Adventures of the Catawastes


"we Showed up, their leader turned into a monster and we killed it with them then they drove into the sunset happier to not be pinned in one location raiding people to satisfy a deal to be racketeering strongmen to satisfy their bosses addiction. Then we walked off with everything worthwhile they left behind.

How did things here go?"


Belfast Sniper: blinks at Litppunk’s words “… what?, that is… not what I imagined you would say, but as long as they are gone that is all that matters, as for us, we think we will just hang those two” points to the Bikers “it was all just quiet here after you guys left but it’s still weird that the Tin Stars of Sprague did not show up here they must be busy with something…”

Momotaro and Helena get out of the RV then Jane runs up to them

Helena: “Heya kiddo! did all work out?”

Jane: nods “They were really nice! and I played with Marie and Carie it was fun!” her expression turns sour “… you guys smell kinda bad…”

Momotaro:“Y-yeah in the process of dispensing copious amounts of justice, we… got in a bit of a mess”

Helena: “Yeah, I need a bath, we will go to the river latter”

Belfast Sniper: “Anyway, we want to reward you guys, we mostly just have preserved meat and fish, we will happily give you as much as you can carry for your service!”

Momotaro: aproaches Litppunk and wispers “remember I still want to have a talk with you, just the two of us”

(the region map since its a bit far from the current post)

Map of the region


Yeah I have an insta-hot water heater packed inside. I would just have a shower but thats valuable space, so we’ll get it unfolded inside and Helena can take the first shower. Then we can mess with the food once we are clean. winks at momo


Momotaro:“what a splendid and convenient idea!” to Helena “You and Jane go first, you can wash each others back!”

Helena:"…is that something you saw in a manga?"


Helena:“I don’t think people do that kind of thing, you know”

Momotaro:“LIES!!, I will not hear such blasphemy against the truth of anime and manga!, especially from a heathen such as yourself!”

Helena:“Are you still mad I would not let you go back for that dvd of the Cowboy Bebop movie?”


Helena:“there was a zombie hulk and a feral predator at that house Taro… and you were sick… and had a broken hand”

Momotaro: strikes a dramatic pose with his fists clenched “even if it meant my death, I could have died happy knowing the children of the world would have been able to enjoy such a wonderful story once again” wipes his eyes of non existing tears

Helena:“Cowboy Bebop is not appropriate for children…” sighs and turns to Litppunk “thank you I will take that bath since you offered” she then goes to the RV, Jane follows her

Momotaro:“I will be by the river shore, then… throwing rocks or something” he turns to Litppunk “by the river is where I will be” he then walks toward the river



unfolds a water cart from the RV and heads towards the river.


Momotaro is by the river’s edge his back turned to it when he sees Litppunk approached with a serious demeanor he begins to speak

Momotaro:“So… you are looking for a “Cyborg Woman” am I right?, for what reason? and what do you know about them?”


I plan on killing her and her compatriots or flipping them. It is one of the few things I would consider worth lying for.


Momotaro: he cocks his head “Why do you wish her dead? what did she do to you?, do you have any idea the kind of opposition you will face?”


The most powerfull and corrupting influence quite possibly anywhere left in existence. A PMC fully armed and equiped with the leadership of intelligent spoiled brats augmented with the best that can be stolen and looted from the wasteland. Why?


Momotaro:he pauses for a few seconds considering your words “I’m trying to discern what kind of man you are…, you only described one of them… there are three leaders in total, they are… an alliance of three groups, they call themselves the “MVPs” I know all this because I used to work for Melissa Hou also know as “Boston” I was one of her personal agents” he pauses expecting your reaction


Lit starts filling the water cart keeping his attention and face towards momo.
So the sammuri of justice thing is a defense mechanism or a alternate ego because you are ashamed of what you did?.. What kept you there?

Any other info about them that I should know? Possibly base locations?


Momotaro: he looks away from you “I… was a hollow man, raised from infancy to be little more than an instrument of murder, servile and with no thoughts of my own, when the cataclysm struck my former master perished and without someone to hold my leash I was lost… so I wandered until I met Melissa… she was more than willing to hold my life in her hands and I was eager to obey, but then-” he stops, looks downward, and takes a deep breath before continuing “The reason for my change is… a personal one, suffice it to say that I changed and was able to see myself and think for myself… and I detested who I was, so I left, Momotaro is a much better man than the one I was, so as Momotaro Genjutsu Kenpachi Akage the samurai of love and justice… the fool, as him I will live until I die”

Momotaro turns to face you with his posture changed, as if a great burden has left his shoulders

