Chemist, mechanic, driver


–Okay, seriously, we really need to better diversify our characters a bit more. It’s the end of the world! We need a lot more than just a group of geniuses, me need some muscle and survival skills! I’m about ready to rewrite Pencil a bit now :expressionless:.
–I was actually thinking about making a forum RP myself again, but the pretty quick end to Camp Whiteriver really discouraged me :slightly_frowning_face:.
–Also, the sandwich I was eating was way too dry.


I think it can be justified. The characters were kidnapped and cryogenically frozen after all. Plus besides Pencil neither are really frail.


–He’s not necessarily frail, but he certainly would die sooner than lots of others would. Pencil’s negatives make it so he could so far be considered the worst member thus far, and if he doesn’t get any tech he would frankly be practically useless other than basic, menial tasks. However, if he were to, you know, get some really good bits and bobs, he could become really powerful. And of course, he’s always loved those old movies and comics about iron man. Plus, this is presumably in the future. Sure, technology has largely fallen, but there is bound to be remains that he could scavenge. He also has knowledge about more than just electronics, frankly, he knows at least bit about almost anything science/tech wise. However, people who specialize in a category (Like Jonaham with being a Chemist) would be far better than him.
–In a fight without any special tactics or gear, his only use would probably be a suicidal distraction. Really, it’s tech or nothing with Pencil. OP with sciences, terrible with all else.

  • Name; Evan Howitz
  • Gender; Male
  • Age; 23
  • Appearance: Evan is a fairly tall young adult, standing at 6’ 4" with a tanned skin, a black crew cut, and black stubble.
  • Basic background (pre-apocalypse); Before the apocalypse, Evan was what could be called a survivalist, and possible a camper, typically taking hiking trails or going off into the woods to just take in the surroundings and occasionally build small huts to rest in. He previously worked at a greenhouse.
  • Traits; Resourceful, Botanist, Adaptable.


@redxlaser15 There’s no such thing as mutagens in the world, but there are some nice and horribly painful alternatives you might enjoy.
We’ll agree on game mechanic stuff soon!
I wouldn’t worry about character aptitudes for the apocalypse for now. The idea is that every character is just awakening in this beautiful new world with 3 years to pick up on. They’ll have to learn as they go, if they live long enough to.

@Sanehatter Gotcha, you’re in.

@Psychopathic_Magno Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy your stay! And survive it.

Alright, party’s complete!


@Trigon @redxlaser15 @Sanehatter @Psychopathic_Magno
I’d like to know where in the world (approximately at least) you guys live, for timeframe purposes.
Once again: If any of you would like to polish or redo your characters, now is the time.
Okay then. I’d like @Sanehatter’s and @Psychopathic_Magno’s input as to the use of some tabletop roleplaying rules for conflict and challenge solving throughout the game. From what I got, @Trigon and @redxlaser15 are okay with it already.

I’ll be setting up some resources for our use pretty soon, and instructing you guys as to their use - then we can go straight into the game. Another thread for actual gameplay will be made, and we can use a shared drive (if you all agree to) for character sheet keeping, journal keeping, personal notes and logging of the game.


Table top is preferred, I love rolling dice to determine outcomes, as for where in the world, East coast, America. Though I am fairly nocturnal, typically sleeping during the day.


I like the idea of the main plot moving regardless of player’s actions. Okay with tabletop rolling too.
Brazil, it’s roughly the same time zone I guess.