Momotaro:“as for who the “MVPs” are. there are three main groups, The Tigers, The Bears and The Patriots”

The Tigers

“As you surmised they were mostly PMCs under orders from Melissa “Boston” Hou, they were around 40 total when I left but that number surely increased by now, whoever their real threat is their agents, they try to infiltrate groups that the leadership might consider a threat and kill them with stealth and guile”

As for Melissa, she was daughter to a very wealthy and influential family, she was already heavily enhanced before the cataclysm, I never saw her fight whoever, from her boasts and my observations of her form I would say she thinks she is a lot better than she actually is, personality wise she is a spoiled brat, but also a sadist she and the Tigers took over a large mansion to the north and adapted it into a “den of pleasure” where “every vice can be catered to” its a casino/hotel/whore house they call it Shangri-La, Mellissa herself cherry picks the slaves she finds most attractive to work there… or to be part of her harem"

The Bears

“They are headed by a man called Cynbel Cole Summers called “Chicago” by Melissa they seem to enjoy packing heavy firepower they have whoever the smallest of amount of manpower of the three, whoever Cynbel is very selective of his men and tries to recruit unusual people, there was even a rumor that one of his captains had psychic powers but, I can’t confirm the validity of that”

“Cynbel himself I know very little of as he does not speak, all I could tell from him is that he is very strong and his men, both fear and respect him a great deal, I don’t know where their base is only that they sometimes referred it as “the Den”, I’m sorry but as I said at the time I didn’t think for myself”

The Patriots

“Of them, I know the least, all I know about them is they are headed by someone nicknamed “Atlanta” and Melissa mentioned that they live somewhere called “New Arcadia”, I only heard vague descriptions of his forces other than that regeneration “gel” that thing and mutagen gets produced by them and they are supposedly very well armed even by the standards of the other two MVPs”

Momotaro: he then continues “I also suspect that Jane’s mother was taken by them based on her description of the attackers, but to where she was taken is difficult to discern if Jane’s mother is young and beautiful the Shangri-La is where they took her, but if she is not, then I have no Idea where they took her” he then stops, takes a deep breath and says “if you have more questions I will be glad to answer… and I will understand completely if you do not trust me from now on”

(Hope you like exposition dumps!)


Hm. You had a strong relationship with Melissa then. In the mind set the man that came before you was in, as a tool to be used it makes perfect sense. My apologies for for what she must have done to shaken you from your comfort zone so completely. I only hope it has not scared you more deaply than you seem.

Please make sure that you are not forcing yourself into a persona that while not the person that came before, is not who you are now either, it may feel good… no it would not feel good, it may feel… right… no… necessary, to flip the personality to such a an opposite side of the spectrum, you could break your own mind, or at the very least, limit your potential if you expend thought and energy into forcing yourself into a mold that doesn’t suit you, heh.

I care not for who you were yesterday. NO, thats wrong, I do, because you experienced, and possibly even enjoyed the darkest side of humanity, but today, you stand before me, concerned what an almost complete stranger would think of your past. While not something I would personally encourage, it speaks as true as you as too how much more trustworthy you are today. Others who have not walked the same painful trail as you could be lured away from honesty by their greed and moral compromises, you however see more true where those trails lead, and while you may overcompensate on the side of caution, in personality if nothing else, I can think of no greater proof of self than what you have already shown in action and story.

As Momo continues
Litppunk laughs in a a shifting manner, first a high pitched hehe before settling down into a more normal full body chuckle. Oh Good! I feared we fought highly trained and specialized PMC’s with experimental tech and probably almost every capable scientist and engineer for logistics and R&D support, but it turns out we merely face the 40th horizontal sports playoffs We’ll have to make sure to avoid deviants, if we’re lucky we can just fight the sleepy ones.

dropping from his laugh to a humorous grin he says, "sorry my mind flutters like an indecisive butterfly in a hurricane. So, are they as divided as the naming suggests? We may be able to use that division against them if it becomes necessary. I’d like to keep them overconfident for the time being, but if things get bad, we may need to start the infighting so we can slip out through the crossfire.

I hate to ask this, and you need not answer, but Melissa could be the biggest weak point, or she pretends to be. Devious mind of hers and infighting potential would lead me to believe she’s probably faking her overconfidence and god complex to some degree, to make her rivals drop their guard around her. That said:
LIt ticks off (counts on his hands but doesn’t count out loud) his questions as he talks

1* What are your current feelings towards her,
2* and hers towards you?
3* what are her uh… preferances, I assume deadly and worshipful of her superiority, anything more specific, uh fetish types perhaps. Hopefully I don’t need to do hint such things to her smile drops as he shivers

4* Who are her rivals, and if she has any allies

5*what are her fears, insecurities and most prideful points

6*Same for any relevant higher-ups, or overlooked minions

7*Locations for everything you know.

Please understand I know some things might be difficult for you to think about much less speak of, and you don’t have to, for anything you don’t want to, or feel comfortable doing so.

(A good excuse to avoid anything that might veer away from the pg-13 zone)


Momotaro: even through his mask, you can tell that he has a genuine smile on his face “Thank you for understanding and for your kindness” he them assumes a pensive posture as you begin asking questions about Melissa “Let me see…”


I am uncertain of the answer, when I was my other self, I imagine it would be the same feeling that a dog has for his owner, eager to obey and happy to follow, but, now?, I… might not be able to face her directly… it might awaken my other self… I’m unsure, I’m sorry my own feelings are not something I ever gave much thought.


as for her feelings toward me, I think she thought of me as a precious pet, she would pet my head when I finished a job she assigned to me, she gave me fine clothes and she would order slaves to wash and dress me to her specifications, cut my hair and such.


For her preferences I believe she is a sadist of some kind, some members of her harem, both male and female by the way, would end up slashed apart after she was done, their bones visible, others, her favorites I believe she would take lengths to make sure to not leave any marks on their bodies, strangling them, binding them, making them sit on the wooden horse that kind of thing.


he puts his hand to his chin she seems to like teasing Cynbel and he does not seem to mind much so I suppose they are friends, she had several rivals… I killed many of them, her methods and personality make her little friends, but, her rivals don’t usually live long enough to matter but she definitely has a few she has not dealt with at the moment we will surely meet them if we make our way to her.


she seems prideful all around about anything… but, that could be a mask for her insecurities, if one were to analyze her background… she came from a wealthy family who gave her extensive bionics it could be that they saw her as an investment and would strive to make her into a perfect being to represent the family, it would be likely that she was forced to excel at anything and everything and that her parents would punish anything other than perfection harshly but, that is just supposition on my part.


she has an agent called Hong Gyu, he saw me as something of a rival and he strived to better me at everything I did, I think he was jealous of the attention Melissa gave me, in combat, he would be my old self’s equal, whoever he lacked the same hollow drive I had, in jobs we worked together, he would sometimes hesitate to face opponents he thought to be dangerous… I lacked such self preservation instinct, his perceived inferiority complex could be exploited if we were to meet him.

Also, according to conversations I heard from some of Cynbel’s men he seems to genuinely care about the welfare of his men, and he takes steps to make sure they get along with each other, I don’t know much more than that as he never spoke and I never asked questions… he likes jazz music that is about all I know of him.


he looks apologetically at you " I’m sorry, but I did not keep maps, or anything rather from my old self, Shangri-La is to the north, if I were to see familiar sights I would be able to guide you, but Helena should know more about the immediate area than I.

Momotaro:“I appreciate your concern but, it’s easier for me if I think of myself and my old self as two different individuals he exhales heavily could I ask of you a favor to not tell about my… past to Helena nor Jane?”


Of coarse. You are a different person today, then you were then, We are a new person every moment of our lives. I shall tell them nothing about your history. But please tell me if you start to feel angry, violent, or submissive in general or towards Melissa at any point.


Momotaro: “Thank you, now if you don’t have any further questions we should return, I assume that water is for the bath and the girls have been waiting a while”


As he begins to pull the cart back
"nah, just in general good to replenish lost supply. The Funnel on the roof SHOULD supply plenty of water, but it was an excuse to get away, and always wise to top off while there is a sure supply near-by."


Momotaro:“Oh!, then maybe they are done already” he looks like he just realised something “ah!, I forgot if you ever need someone to disarm or make explosives I can do that for you I made and rigged all those exploding spikes I used earlier”

(when you want to head back Momo will follow you)


heads back
Yeah, it will be nice to have someone else making things go boom too. You might be surprised how often I find myself limited with not being able to make a situation specific explosive, due to time constraints


Upon returning Helena is seen sitting in front of the RV wearing her cargo pants and a long sleeved T-shirt, she is barefoot and has a towel wrapped on her head, she is reading “The ghost that never died” a mystery noir novel about a detective turned time traveler that must stop his own murder, it was a best seller from a few years before the cataclysm, she reads it closely

Momotaro: when he spots Helena he faces Litppunk and says loudly “I don’t know what her’s is like, but as I said I prefer black lacy panties, their wicked allure is truly intoxicating!”

Helena: *she looks at the two of you and her face turns to a disgusted look